Five Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney

As the weather warms up, Class B RV enthusiasts are hitting the road to enjoy fee-free weekends at National Parks and spring and summer adventures. Beaudry RV Company encourages Class B RV enthusiasts to stay safe while on the road by observing the following safety tips:

1. Be aware of the surroundings. Arriving during daylight hours can decrease risk of problems both at RV campgrounds or in parking lots. Scouting out a safe location and assessing neighbors and the overall atmosphere is important. If an area feels unsafe, leave. Rest areas should be used during the day but are not meant for overnight parking.

2. Leave an itinerary with someone trusted and check in. Let someone know dates and locations of each leg of the trip. If plans change, notify someone immediately. This information becomes crucial if a person goes missing.

3. Take extra food and water. Flat tires can happen to anyone. However a break down or flat tire in a remote location without cell service can spell out hours or days before help arrives. Be sure to carry extra clothes and blankets, food and water.

4. Spend overnights in busy areas. Camping in a busy campground or parking lot ensures a higher rate of safety than camping in a remote area.

5. Carry a cell phone or calling card at all times. Having a means of communication can save a life. Being able to contact authorities or call a tow truck can ensure safety.

Solo travelers are not necessarily at a higher risk of danger than other travelers but they can be easy targets for theft or assault. Avoid being a target by wearing minimal or no jewelry. Do not flash expensive electronics. Make friends with locals and other campers.

“The most important advice I can give for solo travelers is to enjoy the experience, but be aware of your instincts and surroundings at all times,” says Scott Beaudry of Beaudry RV Company.