2019 Expandable Trailer RV's

Expanding trailers are lightweight towable RVs with pull-out extensions to create more interior space. Because of their size, expanding trailers can be towed by mid-sized vehicles. Expanding trailers are inexpensive options for a first RV. Expanding trailers can also create more of a "camping" experience with their pull-out tent-like extensions, while maintaining the comfort and convenience of an RV.

Select Year: Most Popular Expandable Trailer RV's

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View all 2019 Coachmen Expandable Trailer hide 2019 Coachmen Expandable Trailer
Clipper Classic 1285 SSTClipper Express 9.0
Clipper Express 9.0TDClipper Hardside C12RBST
Clipper Hardside C12RBSTHWClipper LS 107LS
Clipper LS 806XLSClipper LS 128LS
Clipper LS 860QSClipper Sport 106
Clipper Sport 108 STClipper Sport 125 ST
Viking Epic 1906Viking Epic 2108 ST
Viking Epic 2405 STViking Express 9.0
Viking Express 9.0TDViking Hardside V12RBST
Viking Hardside V12RBSTHWViking Legend 2485 SST
Viking LS 2107LSViking LS 1706XLS
Viking LS 2308LSViking LS 1760QS
View all 2019 Forest River Expandable Trailer hide 2019 Forest River Expandable Trailer
Flagstaff Classic 627DFlagstaff Classic 823D
Flagstaff Classic 425DFlagstaff Classic 625D
Flagstaff Hard Side T12RBSTFlagstaff Hard Side T21QBHW
Flagstaff Hard Side T12RBFlagstaff Hard Side T21TBHW
Flagstaff Hard Side T21DMHWFlagstaff High Wall Series HW27KS
Flagstaff High Wall Series HW27SCFlagstaff High Wall Series HW29SC
Flagstaff MAC / LTD 228Flagstaff MAC / LTD 206LTD
Flagstaff MAC / LTD 208Flagstaff MAC / LTD 176LTD
Flagstaff MAC / LTD 205Flagstaff MAC / LTD 228D
Flagstaff SE 206STSEFlagstaff SE 207SE
Flagstaff SE 228BHSEFlagstaff SE 176SE
Rockwood Extreme Sports Package 1910ESPRockwood Extreme Sports Package 1970ESP
Rockwood Extreme Sports Package 2280BHESPRockwood Extreme Sports Package A122SESP
Rockwood Extreme Sports Package 1640ESPRockwood Extreme Sports Package A213HWESP
Rockwood Freedom 1640LTDRockwood Freedom 1940LTD
Rockwood Freedom 1950Rockwood Freedom 1980
Rockwood Freedom 2280Rockwood Freedom 2318G
Rockwood Hard Side A122Rockwood Hard Side A122S
Rockwood Hard Side A213HWRockwood Hard Side A214HW
Rockwood Hard Side A212HWRockwood High Wall Series HW277
Rockwood High Wall Series HW276Rockwood High Wall Series HW296
Rockwood Premier 2317GRockwood Premier 2514G
Rockwood Premier 2516GRockwood Premier 2716G
View all 2019 Jayco Expandable Trailer hide 2019 Jayco Expandable Trailer
Jay Sport 8SDJay Sport 10SD
Jay Sport 12UDJay Sport 12SC

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