Amazing Last Minute RV Destinations

Derrek Sigler
by Derrek Sigler

Photo by Jill Battaglia/

If planning ahead isn’t your style, you can still hit the road in style. We’ve got some tips on finding last minute RV destinations that are sure to help.

Isn’t it both funny and sad how life seems to have a way of getting between us doing what we want to do? We all like to tell ourselves that we’re going to do more every summer and without fail, it always seems to slip away from us. Whether from work, activities or life, don’t let it feel like there isn’t time to go on an RV trip. There are some great last-minute RV destinations that can offer you a fun, relaxing getaway.

National Parks

We all know that the beautiful national parks that dot America’s landscape and preserve our most beautiful locations in their wild, natural state are popular RV destinations. Usually that means that every campsite is booked solid for the season well in advance. That doesn’t mean, however, that you’re going to be stuck looking in the window like some sad puppy. There is plenty of hope.

Always check the park website for openings. While many of us book months in advance for those coveted campsites, just like life gets in your way sometimes, it gets in others’ way too. That means cancellations, and that is your best bet for a last-minute RV dream destination vacation. Check to see if a site is open, and you can always call to see if there are any last-minute cancellations. Some campgrounds don’t post the cancellations, instead going by a first-come, first-served policy, so you may have to just go and hope for the best. Here is a link to the National Park Service campground system.

A helpful tip too, is to check for state campgrounds near those national parks. One of the parks that I like to visit is always full during the summer. I found a small state-run campground within 10 miles of the park that almost always has premium campsites available, even during peak times.

BLM Lands

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Want to go camping in some amazing places, but having a hard time finding a campground with open sites for when you can go? This is a problem many of us have faced when planning out a last-minute RV destination trip. There is hope, especially if you’re creative. Did you know that roughly 1/8 of America is public land controlled by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)? The BLM operates campgrounds and there are often campsites available. Like other agencies, there is a reservation system that you can use, but reservations are not required.

Another option is dispersed camping, that is, camping on public lands outside of a maintained campground. There are rules you must follow to ensure you leave no trace beyond your tracks. You have to have waste disposal, etc. But the best part of dispersed camping is that it is free. After all, the land is public. There is a limit of 14 days consecutive, so keep that in mind. I have done this type of camping in Wyoming and it is really fun. You can truly get away from it all and there really is nothing like camping out in a location where there is no one, and I do mean no one, around you.


Now I know I’ve talked before about setting up the RV in the yard and camping out at home. It can be more fun than you’d think. There is a way to up the ante too, however. We have gone and camped at the homes of friends and family members before. In fact, my wife’s cousin and his family often camp out on my property and we do the same to them. It can be a great last-minute destination that is cheap, fun and always open. I mean, the best part of having family is being able to take advantage of them, right?

The point is, the best last-minute RV destination is the one you’re in. You can always make a trip memorable and fun, regardless of where it is, and if you’re creative, you can come up with some amazing trips at the last moment. Happy and safe travels!