Winnebago Launches Interactive Parts Catalog

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney

Winnebago Industries has launched Winnebago Industries Interactive Parts (WIP) – an on-line 3D interactive electronic parts catalog designed to make researching and ordering parts more accurate, convenient and fast.

“Winnebago Industries is pleased to bring the new WIP system to our dealers,” says Steve Evenson, Winnebago Industries’ Director of Parts and Service. “Our parts and service department has always been the leader and trend setter in the industry when it comes to technology and innovations. We are continuing this tradition with WIP and are excited to roll-out this functionality to all of our dealers with the 2011 and 2012 motor home model lines.

“This project was one of the most complex assignments taken on by our IT department. Winnebago Industries has successfully integrated our mainframe systems, 3D viewer, as well as the shipper’s websites for tracking purposes. We created an 80 million part database to support the web-based search capabilities for our dealers. This will greatly improve the entire dealer process and their parts ordering experience.”

With the WIP system, motor home dealers are provided with multiple means for researching and ordering parts. Dealers can search by model, serial or part number (or partial part number), color parts search or description. Once a part is identified, a dealer will know instantly the price and availability, which will allow them to provide an estimate to a customer or place an order by adding it to their on-line shopping cart.

“Visual and interactive technology allows our dealers to simplify the parts process which will improve productivity,” says Evenson. “Getting the right part the first time is a critical element of our long term strategy to create customer satisfaction through the entire time they own a Winnebago Industries’ motor home. I am confident our dealer partners will see the immediate value on this investment.”