2014 Coachmen Brookstone 334RE Review

A fifth wheel designed by Coachmen customers

By Agata Gutkowska, Jan. 28, 2014, Photography by Coachmen RV
The Brookstone is designed for Coachmen customers by Coachmen customers. After 50 years of user feedback, Coachmen engineers and designers have created a powerful, pet-friendly Fifth Wheel built for long journeys.

Seven floorplans are available to choose from. We’ll be exploring the 334RE because its clever layout creates a cozy living space for couples and small families. It has a hitch weight of 2,270 lbs, base weight of 11,820 lbs, gross vehicle weight rating of 14,500 lbs and a cargo capacity of 2,680 lbs. The Brookstone 334RE has an exterior  length of 37’11”, exterior height of 12’11” and exterior width of 96”. For water, the 334RE has a fresh water capacity of 70 gallons, gray water capacity of 90 gallons and black water capacity of 45 gallons. A 17-foot awning provides shade for lounging outside.

2014 Coachmen Brookstone Exterior

Brookstone’s power starts with its foundation. Coachmen boasts its six-layer, vacuum-bonded floors are three-times stronger than plywood or particleboard. The layers are built on a brace moisture resistant sheathing, which is covered with a layer of energy brace substrate. On top of that sits a welded aircraft grade aluminum framing and on top of that is high-density block foam insulation. Topped with two layers of luan, the unit's floors create an excellent base for Brookstone’s furniture and appliances.

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The main entrance of the Brookstone 334RE leads you into a kitchen made of wood – wooden floors, wooden cabinetry and wooden framing define the space. Coupled with warm lighting, the interior feels more like a cottage-home rather than a fifth wheel. Like a cottage home, the Brookstone 334RE is equipped with a spice drawer and a pet-friendly food dish. Most importantly, there’s a wine rack. Why not spend a rainy evening indoors with a nice bottle of wine? Cook a nice piece of steak to compliment the wine and have a dinner party for two – or one. (We don’t judge.)

2014 Coachmen Brookstone Kitchen

In fact, there’s no excuse not to cook because the 334RE is equipped with all essential kitchen appliances, including a stove and oven. Like any home, the Brookstone comes with a pots and pans drawer, silverware drawer and kitchen utensil drawer. If you’re a veteran of the RV world then you’ll know that these residential details are uncommon. The 12-cubic-foot stainless steel refrigerator is equipped with an icemaker and the Corian kitchen countertops provide excess space for chopping, marinating and preparing. The stainless steel sink, located on the kitchen island, features a high arch pullout faucet.  Lazy cooks who want a fast meal can use the 30” over-the range microwave and the stainless steel dishwasher to take care of dirty plates. Enjoy meals at the freestanding dinette with two high-back chairs and two foldaway chairs.

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If dinner leaves you tired and lazy, you’ll want to pass out on your hide-a-bed sofa and watch your favourite show. If you don’t want to lie down, you can relax on one of two recliners instead. If you really want comfort then exchange your recliners for theater seating. The 334RE living room is built for downtime. The entertainment center features a 50” smart television, equipped with a keyboard, along with an AM/FM/CD/DVD Player, a subwoofer and satellite TV receiver storage. If you spend more time on the road than in a stable, non-mobile home, then you might want to fork out extra cash for a fireplace. It’s a great way to make your fifth wheel as cozy as your childhood home.

2014 Coachmen Brookstone Living Area

Perhaps the best room in the house is Brookstone’s bedroom – its design is largely inspired by customer feedback. The queen bed can be swapped for a king and there’s a nightstand on both sides. Other than a massive wardrobe for clothes, the bedroom also comes with deep 18” drawers. There’s washer and dryer prep so you don’t have to worry about pit stops in laundromats. You can request a 32” HD LED television, as well. With all these amenities, somehow there is still enough space for a bedroom vanity, attached to a workstation. So if you work from home, you don’t need to take up space at the dining table.

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Lastly, let's explore the residential bathroom. When people think of RV bathrooms, they usually imagine quick showers, limited hot water and little elbowroom. Not with the Brookstone 334RE. You can finally bring out the rubber ducks because a bubble bath is entirely possible in Brookstone’s spacious tub. The bathroom also features a linen closet, which many other RVs lack.

2014 Coachmen Brookstone Bedroom

The Coachmen Brookstone 334RE sells for around $70,000. For more information visit http://www.coachmenrv.com/.

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