Maximize MPG, Cleaning Protection for Your RV Without Getting Your Han

As many RV and motorhome owners can attest,having your rig is more than just owning another vehicle, it’s a lifestylechoice. With so many sights to see and a multitude of adventures to be had,your home on wheels is the epicenter for some great days in the great outdoors,generating memories for years to come no matter where the road takes you.

Take Garrett Cahoon, of The Off-roadAdventure Channel, for instance. A newer RV owner to the scene, Garrett’s35-foot rig is the perfect set up for him, his family and friends to travel bytheir own rules to enjoy some favorite pastimes. “I like to just get away andfind random spots where I can take my dirt bike and some of the toys and explorenew areas,” he says. “I can take the motorhome with me, find a nice place toset up and have everything I need at my disposal during those trips. It’s justkind of a luxurious way of getting outdoors and enjoying the hobbies that Ido.”

But taking the RV to Glamis, “the off-roadingmecca of the world,” to rip across the dunes in his UTV, or the Mojave NationalPreserve to hunt quail with his brother and father isn’t as easy as stickingthe key in the ignition and riding off into the sunset. There’s a lot of prepthat goes into readying the rig for adventure, aside from just the obvious ofstocking up on consumables, supplies and filling up the gas tank. In fact, oneof Garrett’s key steps in his RV prep checklist is actually something prettysimple that any RV owner can do, no matter their years of experience.

“Using a high-quality fuel additive isextremely important,” says Cahoon. “It’s a really simple step to take, and it’sgoing to keep your fuel from degrading, which it can do really rapidly, andkeep your generator running right when you’re off grid for multiple days.” It’scertainly a win-win for something you just need to pour into your gas tankwithout getting your hands dirty or even popping the hood.

With so many fuel additives on the market,this off-road guru goes with the one backed by years of research, lab testingand science. “When it comes to fuel additives, I’m a big fan of Techronproducts,” Cahoon states. “Not only do I keep Complete Fuel System Cleaner onboard for the RV, but I keep Techron Powersports on board for the toys aswell.”

Techron Complete Fuel System Cleaner is theperfect choice for any RV owner, providing a multitude of benefits. With justone bottle (recommended for use once every season), you’re getting proven cleaningpower to help remove harmful carbon deposits from your fuel injectors,carburetors, intake valves, and combustion chambers; corrosion protection;restored lost power; maximized fuel economy (hello better MPG!) and maximized performance;not to mention, peace of mind on the open road.

“You just want to go through and make surethings are working correctly before you head out in the middle of nowhere forfour or five days,” says Cahoon. “You pour it in your gas tank, and it givesyou the peace of mind to know that your fuel system is taken care of.”To learn more about Techron Complete Fuel SystemCleaner, available in 12oz, 20oz and 32oz sizes, perfect for RVs andmotorhomes, visit