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ForFreedom Caravan Concept

By: On: Thursday May 13 2010

freedom-exteriorDesigner Robert Williams has a new caravan concept that he calls “ForFreedom.”

The ForFreedom Caravan features a spacious interior and an eco-friendly heating system powered by a solar panel on the rear of the unit. Sandwiched fiberglass walls feature closed cell insulation to keep the heat inside.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the ForFreedom Caravan is that it expands via a sliding chassis pivot on one side of the unit. You can check out the video below the jump for a demonstration, but outside of letting in the bugs we’re not sure what purpose this serves.

Finishing touches on the ForFreedom Caravan include modern furnishings, as well as a 30L electric over, 60L refrigerator, and a 50L water tank.


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    • Rob Cook - May 27th, 2010

      First of all I would like to Appreciate to Mr.Robert Williams for his nice creativity, i hope u have taken all the point for to make this Comfort & Extra Specious. But i would like to ask have you have any Difference in Class, as its looks very costly with all the advanced feature, I would be happy if you add something about Price & Models

    • lcooney - May 28th, 2010


      This is just a concept and it’s quite likely it will stay that way. Concept vehicles are often more of an art project than anything that will produce a tangible product. It is possible that we could see some of these features in future vehicles, but it’s all a guess at this point.

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