Earthbound RV to Open Factory in Indiana

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney

Marion, Ind. has been chosen as the new home for RV startup Earthbound Recreational Vehicles, which could result in as many as 300 new jobs over the next few years.

“The confidence and embrace from the city of Marion for our technologically advanced product line and future endeavors has been unparalleled,” says Earthbound RV Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO C. David Hoefer.

Hoefer is referring to the $2 million economic development bond approved by the Marion City Council, which the company is responsible for repaying. The state of Indiana has committed an additional $1 million dollars in training grants for employees and corporate tax credits.

Earthbound RV expects to add 60 jobs in 2010 and employ approximately 300 people in Marion/Grant County at an hourly rate above $18 per hour by the end of 2013.

“Marion and Grant County have a wealth of highly skilled individuals necessary to carry out the quality and value goals already visible in the Earthbound product, we are thrilled to have won their business,” says Marion Mayor Wayne Seybold. “This company will add to the diversity and growth that we have seen in our manufacturing sector and we are thrilled to grow jobs in our community by 300. It was great teamwork to get these jobs to Marion, but it is just as important that we did not loose them to another State.”

According to Earthbound COO Bill Hughes, the company’s line of recreational vehicles is eco-friendly and lightweight.

“This RV has the potential to add 11 million new customers to the tow-able RV buying market,” says Hughes. “Many of our family-friendly units are towable with standard crossovers and small SUVs that are already parked in many of today’s family driveways.”

Earthbound says its RVs utilize high-tech composites, lightweight metals, and technologies from the marine and automotive industries that eliminate the need for wood or wood by-products, which can deteriorate and release offgassing of harmful VOCs. According to Earthbound, many of the new composite materials used in its product will not rot and are formaldehyde free.

“Because of advancements in technology and materials incorporated for the first time in the RV industry, the company offers an unprecedented 3-year bumper-to hitch warranty. Most RV warranties are for one year or less,” Earthbound says in a release.

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