Pedata RV Center Cites LoJack Theft Recovery Statistics

Phoenix, AZ – Pedata RV Center cites the LoJack Auto Theft Recovery Report indicating that installing LoJack in vehicles provides consumers with access to the indicated 90% recovery rate. Pedata RV Center sees increased consumer interest in protecting the investment in the recreational vehicle on the part of many consumers in the recession; especially as more consider full time RVing.

LoJack Corporation released its first official auto theft recovery report. The report highlighted recovery rates and statistics throughout 2009. According to the latest data available from the FBI, auto theft remains a major issue.

Theft statistics for 2009 after the jump.

-956,846 vehicles were stolen in total. 411,444 were not recovered resulting in losses of $6.4 billion.

-In comparison, when considering vehicles with LoJack installed there were 11,382 vehicles recovered. This represents 90% of all vehicles stolen with LoJack installed.

Gerard Pedata of Pedata RV Center suggested, “RVers are definitely considering the possibilities of theft. In today’s market people want to protect their investment. In addition to LoJack recovery systems RV owners often consider trailer hitch locks and dogs. Although…with a 90% recovery success rate backing it up there really isn’t a more effective method to protect your investment from theft than getting your RV protected by LoJack.”

LoJack is a recovery system designed to allow police to track and recover a vehicle once it has been stolen. LoJack units are hidden in the vehicle by certified technicians. Each LoJack installed is registered in the LoJack database. Once a stolen vehicle report is filed with police a silent radio signal is sent to the apparatus installed within the stolen vehicle. It automatically activates the LoJack transmitter hidden in the car. The LoJack transmitter provides police with a signal to track in order to locate the stolen vehicle.

Pedata RV Center offers used RVs direct to the public at wholesale prices. Their low overhead costs in the midst of the recession have enabled them to continue to provide high quality RVs to consumers at affordable prices.

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