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By: On: Tuesday February 13 2018

Best Toy Haulers of 2018

Whether you like to travel with your motorcycle or go off-roading with your ATV, a model from our list of five of the best toy haulers will fit your needs.

At a recent local RV show, I was walking through a toy hauler and there was a guy inside who was analyzing every aspect of the RV. He was taking measurements, inspecting tie-down points, checking storage and more. While the sales people worked at getting him a quote, I asked him what he was looking for in a toy hauler. It turns out he is a collector of vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles and he likes to travel around the country to ride them and show them off at bike shows. The bikes are too valuable to ride across the country, and he was looking for a very specific toy hauler RV. With the popularity of toy haulers up, there are now plenty of options to choose from, making 2018 a great year to select a new RV for the motorcycle guy and for you, too. Here are five of the best toy haulers for 2018 worthy of a look and what makes them so special.

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By: On: Tuesday October 31 2017

Toy Haulers For Snowmobiles

While toy haulers are a great option for taking your motorcycles and ATVs with you when the weather is warm, don’t overlook toy haulers for snowmobiles in the winter.

The leaves are all off my trees and I’ve been scraping frost off the windshield every morning lately. Then today, the rain turned into this white, fluffy-looking stuff that seemed to collect in places. Winter is just around the corner and coming on fast. That means, at least for me, that the ATVs get less time and the snowmobile gets pressed into service on a near daily basis. That also means it’s time to do some traveling with the sleds. During the summer months, the toy hauler carried the ATVs, and now, just because it is winter, that doesn’t mean the toy hauler gets put away. Let’s talk about using a toy hauler to haul your snowmobiles.

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