2014 Itasca Solei 38R Review

by RVGuide.com

While tough on the surface, the 2014 Itasca Solei has a soft side too.

Built on a Freightliner XCS straight-rail chassis and powered by a 340 hp Cummins diesel engine, the Solei is willing to flex its muscles. However, its appeal goes beyond its unyielding strength. With its polished furniture and coffee-glazed cabinetry, the Itasca Solei is as warm on the inside as it is tough on the outside.

Two floorplans are available: the 34T and the 38R. We decided to go with the one that features a spacious bathroom, equipped with a washer and dryer – the Itasca Solei 38R. It has an exterior length of 39’10”, exterior height of 11’10” and exterior width of 8’5.5” to go along with 228 cubic feet of exterior storage space. The 38R has an interior height of 6’8” and an interior width of 8’0.5”. Freshwater capacity is 84 gallons, while black/gray water capacity is 54 gallons. As well, the Solei has a 10-gallon water heater with a 48-gallon holding tank. Finally, the diesel pushing has a gross vehicle weight rating of 27,910 lbs.

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Built to withstand long drives, the Solei 38R makes long trips easy on the driver’s patience and posterior. Six-way adjustable cab seats feature adjustable arm rests, lumbar support and multi-adjustable recline. The radio/rearview monitor system features a 6” LCD color touch screen with a remote, iPod input and a rear color camera. Mundane drives on the highway can be conquered with cruise control. If you’re exploring colder climates, you’ll be thankful for the power mirrors, equipped with defrost.

Walking into your wheeled abode, the leatherette furniture, wood cabinetry and vinyl ceiling create an atmosphere that breathes warmth and luxury. Whether you want to host a party or read a book, the living room is the perfect place to let loose. The inLounge sofa, located across from the entertainment center, seats five people comfortably. If you’re expecting guests, it also extends on both sides. When nighttime falls, it folds out into a large bed.

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Watch your favourite movies on the 50” HDTV, part of the home theater sound bar system. Pull down the roller shades of your tinted, dual-glazed thermo-insulated coach windows and get the popcorn ready. If you plan on traveling with the kids during Christmas, Santa might expect a fireplace. For an extra few bucks, you can get one installed.

Other than a fireplace, Santa also expects a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies. Luckily for you, the kitchen is equipped with a convection oven. It also features a two-door residential refrigerator and freezer, equipped with an icemaker. The spacious galley storage cabinet is perfect for storing cereal, condiments, jars and canned goods. There’s also a three-burner range top with storage below. The Corian countertops provide ample space for food preparation, while also adding to the kitchen’s design. Coupled with decorative backsplash and Corian sink covers, the deco creates a luxurious kitchen that will inspire family members to hone their cooking skills. Enjoy meals at the dinette, located across from the kitchen.

When you’re ready for some beauty sleep, escape to your bedroom. Swap your day clothes for your cozy pajamas and crawl under your covers. The queen bed with innerspring mattress gives you plenty of room to toss and turn until you find the perfect sleeping position. If you’re serious about sleep, then you can request a Queen Ideal Rest Nouveau digital comfort mattres instead. It allows you to customize firmness and support. Before you doze off, turn on your 28” HDTV and watch your favourite late-night show. With two nightstands, overhead shelves and a large wardrobe, there is ample room for your electronics, clothes and knick-knacks.

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Your kids can sleep on the Flex Bed System, located beside the bedroom. It includes an upper and lower bunk. Guests can spend the night on the sofa sleeper. The 2014 Itasca Solei 38R is designed to sleep six people comfortably.

Lastly, let’s explore the bathroom. Although small in size, the bathroom has everything you need – plus a washer and dryer. Laminate countertops give you space to groom and prep for the day, while the one-piece fiberglass shower surround is equipped with a textured glass shower door. Other features include a skylight, flexible showerhead and porcelain toilet.

The 2014 Itasca Solei 38R retails for around $216,100. For more information, visit http://www.goitasca.com/.