2014 Airstream International Sterling 27FB Review

by RVGuide.com
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If your trailer is more than a vacation confederate, then you might be looking for something reputable, smart and most importantly, something you can call home. You want a trailer that ties the wild outdoors into the tame indoors while providing you with the luxuries of a cute apartment you’d find in a busy city. There is a trailer designed to meet your needs.

The Airstream International Sterling is available in two similar floorplans – 25FB and 27FB. Both layouts are almost identical, but we went with the 27FB for its slightly larger size and bed’s location. It has an exterior length of 28”, exterior width of 8’5.5”, interior width of 8’1”, exterior height with A/C of 9’7” and interior height with A/C of 6’5”. The International Sterling has a hitch weight of 770 lbs and a unit base weight of 5,824 lbs. Its gross vehicle weight rating is 7,600 lbs, opposed to its counterpart, the 25FB, which has a smaller rating of 7,300 lbs. The 27FB’s net carrying capacity is 1,776 lbs.

For water; the 27FB can hold 39 gallons in the fresh water tank, equipped with a drain valve. The black water tank has a capacity of 39 gallons and the gray water tank has a capacity of 37 gallons. Equipped with an electronic ignition, the water heater can hold 6 gallons. As for heating and cooling, the air condition unit comes with a heat pump and takes 15,000 BTUs, while the furnace takes 25,000 BTUs.

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Although perfect for a solo dweller or a couple, both Airstream International Sterling floorplans can sleep up to five people.

Driven on styled aluminum wheels, the International Sterling 27FB looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside. With a bright aluminum finish, you might mistake it for an oversized, silver bullet speeding along the freeway. It comes with a sterling nameplate and a Signature Series logo. The patio awning is silver and the wrap protectors are stainless steel. For extra storage space, it’s equipped with a diamond plate exterior storage compartment.

Unlike most travel trailers that share the same, stuffy trailer vibe, the International Sterling’s interior is a marvel. You have an option of getting the Arctic Dijon Décor or the Obsidian Violet Décor. We prefer the Arctic Dijon for its classy and modern look. The interior skin has a bright aluminum finish, which creates a beautiful backdrop for the modern aluminum laminate furniture. Bolon Woven flooring throughout the space has an international reputation for its unique design and innovation. Solar gray front panoramic windows have full closeout drapes, blocking light and giving you privacy from the outside world when necessary.

Conveniently located in the middle of the trailer, the kitchen is easily accessible from every room. Its spacious design provides the cook with a comfortable workspace to prep food. Prepare meals on the white laminated countertops, designed with an aluminum trim. The S.S. single round bowl 8” sink is equipped with a sink cover so you can cover those dirty dishes if you don’t feel like washing them. Store leftovers in the refrigerator, which has a brushed stainless steel insert, making it look like an invention from the distant future. The three-burner cooktop is equipped with an oven for all your baking needs. Of course, meeting the quality of your wheeled abode, the oven comes with a stainless steel door. Lazy cooks can reheat food in the microwave. To repel odors, the 27FB is equipped with two Fantastic vents, which also have thermostats and rain sensors. Eat meals at the 42” by 76” dinette, located beside a large window, overlooking the sunrise that sits in your backyard.

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After a heavy breakfast, relax in the living room. Lie down on the 66” sofa and watch the morning news from your 26” LED television, which comes with the Premium audio/video package. If you prefer getting your daily news from the radio, then kick back on the sofa and tune in to your favorite station. The International Sterling comes with a radio antenna, two IPod USBs, a tune tray, and an AM/FM.CD/DVD Blu-Ray Player. There’s also a 100-watt sub-woofer. For TV fanatics, the 27FB is equipped with an antenna and jack. There’s also a cable TV hook-up and satellite prewire.

After a long, lazy morning you might want to wander into the bathroom and take a shower. The hinged bath door is equipped with a reeded window and when you’re not showering you can dry wet clothes on the retractable clothesline. A stainless steel round lavy sink provides you with ample room for washing, shaving and brushing. Above sits a mirrored medicine cabinet, where you can store toiletries. The china toilet sits beside the lavy, where space is tight but efficiently utilized. Finishing touches in the bathroom include a towel bar, towel ring and robe hook.

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While the 27FB bedroom is simple, it does offer reasonable walking space. The bed is 60” by 75” and comes with a pillow top foam mattress, while the duvet has inserts and pillow shams. Utilizing space, the bed has removable under-bed storage bins. Those who like watching late-night movies before bed can request an optional LED television.

The Airstream International Sterling 27FB sells for around $92,000. For more information visit http://www.airstream.com/.