5 Best Places To Take Your Toy Hauler and Your Off-Road Toys

Derrek Sigler
by Derrek Sigler
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Fifth wheels and camper trailers are great ways to explore the natural world, but what if you want to take your ATV, UTV or other off-road fun along with you? The best option instead of hauling a trailer behind your camper is going with a toy hauler. Toy haulers open the door to a lot of fun and exploration. But where should you go? That’s a loaded question. There are many amazing places to take your toys and enjoy the great outdoors. Here’s five places we’re absolutely sure you’d enjoy.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

If breathtaking scenery, friendly people and challenging trails are your game, Bryce Canyon, Utah is for you. With several large campgrounds close to the trails, and an extremely ORV-friendly town, this is one location every toy hauler should end up at. You’d better haul the biggest toy hauler you can, because once you get there, leaving Bryce Canyon will be the last thing on your mind.

There are many open trails surround the National Park, and many other amazing places to ride around the area. Check with the state of Utah for regulations and open areas. It is an area you simply must visit.

Oregon Dunes

(Photo by Seth Fargher)

Who wouldn’t enjoy blasting across the sand dunes along the northern Pacific Ocean? The region boasts amazing riding and pristine camping, making it a pleasure to visit and enjoy the scenery. The state recreation area has three main riding locations for ORVs, all connected by ORV-friendly roads, meaning you can access them from each other. Camping sites are widely available so you can pull up the toy hauler and take off into the great outdoors.

Oregon Dunes gives you the opportunity to enjoy coastal sand dune riding with moderate temperatures and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. If sand, sun and fun are what you’re looking for, hook up the toy hauler and head West. Oregon awaits.


Looking at head to the East Coast instead? Maine should be on everyone’s toy-hauler list. Thousands of miles of trails with everything from rugged mountain passes, to deep, old-growth forests, and some wide-open cruising all await the visitor to the largest New England state. Ample camping opportunities await, and many right on trailheads, so you can cruise right from camp. Make sure to check local regulations and follow the rules, as Maine is quite protective of its natural resource. Let’s be honest, though, all we have to say is two words to get you headed to the Northeast corner of the country – fresh lobster.

Hatfield-McCoy, West Virginia

We couldn’t make a list of toy hauler destinations without including Hatfield-McCoy. Covering nine southern West Virginia counties, Hatfield-McCoy is a year-round system of seven trail systems with close to 2,000 miles of open trails for off-road use. The trails range from extremely technical, to casual riding and everything in between. The scenery is simply breathtaking with stunning mountains and lush forests.

There’s plenty of available camping to be had as well as some cabin rentals. The roads in the area are tight and winding, especially for a toy hauler. But the trip is most definitely worth it.

Drummond Island, Michigan

At the eastern-most end of Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula lies Drummond Island, the second largest freshwater island in the nation. This piece of land sits atop the mighty Lake Huron and offers Toy Haulers something unique. How many times can you say you’ve taken your RV onto an island? The ferry is the only way to get there.

The island has 117 miles of challenging trails and plenty of camping opportunities, with campgrounds boasting that there is “no toy hauler too big.” Michigan trail permits are easy to get and reasonably priced. Come see for yourself why Drummond Island is one of the hidden treasures of the Great Lakes.