2010 Coleman Americana LE Series Sun Valley Review

Coleman takes camping to the next level

By Amy Tokic, Dec. 09, 2010, Photography by Coleman
When you think Coleman, camping comes to mind. Sure, they make a great tent, but sleeping under the stars with only a piece of fabric separating you from the great outdoors isnít for everyone. If you need a little more coverage and a lot more amenities, try the 2010 Coleman Americana LE Series Sun Valley Folding Trailer on for size.

In the Americana LE Series, there are three floor plans to choose from. Weíll be concentrating our efforts on the Sun Valley, a family-friendly trailer that goes anywhere and packs away conveniently when not in use.

2010 Coleman Americana LE Series Sun Valley Review

OK, so youíre not out to escape the fresh air completely Ė you just want the added protection, convenience and portability a folding camper offers.  Giving you that hitch-and-go freedom the weekend warrior craves, the Sun Valley makes a great addition to camping families on a budget. Whether youíre heading across the country for an adventure in the mountains, a free-and-easy retreat to the beach or week-long family vacation, youíll be able to create memories that will last a lifetime in this Coleman trailer.

The Sun Valley features exclusive, sectionalized, breathable marine-quality Sunbrella 302 tenting material, which Coleman says will never succumb to mildew, rot or fading, and never needs to be treated. Since itís a breathable fabric, it wonít trap heat and moisture. Strong and lightweight, you donít have to worry about this material shrinking or stretching Ė it will always be the right fit. And youíll always have a perfect view of the campsite, thanks to clear windows, complete with a screen that is made from mesh netting that gives you unobstructed views and allows natural light into the trailer. For easier set up and increased safety, the Sumbrella tenting is permanently attached to the ends of the bed platformsí full-perimeter aluminum bed rails.

Boasting top-notch quality automotive construction, the Sun Valley is built to last. Made with full tubular steel frame construction and the exclusive and user-friendly Posi-Lock lift system, the Sun Valley can brave the roughest roads and conditions. Its heavy-gauge tubular steel chassis and 12-step, E-coated steel frame uses no wood, glue or stapes and meets strict military specification. 

2010 Coleman Americana LE Series Sun Valley Review

The Posi-Lock system comes with stainless steel posts that bolt right into the frame to give it superior structure. These posts are designed to not corrode or bind, as well as channel water to the ground, which means they donít need tent flap covers for rain protection. Plus, its aircraft-grade, stainless steel cables are independent for each lift post so the top can be raised and lowered even if a lift cable malfunctions. Easy to set up and take down, the entire process can take less than 10 minutes, as the Posi-Lock lift system is user-friendly and it canít be over-cranked.  It also comes with the BackSaver bed support system, which allows for easy set up without bending or stooping.

Other exterior features youíll find on the Sun Valley include a one-piece Structurewood floor and bed platforms, leaf-spring suspension, EZ lube axle, durable, Krystal Kote finish body panels, an extra-wide, one-piece screen door and a stepper door with lockable tool cabinet.

Created to be your home-away-from-home, this Coleman folding camper comes complete with everyday comforts Ė all in one foldable package.  Even though itís a smaller space, youíll still be treated to great decor, including suede-backed window and bed privacy curtains, upholstered seat cushions and seat backs, full-perimeter valance in coordinating fabric and tile-look vinyl flooring. It even comes with coordinating wood laminated cabinets, available in rich cherry or warm ash finishes Ė great finishing touches that make all the difference in interior decor.

2010 Coleman Americana LE Series Sun Valley Review

Whipping up a fantastic meal is a cinch in the Sun Valley. It comes equipped with an indoor/outdoor two-burner stove and an auxiliary galley top that gives you extra counter space inside or outside the trailer. Other features that come standard include a 20-pound propane tank with vinyl cover, a 1.9 cubic foot three-way refrigerator, a deep bowl sink and a carry-out dining table.

To ensure that you get a good nightís sleep, the Sun Valley comes with an oversized, 77-inch, comfort-engineered, hypoallergenic foam mattresses found on either end of the trailer, with no hard metal springs. Plus, its sofa-style seating converts to additional sleeping room when needed.

If youíre worried about storage space, donít be. There are plenty of indoor storage cabinets to hold all your camping essentials. Other features that will come in handy include a convertible dinette bed, a convertible bench bed, a 12-volt exterior patio light, a 12-volt water pump, an outside shower, and a 16,000 BTU furnace. For your safety, the Sun Valley comes with a fire extinguisher, a carbon monoxide detector/alarm, a propane detector/alarm, positive-locking safety chains, electric brakes, worry-free, shut-off interior lights and a spare tire with vinyl cover.

The Sun Valley retails for $12,021. You can find out more about the Sun Valley folding trailer at ColemanTrailers.com.

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