RV Industry is Recovering

Mac Bryan, RVIA vice president of administration gave a cautiously optimistic presentation to the association’s board of directors at a meeting on September 14th.

Bryan cited projections from University of Michigan researcher Dr. Richard Curtin, forecasting a total of 146,200 units shipped by the end of 2009, with a 27% increase to 185,800 units in 2010.

Other factors including a strengthening stock market, low inflation and attractive interest rates, as well as the enduring popularity of the RV lifestyle are expected to help the industry’s recovery.

“The appeal of the RV lifestyle will help overcome economic barriers,” Bryan said. “The basic demand for RVs is rooted in the appreciation that consumers have for the freedom, flexibility and comfort that RVs provide as they enjoy the nation’s Great Outdoors.”

Despite the positive signs, Bryan also cautioned the recovery process may take a while. Curtin’s 2010 shipment projection is still well short of the 2007 total of 353,000 units and less than half the 390,500 units shipped in 2006.

“It is simply going to take longer for consumers to reestablish their economic footing as we emerge from this recession,” said Bryan. “However, given the positive signs we are now beginning to see in the RV market and the strong commitment of consumers to the RV lifestyle, the prospects for the RV industry are becoming more favorable.”