Lance Adds Detailed Interior Photography to Website

Press Release
by Press Release

(Press Release) As part of the planned improvements to their consumer website, Lance has added all new 360 interior photography for select models.

“The addition of 360 product tours is a tactic we have had on our digital marketing “checklist” for some time and quite frankly are late to the party with,” states Director of Marketing Bob Rogers. “Although certainly not cutting edge technology, our ability to produce interactive 360 tours provides a high quality visual experience for customers visiting our website. Users can scan, zoom and move from one room to another within a Lance RV without having to leave their home.

It’s not as easy as most think, as with most photography and videography, camera and lens quality as well as great lighting are key.”

With 360 photography, there is nowhere to set up supplemental lighting like you can with traditional fixed frame photography. You have to rely on the lighting in the unit itself and make minor corrections in postproduction. It is an art to be able to remove the area where the camera is placed, most photographers simply create a “hole” or maybe add a logo to that area.