2018 Keystone RV's

A relative latecomer to the industry, Keystone entered the RV market in 1996, The company soon developed a reputation for its product, becoming the largest manufacturer of towable RVs in North America. Now part of the Thor family, Keystone produces travel trailers, fifth wheels and toy haulers out of its base in Goshen, Ind.

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2018 Keystone Raptor 353TS

User Rating RVGuide.com 1 of 582
2018 Keystone RV

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Keystone Raptor 353TS Reviews
2018 Keystone Raptor 353TS
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2018 Keystone Raptor 355TS

User Rating RVGuide.com 2 of 582
2018 Keystone RV

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Keystone Raptor 355TS Reviews
2018 Keystone Raptor 355TS
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2018 Keystone Cougar X-Lite 25RES

User Rating RVGuide.com 3 of 582
2018 Keystone RV

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Keystone Cougar X-Lite 25RES Reviews
2018 Keystone Cougar X-Lite 25RES
MSRP $45,872.00
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2018 Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite 240URS

User Rating RVGuide.com 4 of 582
2018 Keystone RV

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite 240URS Reviews
2018 Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite 240URS
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2018 Keystone Outback Super-Lite 324CG

User Rating RVGuide.com 5 of 582
2018 Keystone RV

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Keystone Outback Super-Lite 324CG Reviews
2018 Keystone Outback Super-Lite 324CG
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2018 Keystone Montana High Country 310RE

User Rating RVGuide.com 6 of 582
2018 Keystone RV

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Keystone Montana High Country 310RE Reviews
2018 Keystone Montana High Country 310RE
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2018 Keystone Fuzion 369

User Rating RVGuide.com 7 of 582
2018 Keystone RV

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Keystone Fuzion 369 Reviews
2018 Keystone Fuzion 369
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2018 Keystone Montana High Country 305RL

User Rating RVGuide.com 8 of 582
2018 Keystone RV

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Keystone Montana High Country 305RL Reviews
2018 Keystone Montana High Country 305RL
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2018 Keystone Montana 3120RL

User Rating RVGuide.com 9 of 582
2018 Keystone RV

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Keystone Montana 3120RL Reviews
2018 Keystone Montana 3120RL
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2018 Keystone Cougar X-Lite 28SGS

User Rating RVGuide.com 10 of 582
2018 Keystone RV

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2018 Keystone Cougar X-Lite 28SGS Reviews
2018 Keystone Cougar X-Lite 28SGS
MSRP $50,181.00
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View all 2018 Keystone Destination hide 2018 Keystone Destination
Residence 40FKResidence 401FK
Residence 40RDENResidence 401RDEN
Residence 40RLTSResidence 401RLTS
Residence 40LOFTResidence 401LOFT
Residence 40FDENResidence 401FDEN
Residence 40FKSSResidence 401FKSS
Residence 40MKTSResidence 401MKTS
Residence 40MBNKResidence 401MBNK
Retreat 39BHQSRetreat 391BHQS
Retreat 39BHTSRetreat 391BHTS
Retreat 39FDENRetreat 391FDEN
Retreat 39FKSSRetreat 391FKSS
Retreat 39MBNKRetreat 391MBNK
Retreat 39MKTSRetreat 391MKTS
Retreat 39LOFTRetreat 391LOFT
Retreat 39RDENRetreat 391RDEN
Retreat 39RLTSRetreat 391RLTS
View all 2018 Keystone Fifth Wheel hide 2018 Keystone Fifth Wheel
Alpine 3010REAlpine 3011RE
Alpine 3020REAlpine 3021RE
Alpine 3300GRAlpine 3301GR
Alpine 3400RSAlpine 3401RS
Alpine 3500RLAlpine 3501RL
Alpine 3650RLAlpine 3651RL
Alpine 3660FLAlpine 3661FL
Alpine 3700FLAlpine 3701FL
Alpine 3800FKAlpine 3801FK
Avalanche 300REAvalanche 301RE
Avalanche 320RSAvalanche 321RS
Avalanche 330GRAvalanche 331GR
Avalanche 365MBAvalanche 366MB
Avalanche 370RDAvalanche 375RD
Avalanche 376RDAvalanche 380FL
Avalanche 381FLAvalanche 386BG
Avalanche 395BHAvalanche 396BH
Cougar (East) 310RLSCougar (East) 311RES
Cougar (East) 325RPSCougar (East) 338RLK
Cougar (East) 344MKSCougar (East) 366RDS
Cougar (East) 367FLSCougar (East) 368MBI
Cougar (East) 369BHSCougar (East) 326RDS
Cougar (East) 327RLKCougar (East) 327RES
Cougar (East) 333MKSCougar (East) 336BHS
Cougar (East) 337FLSCougar (East) 341RKI
Cougar (East) 359MBICougar (West) 325RPSWE
Cougar (West) 326RDSWECougar (West) 327RESWE
Cougar (West) 327RLKWECougar (West) 333MKSWE
Cougar (West) 336BHSWECougar (West) 337FLSWE
Cougar (West) 341RKIWECougar (West) 359MBIWE
Cougar Half-Ton (East) 25RESCougar Half-Ton (East) 26RLS
Cougar Half-Ton (East) 27RLSCougar Half-Ton (East) 28SGS
Cougar Half-Ton (East) 29RKSCougar Half-Ton (East) 29RDB
Cougar Half-Ton (East) 29RESCougar Half-Ton (East) 30RLS
Cougar Half-Ton (East) 32BHSCougar Half-Ton (East) 32DBH
Cougar Half-Ton (West) 246RLSWECougar Half-Ton (West) 268RLSWE
Cougar Half-Ton (West) 279RKSWECougar Half-Ton (West) 283RETWE
Cougar Half-Ton (West) 284RDBWECougar X-Lite 25RES
Cougar X-Lite 26RLSCougar X-Lite 27RKS
Cougar X-Lite 28RDBCougar X-Lite 28RKS
Cougar X-Lite 28SGSCougar X-Lite 29RES
Cougar X-Lite 29RLIHideout (All Regions) 262RES
Hideout (All Regions) 276RLSHideout (All Regions) 281DBS
Hideout (All Regions) 292MLSHideout (All Regions) 295BHS
Hideout (All Regions) 298BHDSHideout (All Regions) 299RLDS
Hideout (All Regions) 303RLIHideout (All Regions) 308BHDS
Hideout (All Regions) 315RDTSLaredo 325RL
Laredo 340FLLaredo 342RD
Laredo 350FBLaredo 355RL
Laredo 357BHLaredo 358BP
Laredo 367BHLaredo 380MB
Laredo Super Lite 268SRLLaredo Super Lite 285SBH
Laredo Super Lite 290SRLLaredo Super Lite 291SMK
Laredo Super Lite 296SBHLaredo Super Lite 297SRE
Laredo Super Lite 298SRLMontana 3000RE
Montana 3120RLMontana 3121RL
Montana 3130REMontana 3160RL
Montana 3560RLMontana 3561RL
Montana 3660RLMontana 3661RL
Montana 3700LKMontana 3701LK
Montana 3720RLMontana 3721RL
Montana 3730FLMontana 3731FL
Montana 3790RDMontana 3791RD
Montana 3810MSMontana 3811MS
Montana 3820FKMontana 3920FB
Montana 3921FBMontana 3930FB
Montana 3931FBMontana 3950BR
Montana High Country 305RLMontana High Country 310RE
Montana High Country 320MKMontana High Country 321MK
Montana High Country 330RLMontana High Country 331RL
Montana High Country 340BHMontana High Country 344RL
Montana High Country 345RLMontana High Country 352RL
Montana High Country 353RLMontana High Country 358BH
Montana High Country 362RDMontana High Country 364BH
Montana High Country 365BHMontana High Country 370BR
Montana High Country 374FLMontana High Country 375FL
Montana High Country 378RDMontana High Country 379RD
Montana High Country 380THMontana High Country 381TH
Montana High Country 384BRMontana High Country 385BR
Springdale (All Region) 253FWRESpringdale (All Region) 262FWRK
Springdale (All Region) 278FWRLSpringdale (All Region) 286FWBH
Springdale (All Region) 300FWBHSpringdale (All Region) 302FWRK
Sprinter Campfire 26FWRLSprinter Campfire 29FWBH
Sprinter Campfire 29FWRLSprinter Campfire 32FWBH
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3150FWRLSSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3151FWRLS
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3340FWFLSSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3341FWFLS
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3530FWDENSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3531FWDEN
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3550FWMLSSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3551FWMLS
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3570FWLFTSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 3571FWLFT
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 252FWRLSSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 269FWRLS
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 293FWBHSSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 297FWRLS
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 298FWRLSSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 324FWBHS
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 326FWBHSSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 334FWFLS
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 357FWLFTSprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 359FWMPR
View all 2018 Keystone Toy Hauler hide 2018 Keystone Toy Hauler
Alpine 3900REAlpine 3901RE
Avalanche 385BGCarbon 27
Carbon 31Carbon 33
Carbon 35Carbon 337
Carbon 347Carbon 349
Carbon 357Carbon 364
Carbon 387Carbon 403
Carbon 417Cougar (East) 326SRX
Cougar (West) 326SRXWEFuzion 345
Fuzion 357Fuzion 369
Fuzion 371Fuzion 384
Fuzion 414Fuzion 4141
Fuzion 417Fuzion 420
Fuzion 4201Fuzion 422
Fuzion 4221Fuzion 423
Fuzion 4231Fuzion 424
Fuzion 427Fuzion 429
Hideout (West) 21THWEImpact 303
Impact 312Impact 330
Impact 332Impact 3216
Impact 3118Impact 311
Impact 341Impact 351
Impact 361Impact 367
Impact 3219Impact Vapor Lite 26V
Impact Vapor Lite 28VImpact Vapor Lite 29V
Outback Super-Lite 324CGOutback Super-Lite 335CG
Outback Ultra-Lite 240URSRaptor 352TS
Raptor 353TSRaptor 355TS
Raptor 362TSRaptor 398TS
Raptor 421CKRaptor 424TS
Raptor 425TSRaptor 426TS
Raptor 428SPRaptor Predator Series 3018P
Raptor Predator Series 3513PSpringdale (West) 211SRTWE
View all 2018 Keystone Travel Trailer hide 2018 Keystone Travel Trailer
Bullet (East) 220RBIBullet (East) 243BHS
Bullet (East) 248RKSBullet (East) 251RBS
Bullet (East) 257RSSBullet (East) 261RBS
Bullet (East) 269RLSBullet (East) 272BHS
Bullet (East) 277BHSBullet (East) 287QBS
Bullet (East) 308BHSBullet (East) 311BHS
Bullet (East) 330BHSBullet (West) 202BHSWE
Bullet (West) 204RBSWEBullet (West) 210RUDWE
Bullet (West) 212RBSWEBullet (West) 220RBIWE
Bullet (West) 243BHSWEBullet (West) 247BHSWE
Bullet (West) 248RKSWEBullet (West) 257RSSWE
Bullet (West) 261RBSWEBullet (West) 265RBIWE
Bullet (West) 269RLSWEBullet (West) 272BHSWE
Bullet (West) 277BHSWEBullet (West) 287QBSWE
Bullet (West) 308BHSWEBullet (West) 311BHSWE
Bullet (West) 330BHSWEBullet Colt 171RKCT
Bullet Colt 172RBCTBullet Crossfire 1650EX
Bullet Crossfire 1750RKBullet Crossfire 1800RB
Bullet Crossfire 1900RDBullet Crossfire 2070BH
Bullet Crossfire 2190EXBullet Crossfire 2200BHS
Bullet Crossfire 2510BHCougar Half-Ton (East) 22RBS
Cougar Half-Ton (East) 24RBSCougar Half-Ton (East) 26RBS
Cougar Half-Ton (East) 26RKSCougar Half-Ton (East) 27RES
Cougar Half-Ton (East) 27SABCougar Half-Ton (East) 29BHS
Cougar Half-Ton (East) 29RLDCougar Half-Ton (East) 29RLK
Cougar Half-Ton (East) 32RDBCougar Half-Ton (East) 32RLI
Cougar Half-Ton (East) 33MLSCougar Half-Ton (East) 33SAB
Cougar Half-Ton (East) 34TSBCougar Half-Ton (West) 19RBEWE
Cougar Half-Ton (West) 21RBSWECougar Half-Ton (West) 22RBIWE
Cougar Half-Ton (West) 22RBSWECougar Half-Ton (West) 24RBSWE
Cougar Half-Ton (West) 24SABWECougar Half-Ton (West) 25BHSWE
Cougar Half-Ton (West) 26DBHWECougar Half-Ton (West) 26RBIWE
Cougar Half-Ton (West) 26RBSWECougar Half-Ton (West) 26SABWE
Cougar Half-Ton (West) 27RESWECougar Half-Ton (West) 27SABWE
Cougar Half-Ton (West) 28RLSWECougar Half-Ton (West) 29BHSWE
Cougar Half-Ton (West) 29RLDWECougar Half-Ton (West) 29RKSWE
Cougar Half-Ton (West) 30RKSWECougar Half-Ton (West) 31BHKWE
Cougar Half-Ton (West) 31SQBWECougar Half-Ton (West) 32RESWE
Cougar X-Lite 21RBSCougar X-Lite 24RBS
Cougar X-Lite 25RDBCougar X-Lite 26RBI
Cougar X-Lite 28RLSCougar X-Lite 29BHS
Cougar X-Lite 30RLICougar X-Lite 31SQB
Cougar X-Lite 32FBSCougar X-Lite 32FKB
Cougar X-Lite 33MLSCougar X-Lite 33SAB
Cougar X-Lite 34TSBHideout (All Regions) 175LHS
Hideout (All Regions) 177LHSHideout (All Regions) 178LHS
Hideout (All Regions) 185LHSHideout (All Regions) 38BHDS
Hideout (All Regions) 38FDDSHideout (All Regions) 38FKTS
Hideout (All Regions) 38FQTSHideout (East) 25RKS
Hideout (East) 26RLSHideout (East) 27DBS
Hideout (East) 28BHSHideout (East) 28RBS
Hideout (East) 28RKSHideout (East) 29BKS
Hideout (East) 30FKDSHideout (East) 30RKDS
Hideout (East) 30RLDSHideout (East) 31FBDS
Hideout (East) 31RBDSHideout (East) 31RBTS
Hideout (East) 32BHTSHideout (West) 19FLBWE
Hideout (West) 21FQWEHideout (West) 22KBSWE
Hideout (West) 22RBWEHideout (West) 23RKSWE
Hideout (West) 24BHSWEHideout (West) 26BHSWE
Hideout (West) 26RLSWEHideout (West) 27BHSWE
Hideout (West) 27DBSWEHideout (West) 27RBWE
Hideout (West) 27RKDSWEHideout (West) 28BHSWE
Hideout (West) 30BHKSWEHideout (West) 31BHDSWE
Hideout LHS Series (East) 192LHSHideout LHS Series (East) 202LHS
Hideout LHS Series (East) 212LHSHideout LHS Series (East) 232LHS
Hideout LHS Series (East) 242LHSHideout LHS Series (East) 252LHS
Hideout LHS Series (East) 258LHSHideout LHS Series (East) 262LHS
Hideout LHS Series (East) 272LHSHideout LHS Series (West) 21LHSWE
Hideout LHS Series (West) 24LHSWEHideout LHS Series (West) 25LHSWE
Hideout LHS Series (West) 26LHSWELaredo 225MK
Laredo 250BHLaredo 280RB
Laredo 288RLLaredo 330RL
Laredo 331BHLaredo 332BH
Laredo 333BHLaredo 334RE
Laredo 335MKOutback Super-Lite 266RB
Outback Super-Lite 298REOutback Super-Lite 312BH
Outback Super-Lite 316RLOutback Super-Lite 325BH
Outback Super-Lite 326RLOutback Super-Lite 328RL
Outback Super-Lite 330RLOutback Super-Lite 332FK
Outback Super-Lite 333FEOutback Super-Lite 334RL
Outback Ultra-Lite 210URSOutback Ultra-Lite 220URB
Outback Ultra-Lite 250URSOutback Ultra-Lite 255UBH
Outback Ultra-Lite 260UMLOutback Ultra-Lite 272UFL
Outback Ultra-Lite 276UBHOutback Ultra-Lite 278URL
Outback Ultra-Lite 290UBHOutback Ultra-Lite 293UBH
Outback Ultra-Lite 299URLOutback Ultra-Lite 314UBH
Outback Ultra-Lite 320UBHPassport ROV 170RKRV
Passport ROV 173RBRVPassport Ultra Lite Elite 19RB
Passport Ultra Lite Elite 23RBPassport Ultra Lite Elite 27RB
Passport Ultra Lite Elite 29BHPassport Ultra Lite Elite 29DB
Passport Ultra Lite Elite 31REPassport Ultra Lite Elite 31RI
Passport Ultra Lite Elite 33MBPassport Ultra Lite Elite 34MB
Passport Ultra Lite Expandable 145 EXPPassport Ultra Lite Expandable 171 EXP
Passport Ultra Lite Expandable 177 EXPPassport Ultra Lite Expandable 217 EXP
Passport Ultra Lite Express 153MLPassport Ultra Lite Express 175BH
Passport Ultra Lite Express 195RBPassport Ultra Lite Express 199ML
Passport Ultra Lite Express 239MLPassport Ultra Lite Express 195RBWE
Passport Ultra Lite Express 199MLWEPassport Ultra Lite Express 234QBWE
Passport Ultra Lite Express 239MLWEPassport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (East) 2400BH
Passport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (East) 2510RBPassport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (East) 2520RL
Passport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (East) 2670BHPassport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (East) 2810BH
Passport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (East) 2890RLPassport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (East) 2900RK
Passport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (East) 2920BHPassport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (East) 3220BH
Passport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (East) 3290BHPassport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (East) 3320BH
Passport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (East) 3350BHPassport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (West) 2200RBWE
Passport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (West) 2400BHWEPassport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (West) 2450RLWE
Passport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (West) 2520RLWEPassport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (West) 2670BHWE
Passport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (West) 2810BHWEPassport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (West) 2890RLWE
Passport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (West) 2920BHWEPassport Ultra Lite Grand Touring (West) 3350BHWE
Premier 19FBPRPremier 22RBPR
Premier 24RKPRPremier 26RBPR
Premier 29RKPRPremier 30RIPR
Premier 31BKPRPremier 34BHPR
Premier 34RIPRSpringdale (East) 235RB
Springdale (East) 240BHSpringdale (East) 252RL
Springdale (East) 260LESpringdale (East) 262RK
Springdale (East) 270LESpringdale (East) 271RL
Springdale (East) 274RBSpringdale (East) 280BH
Springdale (East) 287RBSpringdale (East) 293RK
Springdale (East) 303BHSpringdale (East) 311RE
Springdale (East) 332RBSpringdale (East) 333RE
Springdale (East) 38BHSpringdale (East) 38FL
Springdale (East) 38FQSpringdale (Summerland Series Mini) 1700FQ
Springdale (Summerland Series Mini) 1750RDSpringdale (Summerland Series Mini) 1800BH
Springdale (Summerland Series Mini) 1850FLSpringdale (Summerland Series) (All Regions) 2960BH
Springdale (Summerland Series) (East) 2020QBSpringdale (Summerland Series) (East) 2200MB
Springdale (Summerland Series) (East) 2450RBSpringdale (Summerland Series) (East) 2570RL
Springdale (Summerland Series) (East) 2600TBSpringdale (Summerland Series) (East) 2660RL
Springdale (Summerland Series) (East) 2720BHSpringdale (Summerland Series) (East) 2820BH
Springdale (Summerland Series) (East) 2930RKSpringdale (Summerland Series) (East) 2980BH
Springdale (Summerland Series) (East) 3030BHSpringdale (West) 179QBWE
Springdale (West) 189FLWESpringdale (West) 201RDWE
Springdale (West) 202QBWESpringdale (West) 212RBWE
Springdale (West) 220BHWESpringdale (West) 235RBWE
Springdale (West) 240BHWESpringdale (West) 240SRTWE
Springdale (West) 242RKWESpringdale (West) 245RBWE
Springdale (West) 258RLWESpringdale (West) 260TBWE
Springdale (West) 270BHWESpringdale (West) 271RLWE
Springdale (West) 272BHWESpringdale (West) 280BHWE
Springdale (West) 282BHWESpringdale (West) 293RKWE
Springdale (West) 303BHWESprinter Campfire 25RK
Sprinter Campfire 26RBSprinter Campfire 27RL
Sprinter Campfire 29BHSprinter Campfire 29FK
Sprinter Campfire 30FLSprinter Campfire 33BH
Sprinter Limited (Fifth Wheel) 353FWDENSprinter Limited (Travel Trailer) 312MLS
Sprinter Limited (Travel Trailer) 319MKSSprinter Limited (Travel Trailer) 325BMK
Sprinter Limited (Travel Trailer) 332DENSprinter Limited (Travel Trailer) 333FKS

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