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Coleman is a leading manufacturer of camping equipment so it should come as no surprise the company is also a major producer of expanding camping trailers. Based in Somerset, Pa., Coleman has been producing trailers since 1966. Almost all of the company's trailers are equipped with an outdoor Coleman stove.

Recent Coleman RV Reviews

2014 Coleman Explorer Ultralite CTE211 Review

2014 Coleman Explorer Ultralite CTE211 Review

Long a friend to campers, the Coleman name can also be found on a series of lightweight and affordable travel trailers.
2010 Coleman Americana LE Series Sun Valley Review

2010 Coleman Americana LE Series Sun Valley Review

When you think Coleman, camping comes to mind. Sure, they make a great tent, but if you need a little more coverage and a lot more amenities, try the 2010 Coleman Americana LE Series Sun Valley Folding Trailer on for size.

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  • Daniel
    As a study on fifth wheel and or travel trailers has many believe they could pack the features of home in a package that easily is to be pulled by the right tow vehicle as many offer space set aside to be labeled a toy hauler.
  • kevin O'Connor
    we bought a Evergreen Ascend Cloud c193bh RV great travel trailer very roomy, can't wait to start using it. But the only problem is we find out the unit is what they call an orphan. the Dealer who sold us the RV never mentioned that evergreen folded. so now we are worried about warranty for this unit, we did buy a warranty that the dealer Oak centre mall (TRX.RV)sold us. that only covers small stuff not structure, has another company bought Evergreen out an if so will they honor a warranty.
  • Jim Samples
    We just purchased a 2017 Sandibel 3601 last month. We loved the lay out and thought we had done our research. As soon as we got it we started having issues. The first was the heater would not turn on. The entire unit had to be replaced. Next the right front jack had a major leak leak and has to be replaced. The AC units went out and needed to be repaired. Once repaired the units would not cool the coach below 84 degrees even though it was only 92 degreesd outside. One of the main storage doors is out of ailment and won't close properly. It's obvious that this company has poor quality control. We also had issues with the dealer selling us this with a nail in one of the sidewalls of the tire. When we picked it up I noticed a tire that was almost flat. They checked it at the dealership and it had 10 lbs of pressure. They aired it up and sent us on our way. I drove it 30 miles and stopped at an RV park. The tire was flat the next morning. So far not having very good luck with this new fifth wheel.