Five New Year’s RV Resolutions

Derrek Sigler
by Derrek Sigler
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To help get your 2018 started off on the right foot, we’ve come up with five New Year’s RV resolutions we should all consider.

We all know about New Year’s Resolutions – those baseless promises we make to ourselves to do stuff we already should be doing. Unlike going to the gym more, or stopping a bad habit like smoking, drinking or gambling, there are some resolutions that are legit and easily attainable, especially for the RV owner. Here are five that I am going to ask you to hold me to.

Camp More

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When my wife and I bought our camper, we were absolutely sure we were going to camp more often. Well, life sometimes has a way of changing the best laid plans, and we didn’t go nearly as often as we thought we would. For 2018, we’re going to camp more often than we did in 2017. I can bet that camping more often is something you’d like to do next year as well, so join me in resolving to do exactly that.

Camp Someplace You’ve Never Been

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I know of more than one camping family that is stuck in a rut they don’t even know about. I’m talking about only going to a handful of the same campgrounds for nearly every excursion. Now there is nothing wrong with this. My wife’s family has been going to the same campground for years, and we’ve taken to joining them. But at the same time, we keep talking about going to an area of the state we’ve never been to with an RV and seeing how it goes. Well in 2018, we’re doing just that. Break out of the routine and try a new campground in a new area. You just may find something that you’ve been missing.

Stay That Extra Day

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It’s another one of those unseen ruts we get into. How often have you been camping and thought, “man, I’d love to have just one more day here.” Why not do it? It’s called vacation time for a reason. Why not spend it doing something you love? My in-laws always take a week’s vacation in the summer and go camping. Yet they almost always come home a few days early because they feel like they have too much to do. Forget that! Stay in camp and don’t worry about what’s at home. It’ll still be there when you get back.

Take Someone New Along

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I have a 12-year old son who loves to be outdoors. He has a buddy that has never been camping and his parents never do much with him. You’d better believe he’s going camping with us this coming summer! There is undoubtedly someone in your life that would really benefit from going camping with you. It’s a great way to open new worlds to someone, and you never know. You may end up with a new camping buddy.

Buy That New RV


Alright, this may not be my New Year’s Resolution because I just bought a new RV. But for many of you who have been tossing around the idea of buying a new one, or a new-to-you one, make 2018 your year to explore the great outdoors and go for it! Do your research. Go to the RV shows. Take the leap and sign on the dotted line!

Like I said, I’ve already bought my RV. But I might get a new camping friend this coming season. I’ve been thinking of buying a puppy. Shhhh! Don’t tell my wife. It’ll be a surprise.