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The RVGuide News Blog is your source for latest news and stories from the world of recreational vehicles. Check back regularly as the RVGuide Blog is updated with the latest information, photos and video from manufacturers, trade shows and the RV community.

By: On: Tuesday April 17 2018
Sell Your RV

(By Abd. Halim Hadi/

When it comes time to sell your RV, don’t sell yourself short by not putting in the work to get the most value out of it you possibly can.

As the camping season for most of the country gets ready to really kick into gear, some of us face a dilemma: how do you sell your RV. Perhaps you are thinking it’s time for an upgrade to a newer model, or maybe your family has grown up and now you no longer need as big of an RV as you have? Maybe you’re selling it for the terrible reason that you just don’t have the time to use it as much as you expected? Making the decision to sell your RV can be tough, especially if you don’t know where to start. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of selling your RV. Read Full Story →

By: On: Tuesday April 10 2018

Toy Hauler Destinations

If you are in the market for a toy hauler on a budget, we are here to help with our list of five good but cheap toy haulers for 2018.

It’s a problem we all face – budgeting money for the toys. You’ve spent a pretty good amount already with that new ATV or Side-by-Side and now want to travel around to try out some ride spots in other parts of the country. Maybe you’re a Harley guy and have a ton invested in that custom bike, but don’t want to sleep on the ground when you ride cross country? A toy hauler RV is the perfect way to go, but like we said, you’ve already got a bunch of your money tied up in the toy itself. Fear not, my friends. Here are five good but cheap toy haulers for 2018. Read Full Story →

By: On: Wednesday March 28 2018
How to get the best deal on an RV


Trying to find the best deal on an RV possible can keep prospective owners up at night. But fear not…we have a plan!

If you’re like many of us, you love camping. There is no other activity you’d rather be doing in the summer. You’ve been using a tent, which is a lot of fun, but a lot of work also, plus the ground can be a rough place to sleep sometimes. You’d like to buy an RV but you’re worried about the costs. I get it. When I bought my first camper, I had some of the same questions you do. Where do I find a cheap trailer? How do I get the best deal on an RV? Read Full Story →

By: On: Wednesday March 21 2018
Used RV For Sale

(By welcomia/

Should you buy a used RV or stick with new? Let’s look into the pros and cons of each and help you on your way to RV ownership.

With Spring finally here (at least according to the calendar) and the RV show season in full swing across the country, the urge to buy an RV is getting pretty strong for many of us. I get it. Before I bought a camper, the urge was REALLY strong. My wife would have to restrain me a little when we went to a show, which worked until she got the urge, too. Sleeping in a tent is fun for a while, but even if you’ve got a really nice tent, it still is just a tent. When we finally decided to make the plunge, it opened up a question that I know many of you have too – Should I buy a used RV? Read Full Story →

By: On: Thursday March 15 2018

Best Expandable Camper Trailers

If you are looking for an affordable way to get into the RV market and want something lightweight for towing, check out this list of the best expandable camper trailers for 2018.

There are several solid reasons to get an expandable camper trailer, also known as a pop-up. They are often lighter in weight and can be pulled behind smaller vehicles such as cars, minivans, and small SUVs. They are also very mobile, allowing them to be towed into compact areas, making them a great option for back-country RVing. For those that demand a little bit more, you can even find specific expandable campers built for more extreme conditions. Another reason to consider an expandable, and probably the most popular reason people buy them, is cost. Not only are expandable camper trailers usually cheaper to buy initially, but the cost of maintaining them is rather low, making them a great and economical choice for getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. Read Full Story →

By: On: Wednesday March 7 2018

Best Class B Motorhomes

When comes to compact, go-anywhere motorhomes, the conversation starts and ends with the best Class B motorhomes. Here are five of our favorites for 2018.

Size doesn’t always matter, especially when it comes to motorhomes. The smallest motorhomes are the Class B variety, but that doesn’t mean they skimp on the things that make using one so great. Usually built on a van frame, class-B type motorhomes offer a great amount of mobility and flexibility that other motorhomes cannot due to size. You’ll still find plenty of comfort and luxury in any model in our list of five of the best Class B motorhomes for 2018. Read Full Story →

By: On: Tuesday February 27 2018

Best Class C Motorhomes of 2018

We’ve put together a list of five of the best Class C motorhomes for 2018 to help get you started as you shop for a family motorhome.

A Class C motorhome is pretty easy to spot thanks to its cab-over chassis design. These motorhomes are built on a commercial truck cab frame, or what was commonly called a box van. These may be the most popular motorhome on the road today thanks in part to ease of driving and lower costs to get into the motorhome initially.

Being built on the same basic frame and drivetrain as today’s popular rental moving trucks, anyone can drive a Class C motorhome. They’re lower in initial costs than bigger motorhomes, like the Class A models, too. Their construction tends to give them a higher value down the road a way, too. A nice point for those worried about resale value and loan rates. Here are some of the best Class C motorhomes coming to dealer lots this year. Read Full Story →

By: On: Thursday February 22 2018

Best Class A Motorhomes of 2018

Combing through a list of the best Class A motorhomes is an exercise in luxury. These are the best of the best when it comes to RV living.

You’ve no doubt heard the expression, “go big, or go home.” When it comes to motorhomes, those in the Class A category go big and are home – a home on wheels, that is. Class A motorhomes are the largest category of motorized RVs on the market. Often built on a motorcoach, large truck or custom frame, they are often similar in size to commercial buses. Inside, however, they are as different from a bus as could be. Most are well appointed with luxurious furnishings. These are not the cheapest form of RV living, but when you want to travel in style, Class A gets top marks. Here are five of the best Class A motorhomes available for 2018. Read Full Story →

By: On: Tuesday February 13 2018

Best Toy Haulers of 2018

Whether you like to travel with your motorcycle or go off-roading with your ATV, a model from our list of five of the best toy haulers will fit your needs.

At a recent local RV show, I was walking through a toy hauler and there was a guy inside who was analyzing every aspect of the RV. He was taking measurements, inspecting tie-down points, checking storage and more. While the sales people worked at getting him a quote, I asked him what he was looking for in a toy hauler. It turns out he is a collector of vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles and he likes to travel around the country to ride them and show them off at bike shows. The bikes are too valuable to ride across the country, and he was looking for a very specific toy hauler RV. With the popularity of toy haulers up, there are now plenty of options to choose from, making 2018 a great year to select a new RV for the motorcycle guy and for you, too. Here are five of the best toy haulers for 2018 worthy of a look and what makes them so special. Read Full Story →

By: On: Tuesday January 30 2018

Fifth Wheel Scenicaa

Whoever said that you can’t take it with you probably never owned a fifth-wheel RV. Here are five of the best fifth wheel RVs for 2018.

Today’s amazing fifth wheels take luxury and convenience to new levels and things are only getting better. For 2018, the RV industry has once again outdone itself with new features and options to make your new fifth wheel a mobile luxury home-away-from-home. Read Full Story →

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