Five Gift Ideas for the RV Owner in Your Life

Derrek Sigler
by Derrek Sigler
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With Black Friday just around the corner, we’ve come up with some give ideas the RV owner in your life is sure to appreciate.

Black Friday is next week. Yeah, you read that right. I’ll give you a minute so it sinks in. Before you know it, the holidays will be on us and the merriment will flow. If you’re at all like my wife, you may have that one person that it is almost impossible to buy gifts for. If that person also is an avid RV user, it gets even harder. Because as we all know, if you have an RV, what more could you want? Here’s a few gift ideas that the camper in your life is sure to enjoy and use.

Campground Membership/Discount Card

Who wouldn’t like a card that gets you a discount on camping fees, or a membership to select campgrounds across North America. There are lots of options, depending on where you are, where you camp and how you camp. Give someone the gift of camping. Only a new RV would be better.

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A Good Cooler

Part of camping is the fun of packing up the cooler and heading out. The newest coolers hold ice longer, keep your stuff colder and last, taking years of abuse. I’ve had frozen food last a week in camp with one of these coolers. They make a great gift for the outdoor enthusiast on your list. These coolers are made using the same processes as kayaks and are more durable and better designed than some of the big name coolers you’ve heard so much about.

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Battery-Powered Chainsaw

What is camping without the relaxing warmth of a campfire? Campfires take firewood. Sometimes you can buy it, and sometimes you have to gather your own. A compact, clean and quiet chainsaw would be just the ticket for the camper, making one a great gift. And if you’re going to buy a chainsaw as a gift, make it a Husqvarna – a gift that says you care enough to send the very best.

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Good Hiking Boots

As your camper explores the natural world, which is the best reason to camp, he or she needs to take good care of his/her feet. Hiking boots are a necessity of camping, and there aren’t many that are better or more comfortable than Cabela’s Perfekt Hikers. I’ve worn mine from Colorado, to Utah to North Carolina to Michigan and have zero complaints. They are waterproof, supportive and comfortable. Pricey? Yeah, but very much worth it in the long run.

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Duffle Bags

My wife teases me because I am a bit of a duffle-bag hoarder. You can never really have enough though, especially when you’re into camping and outdoor fun stuff. A good, all-purpose duffle bag can be a great gift and one I’m always happy to see. Get one that is waterproof, so it can be used for adventurous activities like kayaking, swimming, rafting and more.

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