Prepping For the Weekend RV Getaway

Derrek Sigler
by Derrek Sigler

Well now that summer seems to have dwindled down and the great eclipse of 2017 has passed, it’s time to start planning your next weekend RV getaway.

If you plan ahead just a little, you can have everything needed to simply hop in the RV and go camping as soon as the week comes to a close.

Camping Food

Food is a camping necessity and we all have our camp favorites. It always seemed that we’d have to restock the camper before every trip. For the weekender, take your dry goods that you would use in camp and buy double. This way you can stock up the camper ahead of time so you can be on the road in a matter of minutes. If mice are a concern, store everything in a sealable plastic tote with a latching lid. We keep everything stored in small totes including dishes, silverware and just about everything else.

For perishables, have everything ready to grab from the fridge so you can go. Or, if time is a concern, you can always pack it the night before. You know how some folks say that the new extreme coolers aren’t worth the $300+ price tag? Well, I have packed one full of frozen meat and at the end of a weeklong camping trip in hot weather, still had frozen food. My personal favorite lately has been a 103-quart Canyon Prospector Cooler that I can pack full and throw a block of ice in. It’ll keep stuff cold for days upon days.


If you’re like me, musty bedding can ruin a night’s sleep pretty quick. We used to keep all of our bedding out of the RV and then load it in for a trip. That made for a lot of extra work when it came time for a quick trip. We doubled up on the bedding, scoring some sweet deals on clearance stuff, and we keep a set in the RV all the time. It’s a good idea to rotate, as moisture can get in during a camping trip. So we wash a set and keep one sealed up in some of those vacuum-type bags inside the RV. Ours even had a little pump to help suck the air out.

This also works pretty well with clothing. My wife works later than I do, so we started keeping a couple changes of clothing in the camper for weekend excursions. That way, we can even pick her up on the way if need be.


Those big summer vacations are great. You can go see some amazing stuff and plan things out for maximum fun. For the weekend, though, how far do you want to go? Now is a great time to explore your local areas. I can’t tell you how many great campsites we’ve found within an hour from our house. Places we never knew existed that are now favorite getaways. Feel like fishing for the weekend? See what campsites are near your favorite fishing holes. Want to go hiking? What campsites are along the trail? One of our favorite spots is right off the ATV trail.

The whole point is, take a few moments and plan ahead, so that as the routine of the week starts wearing on you this Autumn, you can quickly transition from working to camping with as little stress as possible. After all, camping should never involve stress.