RVIA Finds Success Withi Go RVing’s AWAY Campaign

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney

According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), consumers are responding very well to GO RVing’s AWAY campaign. The campaign is delivering a 45% increase in leads year-to-date.

GoRVing’s first all-new campaign since 2005, AWAY is built upon the invitation to “find your AWAY” in an RV. Since debuting in early 2012, the combination of traditional television, print and digital ad buys, coupled with an increasing number of multi-faceted partnerships, has attracted more buyer prospects for the industry and has helped to boost RV interest. Shipments and retail sales of RVs have seen continued growth despite a continued sluggish economy.

Research commissioned by Go RVing and performed by Russell Research to measure the public’s interest in RVing and their overall awareness of Go RVing advertising shows significant gains since the last study in 2010.

Survey respondents who were aware of the AWAY campaign were twice as likely to indicate they will purchase an RV someday (43% vs. 20% unaware) and are significantly more likely to rent an RV, both someday (45% vs. 25%) and within the next 12 months (28% vs. 10%). As well, respondents aware of the 2012 campaign (18%) were more than four times as likely as those unaware (4%) to have visited the website. Another positive sign is that GoRVing has seen a 20% increase in page views.

“When the site relaunched in February, having a mobile compatible version was key with over 107 million reported smartphone users in the U.S. today and an anticipated 50% of all web searches being done on a mobile device by 2014,” says James Ashurst, RVIA vice president of advertising and public relations. “That was the right move for our campaign because over 200,000 web visitors have come through the mobile site so far this year. Of that number, roughly 14,000 have used their smartphones to scan the QR codes in the AWAY print ads.”