Ultimate Fighter Living the RV Lifestyle

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney

We found an interesting story on a professional fighter who has decided to live the RV lifestyle.

Clay Guida is a fighter with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He’s been fighting professionally for years, a career that demands a lot of travel to train. Guida travels for his fights and travels to train. Instead of buying a house, which he figures he’d rarely get to use anyway, he bought a 40-foot RV with his winnings.

He’s currently at a training camp in New Mexico and he plans on driving his RV up to Colorado for his upcoming fight, even though the UFC offered to fly him in. Also, instead of using the hotel room the UFC offered, he plans on staying in his RV in the hotel parking lot during the week of the fight.

Guida also uses his RV for leisure. After his fight, he plans on driving down to Mexico for a little rest and relaxation. Check out the full story here.