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Three Fixes for a Leaky RV Roof

By: On: Tuesday November 21 2017
RV Roof: Leaky RV Roof

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A leaky RV roof can not only ruin your camping trip, but it can cause major damage to your RV if left unchecked for long. Fortunately, we are here to help with some roof repair options.

It stinks when you find them. Of course, I am talking about leaky RV roof. And now is not the time of year you want to be dealing with them, either. It’s cold and conditions for exacting a repair are not great. It happens, though, and it can be enough to make you want to cry, or drink, or both. Such was the case recently when we were tarping our camper for the winter. I noticed that there was a seam by the vent that looked suspect. Sure enough a branch had broken off a tree in high wind and had thumped the roof just enough to loosen a seam. Rather than hope that the tarp would be enough to keep water from getting in and laying waste to my RV over the winter, I decided to opt for a fix now in hopes of saving later headaches.

I did some research and came up with a few options. Some are very short term, while others are major projects. We’ll start out with some quick and easy stuff and go up from there.

Rubber Patch

Flex Tape/Leaky RV Roof

Yeah, you’ve seen the infomercials. You may think it’s a gimic, but Flex Tape really does work, at least for the short term. This adhesive, rubberized tape will seal a leak just like the ads say. Of course, I haven’t tried it under water, like they do in the commercials, but it will patch a leaky RV roof. How long the tape lasts is a question for another day. I wouldn’t recommend cutting your roof in half and patching it back together with the tape, though. For a simple, short-term fix, it’ll do. Not a bad idea to have a roll on hand when you’re in camp, too.

Aluminum Patch

Quick Roof: Leaky RV Roof

A less-informercially product is Quick Roof. This is a roll of adhesive-backed aluminum that forms a bonding seal and patch to your RV roof. It blends in with the aluminum skin your RV roof is already made from, even coming in color-matching options. It is layered for puncture resistance and comes with a 10-year warranty, making it a good quick-fix for a leaky RV roof that will last.

Serious Roof

Superflex: Leaky Roof

Ok, like I said, we were going to save the most in-depth solution for last. If you’re got a bigger RV and notice a leak, a patch might suffice in the short term to get you through a season, but eventually, you’re going to want to go the serious route and completely overhaul the roof. When you’ve spent big bucks on a big RV, it makes sense, too. The Superflex Alpha Systems Rubber RV Roof Kit will let you completely cover and seal your RV with a rubberized roof that will keep you dry and intact for years to come. It’s not cheap. It’s not quick and it’s not easy, but it is also very permanent, durable and looks great.

I’m sure there are other quick fix suggestions for a leaky RV roof. What are some that you have tried? Anything work well? Work not-so-well? Share them in the comments!

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