Five of the Best Airstream Trailers for 2018

Derrek Sigler
by Derrek Sigler
No travel trailer brand is more iconic than Airstream, which has been in business since 1929. Almost 90 years later, here are five of the best Airstream trailers you can buy.

When we think of iconic brands in the market, there are some that come to epitomize the genre. This brand awareness becomes part of our culture. When we think of a motorcycle, we generally think of a Harley-Davidson. You order a soda-pop, you quite often say, “Give me a Coke.” While Winnebago may have the motorhome brand identity, there is no more iconic brand of travel trailer than the Airstream.

The brand traces its roots back to the first “official” Airstream trailer built in 1929. That trailer was built by Airstream founder Wally Byam and it wasn’t much more than a tent contraption built on a Model T chassis. Wally’s wife wasn’t fond of the tent, as it was pretty lacking in the rain, so Wally replaced it with a teardrop-shaped, solid-wall covering, complete with a stove and an ice chest. From there, Airstream was born, with Wally starting his first factory in 1931 in Culver City, California. After a brief halt in construction due to WWII, Airstream blossomed into a thriving business and the iconic aluminum travel trailer worked its way into our culture. Today’s Airstream is a blend of classic style and construction, and modern technology and convenience. Here are five of the best Airstream trailers available in 2018.

2018 Airstream Classic 33FB – Specs

The Airstream Classic 33FB is exactly what you’d expect. It has all the modern luxuries that top-of-the-line travel trailers have, all wrapped in classic and elegant styling. You’ll find a 65-inch projection HDTV and a Polk Audio system. There is a digital Multiplex control system that allows you to monitor power use, LP gas tank levels and more. The kitchen is appointed with deluxe countertops and appliances and fixtures you’d expect to find in luxury homes. The 33-foot long Classic sleeps up to five with a full-sized queen bed up front and a full-sized bathroom in the back. It’s easily one of the best Airstream trailers you can buy.

2018 Airstream Basecamp 16 – Specs

The Airstream Basecamp 16 is what you get when modern thinking and design meets up with classic construction. This is the Airstream for today’s adventure seekers. It is compact and nimble with modern conveniences like solar panel options, and USB chargers built in. This trailer is built to sleep two comfortably. There is a basic kitchen and bathroom and a thoroughly modern interior, all wrapped in a 16-foot aluminum trailer that tows behind most any vehicle.

2018 Airstream Tommy Bahama Special Edition 19CB – Specs

The 19-foot Airstream Tommy Bahama Special Edition 19CB will have you feeling like you can hear the waves lapping on the shore and the wind gently whisping through the palm trees. This trailer is full of special Tommy Bahama-designed features from the graphics on the windows to the special screen door and cabinet pulls. The TB edition sleeps up to four and is equipped with features that help you relax and enjoy every minute of your stay in one of the best Airstream trailers available today.

2018 Airstream Flying Cloud 23CBB – Specs

The Flying Cloud series is Airstream’s most popular and versatile trailer. They are designed in the classic style and all feature a light and airy interior and plenty of windows to allow you to enjoy the great outdoors. This 23-foot trailer sleeps up to seven and features multiple beds including a bunk bed in the rear of the trailer. There is a bathroom and nicely appointed kitchen all built into a trailer that is easy to tow, a hallmark of the Airstream Trailer.

2018 Airstream Sport 16RB – Specs

The Airstream Sport 16RB may look like the classic Airstream Trailer, but it is a modern version of an old theme. This series takes the idea of form meets function and gives it a twist. It is packed with a JVC stereo system and an LG LED TV. All the seats are covered with Airstream’s Ultraleather that is soft and extra strong, while also being easy to keep clean. This 16-foot version sleeps up to four has a kitchenette and a wet bath. It is set up to go anywhere and can be towed by most smaller vehicles – one of the best Airstream trailers for your adventuring plans.