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Five Essential RV Accessories

By: On: Wednesday June 28 2017

Essential RV Accessories

Whenever we leave our homes, we always have a few essential items with us. We take our wallets or purse, our keys, our cell phones, etc. When we hop in the truck and head into town, there’s always a few items that are always in the truck, like a spare tire, a jack and jumper cables. When we take off for an adventure in the RV, there are things that are essential to having a good trip. Here are five essential RV accessories you should have with you every time you head off into the great outdoors.

Tool Kit

Mechanics Tool Kit

You simply cannot go even so far as down your driveway without having a tool kit of some kind on board. You don’t have to have much, but I would suggest making sure the kit includes both standard and metric wrenches or sockets, like this basic mechanic’s kit from Lowe’s. https://bit.ly/2sjwTd2. Having a good tool kit on hand ensures that if something were to happen where you’d need a tool to fix something, you’ll not only have it but have the right one for the job. Many a camping trip can be salvaged by having the right tool when you need it.



It used to be that to control mosquitos and other biting insects, it meant bringing along plenty of cans of bug spray, citronella candles and more. You can still bring that along, but nowadays you can really get by most of the time with a Thermacell. http://amzn.to/2ufTTep A lantern or other appliance from Thermacell will cover a 15-foot-square area and it does a great job of keeping the nasty little blood suckers at bay. The great things with the lanterns is that they make great LED lanterns and the batteries will last for a long time. One Thermacell wick will last an evening and works great.

Weather Radio

La Crosse Weather Radio

We all like to rely on our phones these days for up-to-date information. The problem is, what happens if the cell signals are interrupted, or you’re in an area with no service? You need to have current weather information, especially if you’re camping. To get this, you should have a portable weather radio http://amzn.to/2tVo4Zc with you. Make sure the radio gets multiple NOAA channels and has fresh batteries for it in case your stay becomes extended due to the unforeseen.


LED Flashlight

Having a good flashlight on hand is a must. There are plenty of good options available, too, that fit every budget. The current run of high-quality, LED flashlights http://bit.ly/2sOxc3c are not only bright, but very durable thanks to aluminum housings. With the LED bulb technology, battery life is outstanding, making these small, compact lights good for many trips. Never fumble around the campsite again.



You may notice several of the items on this list require batteries, including the smoke detector in your RV. It makes sense then that you should have spares batteries http://amzn.to/2sOELqL along, too. Carry them in a sealed, plastic container and make sure they haven’t expired. Have an assortment of them along for the trip so you have replacements for every battery-powered item you have.

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