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Skyline was founded in 1951 in Elkhart, Ind. The company started out producing mobile homes and later, manufactured and modular housing. Over the years, Skyline has produced more than 870,000 homes and 460,000 RVs, most of them travel trailers.

Recent Skyline RV Reviews

2012 Skyline Nomad Joey Select 376 Review

2012 Skyline Nomad Joey Select 376 Review

What do you get when you combine aerodynamics and lightweight construction? You get the 2012 Skyline Nomad Joey Select Travel Trailer. Itís amazing what aerodynamics can do to improve gas mileage and overall towing satisfaction!
2011 Skyline Aljo Joey Select 204 Review

2011 Skyline Aljo Joey Select 204 Review

The 2011 Skyline Aljo Joey Select Travel Trailer is ready to follow you everywhere you go, whether it's the interstate or off the beaten path.
2011 Skyline Nomad Ultra-Lite 210 Review

2011 Skyline Nomad Ultra-Lite 210 Review

Bring all of the comforts of home with you in the 2011 Skyline Nomad Ultra-Lite 210 Travel Trailer.

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  • Sadie
    We have spent some time at RV shows and I can definitely undarstend the confusion. We have what we want in mind but i'm sure if it really came down to buying it we would be wondering, second guessing, and having trouble deciding too. So many great choices.I agree, with lots of kids, you'll want bunks and good stow away beds to give yourselves plenty of room during the day. Pop outs are great for the extra room.Storage is essential. Make sure there is plenty of storage. Good luck on your decision. You will find the right one.Tawnee recently posted an amazing article
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  • hunt
    posh bus, wondering whats the price?