EleMMent Palazzo Superior Review

A luxurious yacht on wheels

By Agata Gutkowska, Dec. 04, 2015
The EleMMent Palazzo Superior is a luxurious yacht on wheels, and itís also the most expensive RV in the world. Equipped with a spa and sky lounge, the Palazzo Superior delivers first class comfort, design and quality to its owners. If youíre willing to pay a hefty price for top luxury, this is the RV youíve been dreaming of.
The Palazzo Superior weighs in at 28 tons. It has a length of 13.70 meters and height of 4 meters ó 6 metres if you consider its roof deck. Its living space spans a whopping 732 square feet. For liquids, the Palazzo features a fully insulated 800-liter fresh water tank, 800-liter wastewater tank, and 250-liter fecal waste tank. When fully extended, it reaches a width of 5 meters. The two-room extensions are automatic, equipped with emergency drive. To keep you warm in freezing temperatures, the air circulation system features floor heating.

EleMMent Palazzo Superior Cockpit

Palazzo Superiorís construction and design draws inspiration from the world of yachts, supercars, limousines and helicopters. It can easily blend in at an airport runway or yacht marina. Its exterior lines resemble those of the most modern sports cars; its cockpit features MMI control that resembles a jetís cockpit, but functions like a limousineís; and its panoramic windshield resembles that of a helicopterís. Manufactured with precision, the Palazzo makers use high performance carbon fiber materials to build its structure. The complex body construction features a 60mm-thick wall, which provides incredible stability and insulation.

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Palazzo Superiorís main entry is cooler than the entry to a private jet. It features an exterior integrated stairwell that leads straight into the lounge. The rooftop, which doubles as a fancy sky lounge, can be accessed by an automatic retractable roof walkway. The automatic safety railing and automated lift system ensures that you walk in and out of your home as safely as possible. The automatic sun canopy is equipped with integrated lighting and audio.

EleMMent Palazzo Superior Driving

Palazzoís revolutionary cockpit features an aviation dashboard equipped with all the buttons and switches you need on hand. Its helicopter panoramic-glazing windows give you a wide view of the road, and their shade levels darken at the push of a button. The board clock is an original Askania onboard flight instrument, adding class to the already sophisticated cockpit. All of Palazzoís multimedia technology can be operated by the onboard control system. The electric sliding door letís you conveniently get in and out of the Palazzo Superior.

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A passageway in the cockpit will lead you into the lounge. Modern and bright, the lounge will make you feel like royalty from the future. Just as you enter youíll see a spacious closet, perfect for storing your shoes and jackets. The lounge is designed to help you unwind. Equipped with a bar, the Palazzo gives you ample space to stack your wine, liquor and beer. The bar area provides you with drink refrigeration, wine cabinetry and a coffee machine. To maximize your comfort, the four-meter wide automatic extendable sofa can be adjusted electrically, and the adjustable table can be doubled in height. To make sure youíre always entrained, the lounge has a 42Ē LED TV, a Steinway and Lyngdorf world-class audio system, and wireless.

EleMMent Palazzo Superior Interior

Palazzo Superiorís kitchen will let your personal chef cook all the gourmet meals you dream of. Equipped with a large refrigerator, freezer and icemaker, youíll have plenty of room to store fresh food and leftovers. The stovetop comes with a fume hood, and the sink is equipped with an electrically adjustable water control system. You can store your perishables in the storage cabinets.

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The bright bathroom is actually a spa with a fancy toilet. The bathroom features a 16 sq. ft. rain shower with light therapy function and electronic water control. The large vanity is equipped with a mirror and shelves. The toilet has Aqua Clean Hygiene Cleaning.

EleMMent Palazzo Superior Bed

The gorgeous Master Bedroom is for for a king. In fact, it features a king-size bed designed by the same manufacturer that provides beds for the British royal family. The bedroom is separated from the rest of home with a sliding door system. Equipped with one chair, the dressing table couples as a desk.

The EleMMent Palazzo Superior sells for around $3 million dollars. For more information visit: http://www.marchi-mobile.com/.

EleMMent Palazzo Superior Exterior

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