Torklift Introduces GlowStep Evolution

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney

Torklift International has revealed its latest RV-specific product – the GlowStep Revolution.

“The GlowStep Revolution is a scissor step made specially for towables and fifth wheels,” says Torklift International General Manager Jay Taylor. “Previously our industry leading GlowStep was only available for truck camper applications, now it works with towables and side-entry truck campers.”

The GlowStep Revolution comes in applications ranging from two steps to six steps.

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“GlowStep Revolution is the only scissor step available for towables that eliminates that ‘diving board’ feeling felt when walking down a factory step because the factory step does not reach the ground. There is usually a large gap at the bottom of the factory step between the step and the ground,” says Taylor. “The GlowStep Revolution is the only ‘Earth to RV’ step giving the customer the best stability.”

Torklift says the GlowStep Revolution prevents customers from having to haul around inconvenient and often dangerous quick fixes for their factory step.

“Recently we visited a campground to observe homemade solutions people create to help their step reach the ground,” says Taylor. “We saw that people used pallets, cinder blocks, plastic step stools and wooden blocks to stabilize their step and help them reach the ground easier. Those solutions are bulky and not simple to set up, plus they take up a great deal of storage space inside the RV during transit.”

The GlowStep Revolution bolts to where the factory step would be housed. According to Torklift, it folds up for storage and locks into place, typically giving a greater deal of ground clearance than the factory step. Torklift also notes that it is about 50% lighter than a factory step.

Connecting the GlowStep to the ground is its All Terrain Landing Gear – a set of leveling feet that can be adjusted through a push button mechanism on uneven terrain.

“The landing gear allows the customer to park on any kind of terrain without having to be concerned about pin-pointing their step deployment area on a level space,” says Taylor. “They keep the step level and sturdy.

“When we visited the campground we also learned something interesting about campers who travel with their dogs. Dogs typically have a hard time getting up and down factory steps because they are often grated like a cheese grater leading to their toe nails getting caught in the step. The GlowStep Revolution does not feature this grate design, allowing pets to walk up and down it comfortably.”

The GlowStep Revolution is rated up to 375 pounds when used with the GlowGuide Handrail and features an eight-inch step depth making it compliant with RVIA OEM step design requirements. It also features bushing bearings at each hinge point. It is made in the United States and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The GlowStep Revolution is available for pre-order at The step is available for sale July 8, 2015. Visit for more information.