2018 Fifth Wheel RV's

A fifth wheel is a form of travel trailer designed to be towed by a pickup truck. A coupling pin connects to a round horizontal plate (the "fifth" wheel) mounted on the bed of the truck. Fifth wheels are easier to tow than travel trailers because part of the load is placed over the towing vehicle rather than behind it. By extending part of the front box over the truck bed, a fifth wheel can be up to six feet shorter than a travel trailer of similar size.

Select Year: Most Popular Fifth Wheel RV's

2018 Forest River Cardinal Luxury 3875FBX

User Rating RVGuide.com 1 of 845
2018 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Forest River Cardinal Luxury 3875FBX Reviews
2018 Forest River Cardinal Luxury 3875FBX
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2018 Grand Design Reflection 337RLS

User Rating RVGuide.com 2 of 845
2018 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Grand Design Reflection 337RLS Reviews
2018 Grand Design Reflection 337RLS
MSRP $58,946.00
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2018 Keystone Cougar X-Lite 25RES

User Rating RVGuide.com 3 of 845
2018 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Keystone Cougar X-Lite 25RES Reviews
2018 Keystone Cougar X-Lite 25RES
MSRP $45,872.00
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2018 Grand Design Reflection 303RLS

User Rating RVGuide.com 4 of 845
2018 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Grand Design Reflection 303RLS Reviews
2018 Grand Design Reflection 303RLS
MSRP $52,254.00
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2018 Grand Design Reflection 150 Series 230RL

User Rating RVGuide.com 5 of 845
2018 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Grand Design Reflection 150 Series 230RL Reviews
2018 Grand Design Reflection 150 Series 230RL
MSRP $39,193.00
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2018 Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf 305ML6

User Rating RVGuide.com 6 of 845
2018 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf 305ML6 Reviews
2018 Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf 305ML6
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2018 Keystone Montana High Country 310RE

User Rating RVGuide.com 7 of 845
2018 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Keystone Montana High Country 310RE Reviews
2018 Keystone Montana High Country 310RE
MSRP $68,221.00
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2018 Grand Design Solitude 310GK

User Rating RVGuide.com 8 of 845
2018 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Grand Design Solitude 310GK Reviews
2018 Grand Design Solitude 310GK
MSRP $80,870.00
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2018 Coachmen Chaparral 298RLS

User Rating RVGuide.com 9 of 845
2018 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Coachmen Chaparral 298RLS Reviews
2018 Coachmen Chaparral 298RLS
MSRP $49,576.00
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2018 Keystone Montana 3120RL

User Rating RVGuide.com 10 of 845
2018 Fifth Wheel

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Keystone Montana 3120RL Reviews
2018 Keystone Montana 3120RL
MSRP $85,688.00
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1-10 of 845
View all 2018 Coachmen Fifth Wheel hide 2018 Coachmen Fifth Wheel
Brookstone 325RLBrookstone 369FL
Brookstone 378REBrookstone 395RL
Chaparral 298RLSChaparral 336TSIK
Chaparral 360IBLChaparral 370FL
Chaparral 373MBRBChaparral 381RD
Chaparral 391QSMBChaparral 392MBL
Chaparral Lite 285RLSChaparral Lite 29BH
Chaparral Lite 295BHChaparral Lite 30RLS
Chaparral X-Lite 295X
View all 2018 CrossRoads Fifth Wheel hide 2018 CrossRoads Fifth Wheel
Cameo CE320RLCameo CE3201RL
Cameo CE363RLCameo CE3631RL
Cameo CE380RKCameo CE3801RK
Cameo CE385BHCameo CE3851BH
Cameo CE387BHCameo CE3871BH
Cameo CE396MBCameo CE3961MB
Cruiser CR335BHCruiser CR3351BH
Cruiser CR339RLCruiser CR3391RL
Cruiser CR345FBCruiser CR3451FB
Cruiser CR347MDCruiser CR3471MD
Cruiser CR382BHCruiser CR3821BH
Cruiser Aire CR25RLCruiser Aire CR28RL
Cruiser Aire CR28RDCruiser Aire CR29SI
Cruiser Aire CR29BHCruiser Aire CR29RK
Cruiser Aire CR30MDVolante 5th Wheel VL240RL
Volante 5th Wheel VL250RLVolante 5th Wheel VL270BH
Volante 5th Wheel VL290RLVolante 5th Wheel VL295BH
Volante 5th Wheel VL310BHVolante 5th Wheel VL360DB
Volante 5th Wheel VL365MDVolante High Profile 5th Wheel VL320IK High Profile
Volante High Profile 5th Wheel VL3201IK High ProfileVolante High Profile 5th Wheel VL360LF High Profile
Volante High Profile 5th Wheel VL3601LF High ProfileVolante High Profile 5th Wheel VL375BH High Profile
Volante High Profile 5th Wheel VL3751BH High ProfileVolante High Profile 5th Wheel VL380MD High Profile
Volante High Profile 5th Wheel VL3801MD High ProfileVolante High Profile 5th Wheel VL385FL High Profile
Volante High Profile 5th Wheel VL3851FL High Profile
View all 2018 DRV Fifth Wheel hide 2018 DRV Fifth Wheel
Elite Suites 36RSSB3Elite Suites 38KSSB
Elite Suites 38RSB3Elite Suites 38RSSA
Elite Suites 38RSSB3Elite Suites 39DBRS3
Elite Suites 39RESB3Elite Suites 40KSSB4
Elite Suites 43 AtlantaElite Suites 43 Dallas
Elite Suites 43 ManhattanElite Suites 44 Cumberland
Elite Suites 44 HoustonElite Suites 44 Memphis
Elite Suites 44 NashvilleElite Suites 44 Santa Fe
Mobile Suites 36RSSB3Mobile Suites 38KSSB
Mobile Suites 38RSB3Mobile Suites 38RSSA
Mobile Suites 38RSSB3Mobile Suites 39DBRS3
Mobile Suites 39RESB3Mobile Suites 40KSSB4
Mobile Suites 43 AtlantaMobile Suites 43 Dallas
Mobile Suites 43 ManhattanMobile Suites 44 Cumberland
Mobile Suites 44 HoustonMobile Suites 44 Memphis
Mobile Suites 44 NashvilleMobile Suites 44 Santa Fe
Mobile Suites Aire MSA 38Mobile Suites Aire MSA 39
Mobile Suites Aire MSA 40
View all 2018 Dutchmen Fifth Wheel hide 2018 Dutchmen Fifth Wheel
Aerolite Astoria 2513RLFAerolite Astoria 2953RLF
Aerolite Astoria 3013BHFAerolite Astoria 3123BHF
Aerolite Astoria 3273MBFAtlas 2952RLF
Atlas 3112BHFAtlas 3252MBF
Denali 257 RDSDenali 262 RLX
Denali 280 LBSDenali 293 RKS
Denali 307 RLSDenali 316 RES
Denali 335 RLXDenali Lite 2445 RLX
Denali Lite 2901 RL
View all 2018 Forest River Fifth Wheel hide 2018 Forest River Fifth Wheel
Cardinal Estate 3456RL-ECardinal Estate 3825FL-E
Cardinal Estate 3850RL-ECardinal Estate 3950TZ-E
Cardinal Explorer 304SRCardinal Explorer 322DS
Cardinal Explorer 378LFCardinal Explorer 383BH
Cardinal Explorer 388FLCardinal Explorer 392RD
Cardinal Limited 3045RLLECardinal Limited 3655RSLE
Cardinal Limited 3720BHLECardinal Limited 3780LFLE
Cardinal Limited 3888FLLECardinal Limited 3920TZLE
Cardinal Luxury 3250RLXCardinal Luxury 3350RLX
Cardinal Luxury 3456RLXCardinal Luxury 3525SOX
Cardinal Luxury 3825FLXCardinal Luxury 3850RLX
Cardinal Luxury 3875FBXCardinal Luxury 3950TZX
Cedar Creek Champagne Edition 38ELCedar Creek Champagne Edition 38ERK
Cedar Creek Hathaway Edition 34RECedar Creek Hathaway Edition 34RL2
Cedar Creek Hathaway Edition 36CK2Cedar Creek Hathaway Edition 38CK2
Cedar Creek Hathaway Edition 38FBDCedar Creek Hathaway Edition 38FLX
Cedar Creek Silverback 29IKCedar Creek Silverback 29RE
Cedar Creek Silverback 33IKCedar Creek Silverback 35IK
Cedar Creek Silverback 37FLKCedar Creek Silverback 37MBH
Cedar Creek Silverback 37RLCherokee Arctic Wolf 255DRL4
Cherokee Arctic Wolf 265DBH8Cherokee Arctic Wolf 285DRL4
Cherokee Arctic Wolf 295QSL8Cherokee Arctic Wolf 305ML6
Cherokee Arctic Wolf 315TBH8Flagstaff Classic Super Lite 8528CKWSA
Flagstaff Classic Super Lite 8528IKWSFlagstaff Classic Super Lite 8529RKBS
Flagstaff Classic Super Lite 8529BRWSFlagstaff Classic Super Lite 8529FLS
Flagstaff Classic Super Lite 8529RLWSFlagstaff Classic Super Lite 8529IKBS
Flagstaff Classic Super Lite 8528BHOKFlagstaff Super Lite Fifth Wheel 524RLBS
Flagstaff Super Lite Fifth Wheel 526RLWSFlagstaff Super Lite Fifth Wheel 526KSWS
Flagstaff Super Lite Fifth Wheel 527BHWSFlagstaff Super Lite Fifth Wheel 528RKWS
Impression 26RETImpression 27MKS
Impression 28BHSImpression 28RSS
Impression 34MIDRiverstone 37IK
Riverstone 37MRERiverstone 39FK
Riverstone 39FLRiverstone 39MO
Riverstone 39RKFBRiverstone Legacy 34SLE
Riverstone Legacy 38MBRiverstone Legacy 38FB-2
Riverstone Legacy 38RERockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8288WSA
Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8289WSRockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8290BS
Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8295WSRockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8297S
Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8298WSRockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8299BS
Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8301WSRockwood Ultra Lite Fifth Wheel 2440BS
Rockwood Ultra Lite Fifth Wheel 2650WSRockwood Ultra Lite Fifth Wheel 2620WS
Rockwood Ultra Lite Fifth Wheel 2780WSRockwood Ultra Lite Fifth Wheel 2880WS
Sabre 27BHDSabre 27RLT
Sabre 30RLTSabre 31BHT
Sabre 36BHQSabre 36FRP
Salem Hemisphere GLX 286RLSalem Hemisphere GLX 337BAR
Salem Hemisphere GLX 356QBSalem Hemisphere GLX 368RLBHK
Salem Hemisphere GLX 370BLSalem Hemisphere GLX 372RD
Salem Hemisphere GLX 378FLSalem Hemisphere Hyper Lyte 25RKSHL
Salem Hemisphere Hyper Lyte 28BHHLSalem Hemisphere Hyper Lyte 29RLSHL
Sandpiper 343RSOKSandpiper 345RLOK
Sandpiper 354RETSandpiper 357RE
Sandpiper 367DSOKSandpiper 369SAQB
Sandpiper 372LOKSandpiper 373REBH
Sandpiper 375BHOKSandpiper 377FLIK
Sandpiper 378FBSandpiper 379FLOK
Sandpiper 38FKOKSandpiper 381RBOK
Sandpiper 383RBLOKSandpiper 389RD
Sandpiper HT 2850RLSandpiper HT 3250IK
Sandpiper HT 3275DBOKSandpiper HT 3350BH
Sierra 345RLOKSierra 354RET
Sierra 357RESierra 36ROK
Sierra 369SAQBSierra 372LOK
Sierra 373REBHSierra 375BHOK
Sierra 377FLIKSierra 378FB
Sierra 379FLOKSierra 38FKOK
Sierra 381RBOKSierra 384QBOK
Sierra 387MKOKSierra HT 2850RL
Sierra HT 3250IKSierra HT 3275DBOK
Sierra HT 3350BHWildcat 28BH
Wildcat 30GTWildcat 31BH
Wildcat 35MBWildcat 28SGX
Wildcat 29RLXWildcat 33BHX
Wildcat 375MCWildcat 383MB
Wildcat 32WBWildcat 34WB
Wildcat 35WBWildcat 37WB
Wildcat Maxx F250RDXWildcat Maxx F252RLX
Wildcat Maxx F262RGXWildcat Maxx F272RLX
Wildcat Maxx F285RKXWildcat Maxx F295RSX
Wildcat Maxx F312BHXWildwood Heritage Glen Hyper Lyte 25RKSHL
Wildwood Heritage Glen Hyper Lyte 28BHHLWildwood Heritage Glen Hyper Lyte 29RLSHL
Wildwood Heritage Glen LTZ 286RLWildwood Heritage Glen LTZ 337BAR
Wildwood Heritage Glen LTZ 356QBWildwood Heritage Glen LTZ 368RLBHK
Wildwood Heritage Glen LTZ 370BLWildwood Heritage Glen LTZ 372RD
Wildwood Heritage Glen LTZ 378FL
View all 2018 Grand Design Fifth Wheel hide 2018 Grand Design Fifth Wheel
Reflection 28BHReflection 29RS
Reflection 303RLSReflection 307MKS
Reflection 311BHSReflection 327RST
Reflection 320MKSReflection 337RLS
Reflection 367BHSReflection 150 Series 220RK
Reflection 150 Series 230RLReflection 150 Series 290BH
Reflection 150 Series 295RLSolitude 300GK
Solitude 300GK-RSolitude 310GK
Solitude 310GK-RSolitude 344GK
Solitude 344GK-RSolitude 360RL
Solitude 360RL-RSolitude 373FB
Solitude 373FB-RSolitude 375RES
Solitude 375RES-RSolitude 377MBS
Solitude 377MBS-RSolitude 379FLS
Solitude 379FLS-RSolitude 384GK
Solitude 384GK-R
View all 2018 Gulf Stream Fifth Wheel hide 2018 Gulf Stream Fifth Wheel
Sedona HT Series 26FRKWSedona HT Series 27FRLD
Sedona HT Series 28CBF
View all 2018 Heartland Fifth Wheel hide 2018 Heartland Fifth Wheel
Big Country BC 3155RLKBig Country BC 3310QSCK
Big Country BC 3560SSBig Country BC 3650RL
Big Country BC 3810FLBig Country BC 3850MB
Big Country BC 3950FBBig Country BC 3955FB
Big Country BC 3965DSSBig Country BC 4010RD
Big Country BC 4011ERDBighorn BH 3010 RE
Bighorn BH 3160 ELITEBighorn BH 3270 RS
Bighorn BH 3500 SEBighorn BH 3570 RS
Bighorn BH 3575 ELITEBighorn BH 3585 RL
Bighorn BH 3675 ELBighorn BH 3750 FL
Bighorn BH 3760 ELBighorn BH 3870 FB
Bighorn BH 3871 FBOBighorn BH 3875 FB
Bighorn BH 3890 SSBighorn BH 3950 FL
Bighorn BH 3970 RDBighorn Traveler BHTR 31 RL
Bighorn Traveler BHTR 32 CKBighorn Traveler BHTR 32 RS
Bighorn Traveler BHTR 37 SSBighorn Traveler BHTR 38 BH
Bighorn Traveler BHTR 39 FLBighorn Traveler BHTR 39 MB
Bighorn Traveler BHTR 39 RDElkRidge ER 30 RLT
ElkRidge ER 31 RLKElkRidge ER 33 RSR
ElkRidge ER 35 IKOKElkRidge ER 37 BHS
ElkRidge ER 37 RKElkRidge ER 38 RSRT
ElkRidge ER 39 MBHSElkRidge ER 39 RDFS
ElkRidge ER 40 FLFSGateway 3200RLS
Gateway 3211CCGateway 3213CK
Gateway 3230CKGateway 3700RD
Gateway 3712RDMBGateway 3810RLB
Gateway 3713CKGateway 3900MB
Landmark 365 LM ArlingtonLandmark 365 LM Charlestown
Landmark 365 LM LafayetteLandmark 365 LM Louisville
Landmark 365 LM MadisonLandmark 365 LM Newport
Landmark 365 LM OshkoshLandmark 365 LM Phoenix
North Peak NP 26RLNorth Peak NP 26TS
North Peak NP 28TSNorth Peak NP 29BH
Oakmont OM 304 RLOakmont OM 325 RE
Oakmont OM 345 RSOakmont OM 375 QB
Oakmont OM 385 QBOakmont OM 390 MBL
Oakmont OM 392 RDOakmont OM 400 FL
Pioneer Fifth Wheel PI 276Pioneer Fifth Wheel PI 287
Pioneer Fifth Wheel PI 322Pioneer Fifth Wheel PI 355
Prowler Fifth Wheel P256Prowler Fifth Wheel P261
Prowler Fifth Wheel P280Prowler Fifth Wheel P290
Prowler Fifth Wheel P293Prowler Fifth Wheel P326
Sundance SD 2890 CCSundance SD 3200 MVP
Sundance SD 3250 CKSSSundance SD 3700 RLB
Sundance SD 3710 MBSundance XLT SD XLT 269 TS
Sundance XLT SD XLT 273 RKSundance XLT SD XLT 289 TS
Sundance XLT SD XLT 295 BHSundance XLT SD XLT 297 QB
Sundance XLT SD XLT 302 BHXtream Light ElkRidge E256
Xtream Light ElkRidge E261Xtream Light ElkRidge E280
Xtream Light ElkRidge E290Xtream Light ElkRidge E293
Xtream Light ElkRidge E326Xtream Light ElkRidge E361
View all 2018 Highland Ridge Fifth Wheel hide 2018 Highland Ridge Fifth Wheel
Mesa Ridge MF2804RKMesa Ridge MF314RLS
Mesa Ridge MF316RLSMesa Ridge MF337RLS
Mesa Ridge MF347RESMesa Ridge MF348RLS
Mesa Ridge MF370RBSMesa Ridge MF371MBH
Mesa Ridge MF374BHSMesa Ridge MF376FBH
Mesa Ridge Lite MF2804RKMesa Ridge Lite MF2910RL
Mesa Ridge Lite MF2950BHOpen Range OF314RLS
Open Range OF337RLSOpen Range OF348RLS
Open Range OF370RBSOpen Range OF371MBH
Open Range OF374BHSOpen Range OF376FBH
Open Range 3X 3X349RLSOpen Range 3X 3X375RDS
Open Range 3X 3X377FLROpen Range 3X 3X384RLS
Open Range 3X 3X387RBSOpen Range 3X 3X388RKS
Open Range 3X 3X397FBSOpen Range 3X 3X427BHS
Open Range Light LF268TSOpen Range Light LF280RKS
Open Range Light LF291RLSOpen Range Light LF293RLS
Open Range Light LF295BHSOpen Range Light LF295FBH
Open Range Light LF297RLSOpen Range Light LF318RLS
Open Range Light LF319RLSOpen Range Roamer RF316RLS
Open Range Roamer RF337RLSOpen Range Roamer RF347RES
Open Range Roamer RF348RLSOpen Range Roamer RF371MBH
Open Range Roamer RF374BHSOpen Range Roamer RF376FBH
Open Range Ultra Lite UF2804RKOpen Range Ultra Lite UF2910RL
Open Range Ultra Lite UF2950BH
View all 2018 Jayco Fifth Wheel hide 2018 Jayco Fifth Wheel
Eagle 317RLOKEagle 321RSTS
Eagle 325BHQSEagle 327CKTS
Eagle 336FBOKEagle 339FLQS
Eagle 347BHOKEagle 355MBQS
Eagle HT 24.5CKTSEagle HT 25.5REOK
Eagle HT 26.5BHSEagle HT 26.5RLDS
Eagle HT 27.5RLTSEagle HT 28.5RSTS
Eagle HT 29.5BHDSEagle HT 29.5BHOK
Eagle HT 29.5FBDSEagle HT 30.5CKTS
Eagle HT 30.5MBOKEagle HT 30.5MLOK
North Point 315RLTSNorth Point 361RSFS
North Point 375BHFSNorth Point 377RLBH
North Point 379DBFSNorth Point 381DLQS
North Point 381FLWSNorth Point 387RDFS
Pinnacle 36FBTSPinnacle 36KPTS
Pinnacle 36SSWSPinnacle 37MDQS
Pinnacle 37RLWSPinnacle 37RSTS
Pinnacle 38FLWSPinnacle 38REFS
View all 2018 Keystone Fifth Wheel hide 2018 Keystone Fifth Wheel
Alpine 3010REAlpine 3011RE
Alpine 3020REAlpine 3021RE
Alpine 3300GRAlpine 3301GR
Alpine 3400RSAlpine 3401RS
Alpine 3500RLAlpine 3501RL
Alpine 3650RLAlpine 3651RL
Alpine 3660FLAlpine 3661FL
Alpine 3700FLAlpine 3701FL
Alpine 3800FKAlpine 3801FK
Avalanche 300REAvalanche 301RE
Avalanche 320RSAvalanche 321RS
Avalanche 330GRAvalanche 331GR
Avalanche 365MBAvalanche 366MB
Avalanche 370RDAvalanche 375RD
Avalanche 376RDAvalanche 380FL
Avalanche 381FLAvalanche 386BG
Avalanche 395BHAvalanche 396BH
Cougar (East) 310RLSCougar (East) 311RES
Cougar (East) 325RPSCougar (East) 338RLK
Cougar (East) 344MKSCougar (East) 366RDS
Cougar (East) 367FLSCougar (East) 368MBI
Cougar (East) 369BHSCougar (East) 326RDS
Cougar (East) 327RLKCougar (East) 327RES
Cougar (East) 333MKSCougar (East) 336BHS
Cougar (East) 337FLSCougar (East) 341RKI
Cougar (East) 359MBICougar (West) 325RPSWE
Cougar (West) 326RDSWECougar (West) 327RESWE
Cougar (West) 327RLKWECougar (West) 333MKSWE
Cougar (West) 336BHSWECougar (West) 337FLSWE
Cougar (West) 341RKIWECougar (West) 359MBIWE
Cougar Half-Ton (East) 25RESCougar Half-Ton (East) 26RLS
Cougar Half-Ton (East) 27RLSCougar Half-Ton (East) 28SGS
Cougar Half-Ton (East) 29RKSCougar Half-Ton (East) 29RDB
Cougar Half-Ton (East) 29RESCougar Half-Ton (East) 30RLS
Cougar Half-Ton (East) 32BHSCougar Half-Ton (East) 32DBH
Cougar Half-Ton (West) 246RLSWECougar Half-Ton (West) 268RLSWE
Cougar Half-Ton (West) 279RKSWECougar Half-Ton (West) 283RETWE
Cougar Half-Ton (West) 284RDBWECougar X-Lite 25RES
Cougar X-Lite 26RLSCougar X-Lite 27RKS
Cougar X-Lite 28RDBCougar X-Lite 28RKS
Cougar X-Lite 28SGSCougar X-Lite 29RES
Cougar X-Lite 29RLIHideout (All Regions) 262RES
Hideout (All Regions) 276RLSHideout (All Regions) 281DBS
Hideout (All Regions) 292MLSHideout (All Regions) 295BHS
Hideout (All Regions) 298BHDSHideout (All Regions) 299RLDS
Hideout (All Regions) 303RLIHideout (All Regions) 308BHDS
Hideout (All Regions) 315RDTSLaredo 325RL
Laredo 340FLLaredo 342RD
Laredo 350FBLaredo 355RL
Laredo 357BHLaredo 358BP
Laredo 367BHLaredo 380MB
Laredo Super Lite 268SRLLaredo Super Lite 285SBH
Laredo Super Lite 290SRLLaredo Super Lite 291SMK
Laredo Super Lite 296SBHLaredo Super Lite 297SRE
Laredo Super Lite 298SRLMontana 3000RE
Montana 3120RLMontana 3121RL
Montana 3130REMontana 3160RL
Montana 3560RLMontana 3561RL
Montana 3660RLMontana 3661RL
Montana 3700LKMontana 3701LK
Montana 3720RLMontana 3721RL
Montana 3730FLMontana 3731FL
Montana 3790RDMontana 3791RD
Montana 3810MSMontana 3811MS
Montana 3820FKMontana 3920FB
Montana 3921FBMontana 3930FB
Montana 3931FBMontana 3950BR
Montana High Country 305RLMontana High Country 310RE
Montana High Country 320MKMontana High Country 321MK
Montana High Country 330RLMontana High Country 331RL
Montana High Country 340BHMontana High Country 344RL
Montana High Country 345RLMontana High Country 352RL
Montana High Country 353RLMontana High Country 358BH
Montana High Country 362RDMontana High Country 364BH
Montana High Country 365BHMontana High Country 370BR
Montana High Country 374FLMontana High Country 375FL
Montana High Country 378RDMontana High Country 379RD
Montana High Country 380THMontana High Country 381TH
Montana High Country 384BRMontana High Country 385BR
Springdale (All Region) 253FWRESpringdale (All Region) 262FWRK
Springdale (All Region) 278FWRLSpringdale (All Region) 286FWBH
Springdale (All Region) 300FWBHSpringdale (All Region) 302FWRK
Sprinter Campfire 26FWRLSprinter Campfire 29FWBH
Sprinter Campfire 29FWRLSprinter Campfire 32FWBH
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3150FWRLSSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3151FWRLS
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3340FWFLSSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3341FWFLS
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3530FWDENSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3531FWDEN
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3550FWMLSSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3551FWMLS
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3570FWLFTSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3571FWLFT
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 252FWRLSSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 269FWRLS
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 293FWBHSSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 297FWRLS
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 298FWRLSSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 324FWBHS
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 326FWBHSSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 334FWFLS
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 357FWLFTSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 359FWMPR
View all 2018 KZ Fifth Wheel hide 2018 KZ Fifth Wheel
Durango 1500 D250RKSDurango 1500 D251RLT
Durango 1500 D256RKTDurango 1500 D259RDD
Durango 1500 D270RLDDurango 1500 D277RLT
Durango 1500 D280BHSDurango 1500 D281RLT
Durango 1500 D284RLTDurango 1500 D286BHD
Durango 1500 D292BHTDurango 2500 D315RKD
Durango 2500 D318RLTDurango 2500 D325RLT
Durango 2500 D337RETDurango 2500 D340FLT
Durango 2500 D343MBQDurango 2500 D347BHF
Durango Gold G353RKTDurango Gold G355RLT
Durango Gold G366FBTDurango Gold G371RLT
Durango Gold G380FLFDurango Gold G381REF
Durango Gold G382MBQDurango Gold G384RLT
Durango Gold G385FLFSportsmen Fifth Wheel 231RK
Sportsmen Fifth Wheel 262RLKSportsmen Fifth Wheel 281BHK
Sportsmen Fifth Wheel 293RLSportsmen Fifth Wheel 302BHK
Sportsmen Fifth Wheel 344BH
View all 2018 Northwood Fifth Wheel hide 2018 Northwood Fifth Wheel
Arctic Fox Silver Edition Silver Fox 27-5LArctic Fox Silver Edition Silver Fox 28-5C
Arctic Fox Silver Edition Silver Fox 29-5KArctic Fox Silver Edition Silver Fox 29-5T
Arctic Fox Silver Edition Silver Fox 32-5MArctic Fox Silver Edition Silver Fox 35-5Z
Fox Mountain 235RLSFox Mountain 255RKS
View all 2018 Palomino Fifth Wheel hide 2018 Palomino Fifth Wheel
Columbus 298RLColumbus 320RS
Columbus 340RKColumbus 366RL
Columbus 374BHColumbus 377MB
Columbus 378MBColumbus 383FB
Columbus 384RDColumbus 386FK
Columbus 389FLColumbus Compass 298RLC
Columbus Compass 320RSCColumbus Compass 340RKC
Columbus Compass 366RLCColumbus Compass 374BHC
Columbus Compass 377MBCColumbus Compass 378MBC
Columbus Compass 383FBCColumbus Compass 384RDC
Columbus Compass 386FKCColumbus Compass 389FLC
Puma 253FBSPuma 255RKS
Puma 257RESSPuma 286RBSS
Puma 295BHSS
View all 2018 Prime Time Manufacturing Fifth Wheel hide 2018 Prime Time Manufacturing Fifth Wheel
Crusader 295RSTCrusader 297RSK
Crusader 315RSTCrusader 319RKT
Crusader 337QBHCrusader 340RST
Crusader 341RSTCrusader 365RKB
Crusader 381MBHCrusader 382MBH
Crusader Lite 26RECrusader Lite 27RK
Crusader Lite 28RLCrusader Lite 29RS
Crusader Lite 29BHCrusader Lite 30BH
Crusader Lite 34MBSanibel 3650
Sanibel 3651Sanibel 3750
Sanibel 3751Sanibel 3850
Sanibel 3851
View all 2018 Redwood Fifth Wheel hide 2018 Redwood Fifth Wheel
Redwood RW3401RLRedwood RW340RL
Redwood RW3821RLRedwood RW382RL
Redwood RW3881ESRedwood RW388ES
Redwood RW3901MBRedwood RW390MB
Redwood RW3901WBRedwood RW390WB
Redwood RW3941FLRedwood RW394FL
Redwood RW3961RKRedwood RW396RK
Redwood RW3991RDRedwood RW399RD
View all 2018 Shasta Fifth Wheel hide 2018 Shasta Fifth Wheel
Phoenix 298RLSPhoenix 336RL
Phoenix 360BHPhoenix 370FE
Phoenix 381REPhoenix 392BL
Phoenix Lite 285RLSPhoenix Lite 29BH
Phoenix Lite 295BHPhoenix Lite 30RLS
View all 2018 Starcraft Fifth Wheel hide 2018 Starcraft Fifth Wheel
Autumn Ridge Outfitter Fifth Wheel 245RKSAutumn Ridge Outfitter Fifth Wheel 255RLS
Autumn Ridge Outfitter Fifth Wheel 265BHSAutumn Ridge Outfitter Fifth Wheel 275RKS
Solstice 334CKRSSolstice 354RESA
Solstice 364RKTSSolstice 368BHSS
Solstice 376FL5Solstice 377RDEN
Solstice 378MBRLSolstice Super Lite 25RES
Solstice Super Lite 27RLSSolstice Super Lite 28TSI
Solstice Super Lite 29BHSSolstice Super Lite 29MLS
Solstice Super Lite 30DQSTelluride 289RKS
Telluride 292RLSTelluride 296BHS
View all 2018 Vanleigh RV Fifth Wheel hide 2018 Vanleigh RV Fifth Wheel
Beacon 34 RLBBeacon 38 RLB
Beacon 39 FBBBeacon 39 GBB
Beacon 40 FLBVilano 320 GK
Vilano 325 RLVilano 365 RL
Vilano 369 FBVilano 370 GB
Vilano 375 FL
View all 2018 Winnebago Fifth Wheel hide 2018 Winnebago Fifth Wheel
Minnie Plus Fifth Wheel 25RKSMinnie Plus Fifth Wheel 27RLTS
Minnie Plus Fifth Wheel 27REOK

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    I have had AAA Premier RV for a year. It is useless. Have needed help 3x. Once, they did come to jump ...
  • Warrick hill
    Nice ...
  • Wayne
    I was always lead to believe that Fleetwood and Winnebago were best. But recently, it seems most of them ...