2011 Fifth Wheel RV's

A fifth wheel is a form of travel trailer designed to be towed by a pickup truck. A coupling pin connects to a round horizontal plate (the "fifth" wheel) mounted on the bed of the truck. Fifth wheels are easier to tow than travel trailers because part of the load is placed over the towing vehicle rather than behind it. By extending part of the front box over the truck bed, a fifth wheel can be up to six feet shorter than a travel trailer of similar size.

Select Year: Most Popular Fifth Wheel RV's

2011 Carriage Royals International 36MAX-1

User Rating RVGuide.com 1 of 609
2011 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2011 Carriage Royals International 36MAX-1 Reviews
2011 Carriage Royals International 36MAX-1
MSRP $150,489.00
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2011 Keystone Montana (Hickory Edition) 3750FL

User Rating RVGuide.com 2 of 609
2011 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2011 Keystone Montana (Hickory Edition) 3750FL Reviews
2011 Keystone Montana (Hickory Edition) 3750FL
MSRP $77,995.00
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2011 Keystone Cougar 327RES

User Rating RVGuide.com 3 of 609
2011 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2011 Keystone Cougar 327RES Reviews
2011 Keystone Cougar 327RES
MSRP $40,229.00
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2011 Heartland Bighorn BH 3610RE

User Rating RVGuide.com 4 of 609
2011 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2011 Heartland Bighorn BH 3610RE Reviews
2011 Heartland Bighorn BH 3610RE
MSRP $70,564.00
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2011 Heartland Bighorn BH 3670RL

User Rating RVGuide.com 5 of 609
2011 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2011 Heartland Bighorn BH 3670RL Reviews
2011 Heartland Bighorn BH 3670RL
MSRP $68,976.00
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2011 Coachmen Brookstone 367RL

User Rating RVGuide.com 6 of 609
2011 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2011 Coachmen Brookstone 367RL Reviews
2011 Coachmen Brookstone 367RL
MSRP $103,777.00
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2011 Keystone Laredo 265RL

User Rating RVGuide.com 7 of 609
2011 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2011 Keystone Laredo 265RL Reviews
2011 Keystone Laredo 265RL
MSRP $35,084.00
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2011 Keystone Montana (Hickory Edition) 3455SA

User Rating RVGuide.com 8 of 609
2011 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2011 Keystone Montana (Hickory Edition) 3455SA Reviews
2011 Keystone Montana (Hickory Edition) 3455SA
MSRP $73,460.00
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2011 Keystone Cougar Xlite 27RKS

User Rating RVGuide.com 9 of 609
2011 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2011 Keystone Cougar Xlite 27RKS Reviews
2011 Keystone Cougar Xlite 27RKS
MSRP $33,071.00
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2011 Keystone Montana (Mountaineer Edition) 324RLQ

User Rating RVGuide.com 10 of 609
2011 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2011 Keystone Montana (Mountaineer Edition) 324RLQ Reviews
2011 Keystone Montana (Mountaineer Edition) 324RLQ
MSRP $54,180.00
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View all 2011 Carriage Fifth Wheel hide 2011 Carriage Fifth Wheel
Cabo 341Cabo 361
Cabo 362Cabo 381
Cameo 31KSLSCameo 32FWS
Cameo 34SB3Cameo 35SB3
Cameo 36FWSCameo 37RE3
Cameo 37KS3Cameo 37FB3
Cameo 37CKSLSCameo 37RESLS
Carri-Lite 36XTRM5Carri-Lite 36MAX-1
Carri-Lite 36SBQCarri-Lite 37MSTR
Royals International 36XTRM5Royals International 36MAX-1
Royals International 36SBQRoyals International 37MSTR
View all 2011 Coachmen Fifth Wheel hide 2011 Coachmen Fifth Wheel
Brookstone 370MBBrookstone 367RL
Brookstone 360RLBrookstone 366RE
Brookstone 345SABrookstone 346SA
Brookstone 324RLBrookstone 350RL
Brookstone 354TSChaparral Lite 267RLS
Chaparral Lite 270RKSChaparral Lite 268RLE
Chaparral Lite 269BHSChaparral Lite 275RLS
Chaparral Lite 271BHSChaparral Mid Profile 278RLDS
Chaparral Mid Profile 310RLTSChaparral Mid Profile 355RLTS
Chaparral Mid Profile 276RLDSChaparral Mid Profile 330FBH
North Ridge 290RKDNorth Ridge 322RLT
North Ridge 320RLQNorth Ridge 340DBQ
North Ridge 300RLTNorth Ridge 353LPS
View all 2011 CrossRoads Fifth Wheel hide 2011 CrossRoads Fifth Wheel
Cruiser CF31QBCruiser CF30SK
Cruiser CF30ESCruiser CF28RL
Cruiser CF30QBCruiser CF31RK
Cruiser CF32MKCruiser CF32BL
Cruiser CF31RECruiser CF32CK
Cruiser CF33LFCruiser CF305SK Patriot Provincial
Cruiser CF305ES Patriot ProvincialCruiser CF285RL Patriot Provincial
Cruiser CF325MK Patriot ProvincialCruiser CF315RE Patriot Provincial
Cruiser CF325CK Patriot ProvincialCruiser CF335SS Patriot Provincial
Cruiser CTX CF29BHXCruiser CTX CF27RLX
Cruiser CTX CF26RKXCruiser CTX CF25RBX
Cruiser CTX CF26ULXCruiser Sahara CF310RE
Cruiser Sahara CF320CKCruiser Sahara CF300ES
Cruiser Sahara CF280RLCruiser Sahara CF300SK
Cruiser Sahara CF320MKCruiser Sahara CF330SS
Rushmore RF36SBRushmore RF38CK
Rushmore RF35CKRushmore RF34SB
Rushmore RF35RLSeville VF36SB
Seville VF38CKSeville VF35CK
Seville VF35RLZinger ZF30RL
Zinger ZF25BH
View all 2011 Dutchmen Fifth Wheel hide 2011 Dutchmen Fifth Wheel
Coleman® CTF267BHColeman® CTF325RL
Coleman® CTF259REColeman® CT320BS
Coleman® CT275REXColorado 260RL-FW
Colorado 320BS-FWColorado 321RL-FW
Colorado 310RG-FWDenali 258BHX
Denali 259RLXDenali 274REX
Denali 262RLXDenali 280LBS
Denali 290RKSDenali 320RLS
Denali 310RESDenali 324LBS
Grand Junction 340RLGrand Junction 347RE
Grand Junction 300RLGrand Junction 352MS
Grand Junction 357RLGrand Junction 364RL
Grand Junction 325RLGrand Junction 385RL
Komfort 2920FRKKomfort 3130FRL
Komfort 3530FBHKomfort 3230FRK
View all 2011 EverGreen Fifth Wheel hide 2011 EverGreen Fifth Wheel
Ever-Lite™ 30 RLS-5Ever-Lite™ 30 RKS-5
Ever-Lite™ 31 BHS-5
View all 2011 Forest River Fifth Wheel hide 2011 Forest River Fifth Wheel
Blue Ridge 2950RKBlue Ridge 3025RL
Blue Ridge 3125RTBlue Ridge 3704BH
Blue Ridge 2925RLCardinal 3450 RL
Cardinal 3515 RTCardinal 3625 RT
Cardinal 3150 RLCardinal 3425 RT
Cedar Creek 34SBCedar Creek 36RD5S
Cedar Creek 36CKTSCedar Creek 36RE
Cedar Creek 30RLCedar Creek 36B2
Cedar Creek 34SATSCedar Creek 34RLSA
Cedar Creek Silverback 35KCedar Creek Silverback 33L
Cedar Creek Silverback 35QBCedar Creek Silverback 31B2
Cedar Creek Silverback 29RECedar Creek Silverback 35TS
Cedar Creek Silverback 29RLCherokee 245B
Cherokee 235BCherokee 245L
Cherokee 255SCherokee 295U
Flagstaff Classic Super Lite 8524RLSFlagstaff Classic Super Lite 8526RLWS
Flagstaff Classic Super Lite 8526RKWSFlagstaff Classic Super Lite 8528BHSS
Flagstaff Classic Super Lite 8528RKWSFlagstaff Classic Super Lite 8528RLWS
Flagstaff Classic Super Lite 8528TBWSFlagstaff Classic Super Lite 8528CKWS
Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8244SRockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8260WS
Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8265WSRockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8286WS
Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8280WSRockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8281SS
Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8285WSRockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8288WS
Salem F25RLSSSalem F23RKS
Salem F30CKSSSalem F24BHSS
Salem Hemisphere Lite 316TBRDSalem Hemisphere Lite 246RLBS
Salem Hemisphere Lite 346QBUDSalem Hemisphere Lite 276REDS
Sandpiper 365SAQSandpiper 356RL
Sandpiper 345RETSandpiper 340RL
Sandpiper 300RLSandpiper 355QBQ
Sandpiper Select 28BHSandpiper Select 28RE
Sierra 365SAQSierra 356RL
Sierra 345RETSierra 340RL
Sierra 300RLSierra 355QBQ
Sierra Select 28BHSierra Select 28RE
V-Cross Classic 245V RDV-Cross Platinum 305V RET
V-Cross Platinum 315V BHV-Cross Platinum 275V RLF
Wildcat 282RKWildcat 293MK
Wildcat 302RLWildcat 313BH
Wildcat 313REWildcat 322RK
Wildcat 323QBWildcat 343FL
Wildcat eXtraLite 241RLXWildcat eXtraLite 252RLX
Wildcat eXtraLite 271RLXWildcat eXtraLite 281RLX
Wildcat eXtraLite 312BHXWildcat Sterling Edition 29MK
Wildcat Sterling Edition 30RLWildcat Sterling Edition 32QB
Wildcat Sterling Edition 32RKWildcat Sterling Edition 32RL
View all 2011 Gulf Stream Fifth Wheel hide 2011 Gulf Stream Fifth Wheel
Aztec 29FRBWAztec 30FRLW
Aztec 31FRKTAztec 32FRBW
Aztec 32FRECAztec 34FLRW
Aztec 35FLFTCanyon Trail 29FRBW
Canyon Trail 34FRLWCanyon Trail 35FLFT
Canyon Trail XLT 32FRTGCanyon Trail XLT 28FBHB
Canyon Trail XLT 27FRESCanyon Trail XLT 27FRBW
Canyon Trail XLT 25FRKWCanyon Trail XLT 30FBHS
Canyon Trail 30FRLWCanyon Trail XLT 32FLFT
Canyon Trail 33FSBICanyon Trail 35FDBH
Canyon Trail 32FRBWConquest 28 FWBH
Conquest 245 FBWConquest 24 FTBS
Innsbruck 28 FWBHInnsbruck 245 FBW
Innsbruck 24 FTBSMako 31FRKT
Mako 32FRECMako 30FRLW
Mako 29FRBWMako XLT 28FBHB
Mako XLT 32FLFTMako 34FLRW
Mako 32FRBWMako 35FSBT
Yellowstone 30 FRLYellowstone 35 FAB
Yellowstone 34 FLRYellowstone 36 FTE
View all 2011 Heartland Fifth Wheel hide 2011 Heartland Fifth Wheel
Big Country BC 2950RKBig Country BC 3250TS
Big Country BC 3450TSBig Country BC 3494QBS
Big Country BC 3510RLBig Country BC 3550TSL
Big Country BC 3595REBig Country BC 3650RL
Bighorn BH 3185RLBighorn BH 3055RL
Bighorn BH 3670RLBighorn BH 3410RE
Bighorn BH 3610REBighorn BH 3580RL
Bighorn BH 3385RLBighorn BH 3585RL
Bighorn BH Ti 32 Titanium EditionBighorn BH 3070RL
Bighorn BH 2985RLBighorn BH 3455RL
ElkRidge 28TSREElkRidge Express E26
ElkRidge Express E24ElkRidge Express E22
ElkRidge Express E25ElkRidge 27RLSS
ElkRidge 29BHCKElkRidge 29RKSA
ElkRidge 29RLSBElkRidge 29SBRL
ElkRidge 34QSRLElkRidge 34RLSA
ElkRidge 34TSREElkRidge 35DSRL
ElkRidge 35QSQBGreystone GS29BL
Greystone GS29MKGreystone GS28RL
Greystone GS32RLGreystone GS32RE
Greystone GS33QBGreystone GS33QS
Greystone GS29RLGreystone GS33CK
Landmark LM AugustaLandmark LM Grand Canyon
Landmark LM OakmontLandmark LM Rushmore
Landmark LM OntarioLandmark LM San Antonio
Landmark LM Key LargoNorth Trail NT FIFTH 28BH
North Trail NT FIFTH 26RKNorth Trail NT FIFTH 27RL
North Trail NT FIFTH 24RLNorth Trail NT FIFTH 29RE
Prowler 26PS FBProwler Shadow 27P RLS
Sundance SD 2800RLSundance SD 3300QS
Sundance SD 3200RESundance SD 3000RK
Sundance SD 3100ESSundance SD 2900MK
Sundance SD 3300CKSundance SD 3300RLB
Sundance XLT SD XLT 285BHSundance XLT SD XLT 245RL
Sundance XLT SD XLT 265RKSundance XLT SD XLT 287RL
Sundance XLT SD XLT 275RE
View all 2011 Holiday Rambler Fifth Wheel hide 2011 Holiday Rambler Fifth Wheel
Savoy® LX 28RLDSavoy® LX 33SKQ
Savoy® LX 31BHTSavoy® LX 32RKT
Savoy® LX 31SKT
View all 2011 Jayco Fifth Wheel hide 2011 Jayco Fifth Wheel
Eagle 321 RLTSEagle 313 RKS
Eagle 351 RLSAEagle 321 RLMS
Eagle 365 BHSEagle 351 RLTS
Eagle 371 RLQSEagle Super Lite 30.5 BHLT
Eagle Super Lite 25.5 RKSEagle Super Lite 28.5 RLS
Eagle Super Lite 30.5 RLSEagle Super Lite 30.5 DBSA
Eagle Super Lite 31.5 RLDSEagle Super Lite 31.5 FBHS
Eagle Super Lite 31.5 RLTSEagle Super Lite 29.5 RKS
Eagle Super Lite HT 26.5 RKSEagle Super Lite HT 26.5 RLS
Eagle Super Lite HT 27.5 BHSPinnacle 31 RLTS
Pinnacle 36 REQSPinnacle 36 RETS
Pinnacle 34 RLTSPinnacle 35 LKTS
View all 2011 Keystone Fifth Wheel hide 2011 Keystone Fifth Wheel
Alpine 3640RLAlpine 3500RE
Alpine 3200RLAlpine 3450RL
Avalanche 290RLAvalanche 340TG
Avalanche 335RBAvalanche 330RE
Avalanche 320RKAvalanche 345TG
Copper Canyon 252FWRLSCopper Canyon 314FWRLS
Copper Canyon 292FWBHSCopper Canyon 273FWRET
Copper Canyon 324FWBHSCopper Canyon 270FWRET
Cougar 245RKSCougar 276RLS
Cougar 278RKSWECougar 292RKS
Cougar 293SABCougar 244RLSWE
Cougar 318SABCougar 297RKS
Cougar 322QBSCougar 324RLB
Cougar 326MKSCougar 327RES
Cougar 276RLSWECougar 280BHSWE
Cougar 328QBSCougar 323MKS
Cougar 323MKSWECougar 293SABWE
Cougar 318SABWECougar 328QBSWE
Cougar 297RKSWECougar 326MKSWE
Cougar 327RESWECougar High Country 291RLS
Cougar High Country 296BHSCougar High Country 299RKS
Cougar Xlite 276RLSWECougar Xlite 27RKS
Cougar Xlite 27SABCougar Xlite 26SAB
Cougar Xlite 29RESCougar Xlite 244RLSWE
Laredo 265RLLaredo 245RL
Laredo 266RLLaredo 316RL
Laredo 326LTLaredo 305TG
Laredo 298BHLaredo 318RL
Laredo 321BHLaredo 310RE
Montana (Hickory Edition) 3150RLMontana (Hickory Edition) 3000RK
Montana (Hickory Edition) 2955RLMontana (Hickory Edition) 3750FL
Montana (Hickory Edition) 3400RLMontana (Hickory Edition) 3580RL
Montana (Hickory Edition) 3465SAMontana (Hickory Edition) 3455SA
Montana (Hickory Edition) 3585SAMontana (Hickory Edition) 3665RE
Montana (Hickory Edition) 3615REMontana (Mountaineer Edition) 290RLT
Montana (Mountaineer Edition) 324RLQMontana (Mountaineer Edition) 346LBQ
Montana (Mountaineer Edition) 335RETMontana (Mountaineer Edition) 285RLD
Montana (Mountaineer Edition) 295RKDMontana (Mountaineer Edition) 326RLT
Montana (Mountaineer Edition) 345DBQMontana High Country 343RL
Montana High Country 333DBMontana High Country 323RL
Montana High Country 313REOutback 285FL
Outback 282FEOutback Sydney Edition 325FRE
Outback Sydney Edition 321FRLOutback Sydney Edition 320FDB
Outback Sydney Edition 329FBHOutback Sydney Edition 330FRL
Outback Sydney Edition 288FRLOutback Sydney Edition 283FRE
Outback Sydney Edition 322FRLOutback Sydney Edition 328FRK
Outback Sydney Edition 275FBHSpringdale 249FWBH-SSR
Springdale 280FWIK-SSRSpringdale 283FWBH-SSR
Springdale 284FWBH-SSRSpringdale 242FWRL-SSR
Springdale 253FWRLLSSpringdale 279FWRL-SSR
Springdale 247FWRL-SSR
View all 2011 KZ Fifth Wheel hide 2011 KZ Fifth Wheel
Durango 1500 D245RLDurango 1500 D275RL
Durango 1500 D245SBDurango 1500 D295BH
Durango 1500 D275REDurango 1500 D305BH
Durango 1500 D295CSDurango 1500 D296BH
Durango 2500 D325CKDurango 2500 D285RL
Durango 2500 D325RLDurango 2500 D305SB
Durango 2500 D325SBDurango 2500 D335LT
Durango 2500 D315REDurango 2500 D355BH
Durango 2500 D324IKEscalade 37RE
Escalade 37RSSportsmen S245SB
Sportsmen S265RESportsmen S235RK
Sportsmen S245RL2Sportsmen S285RL
Sportsmen S295BHStoneridge 36RL
Stoneridge 36RKStoneridge 38SR
Stoneridge 37RBStoneridge 35RE
Stoneridge 38CFStoneridge 34IK
View all 2011 MVP Fifth Wheel hide 2011 MVP Fifth Wheel
Destiny 365RLDestiny 355RE
Jazz 285LREJazz 315RE
Jazz 315RKJazz 265LRL
Jazz 325CKJazz 265RLL
View all 2011 Open Range Fifth Wheel hide 2011 Open Range Fifth Wheel
Open Range 399BHSOpen Range 345RLS
Open Range 375BHSOpen Range 385RLS
Open Range 391RESOpen Range 393RLS
Open Range 413RLLOpen Range 424RLS
Open Range 427BHSOpen Range 337RLS
Residential R416RLSResidential R398RLS
Residential R412RSSRoamer RF392BHS
Roamer RF316RLSRoamer RF270RLS
Roamer RF280RLSRoamer RF287RLS
Roamer RF298BWS
View all 2011 Palomino Fifth Wheel hide 2011 Palomino Fifth Wheel
Puma 253-FBSPuma 259-RBSS
Puma 230-FBSPuma 245-RKS
Puma 295-BHSSPuma 295-KBH
Puma 297-RBDSSabre 31 CKTS
Sabre 31 RETSSabre 28 RETS
Sabre 29 CKDSSabre 31 RKOK
Sabre 31 RLTSSabre 32 BHOK
Sabre 32 BHTSSabre 32 QBDS
Sabre 32 REDSSabre Silhouette 250RLFD
Sabre Silhouette 260BHSSabre Silhouette 250RLBD
Sabre Silhouette 250RLUDSabre Silhouette 290REDS
Sabre Silhouette 290RKDSSabre Silhouette 320FQDS
Thoroughbred Elite F-826 RLThoroughbred Elite F-829 BHSB
Thoroughbred Elite F-829 RKSB
View all 2011 Prime Time Manufacturing Fifth Wheel hide 2011 Prime Time Manufacturing Fifth Wheel
Crusader 290RLTCrusader 270RET
Crusader 260RLDCrusader 355BHQ
Crusader 320RLTCrusader 298BHD
View all 2011 R-Vision Fifth Wheel hide 2011 R-Vision Fifth Wheel
Onyx 5 27 RLSOnyx 5 28 BHS
Onyx 5 28 RKSTrail-Lite TL28RLD
Trail-Lite TL29SIDTrail-Lite TL31SKT
View all 2011 Skyline Fifth Wheel hide 2011 Skyline Fifth Wheel
Aljo Aluma-Bond 2556Aljo Aluma-Bond 2456
Aljo Aluma-Bond 2756Aljo Ultra-Lite 195
Aljo Ultra-Lite 212Aljo Ultra-Lite 213
Aljo Ultra-Lite 214Layton Aluma-Bond 2556
Layton Aluma-Bond 2456Layton Aluma-Bond 2756
Layton Ultra-Lite 195Layton Ultra-Lite 212
Layton Ultra-Lite 213Layton Ultra-Lite 214
Nomad Aluma-Bond 2556Nomad Aluma-Bond 2456
Nomad Aluma-Bond 2756Nomad Ultra-Lite 195
Nomad Ultra-Lite 212Nomad Ultra-Lite 213
Nomad Ultra-Lite 214Weekender Aluma-Bond 2556
Weekender Aluma-Bond 2456Weekender Aluma-Bond 2756
Weekender Ultra-Lite 195Weekender Ultra-Lite 212
Weekender Ultra-Lite 213Weekender Ultra-Lite 214
View all 2011 Starcraft Fifth Wheel hide 2011 Starcraft Fifth Wheel
Lexion® 354RTSALexion® 325FWSA
Lexion® 355RESALexion® 359BHSA
Lexion® S-Lite 295RKSALexion® S-Lite 256RKU
Lexion® S-Lite 295RLLexion® S-Lite 308RBSA
Lexion® S-Lite 315BSSALexion® S-Lite 319FBH
View all 2011 SunnyBrook Fifth Wheel hide 2011 SunnyBrook Fifth Wheel
Bristol Bay 3450 TSBristol Bay 3420 BH
Bristol Bay 3155 RKBristol Bay 3150 RL
Bristol Bay 3425 HBBristol Bay 3455 CK
Bristol Bay 3505 RIBristol Bay 3510 RE
Brookside 276 FWSCSBrookside 290 FWRLS
Brookside 298 FWBHSBrookside 345 FWSE
Brookside 346 FWRSBrookside 349 FWSB
Harmony 281FWRLSHarmony 285FWRKS

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