Five Tips For Renting An RV

Derrek Sigler
by Derrek Sigler

If buying a new motorhome or trailer isn’t in the cards right now, all is not lost. Take your vacation to the next level by renting an RV.

Taking an RV on a vacation is an amazing way to travel. It opens the door to new possibilities, connections and so much more. An alternative to buying an RV is renting one. You’ve undoubtedly seen a rental RV going down the road and thought to yourself that it sure sounds like a great idea, and it is. Here are some solid tips to ensuring that you have a good experience renting an RV, especially for the first time.

Check Your Insurance

You’ll be asked about getting extra insurance when picking up the rental, but the first thing you should do when renting an RV is ask your insurance agent that handles your auto and home owner’s policies. Some companies have special clauses that cover you regardless of whether or not you buy extra insurance, so buying extra is not only pointless, but a waste of money. And you’re not going to want to spend more than you already will. Trust me…

It Costs What?!?


Be prepared for the shock when you see how much you’re going to spend on the rental. Don’t think that renting an RV is going to you save big money over a more traditional vacation. It isn’t happening. Renting an RV isn’t going to be cheap, but it can be extremely rewarding. OK, we may be a bit biased about RVing for vacations, but it can be a great deal of fun, and will more than likely hook you on RVing to the point that it leads to a purchase.

Finding One To Rent

A simple search of RV rental places will find you several national rental companies like and others. Your local dealerships may also have rentals, which would be a good choice as you have a gateway for a purchase later if that is the route you go. Several car rental places offer RVs as well. It doesn’t hurt to shop around, too. You’re going to be dropping some serious cash as it is. Might as well try to save a little where you can.

Know Your Limits


Regardless of the costs of renting an RV, don’t get a bigger RV than you can handle. Most RV renters, especially first-time renters, haven’t driven anything as big as an RV. It can be a handful. If you’ve never driven such a large vehicle in traffic, try to do some practicing first on some back roads. Get used to the handling, parking and lane changes of the RV before you go taking off across the country. Be very aware of your surroundings while driving it, and always take every bit of advice from the rental agent. Take your time driving it too.

Treat it like you own it

The old joke about rental cars being treated like bumper cars may be true, but don’t do it with an RV. Treat it like you own it. Repairs can be expensive, so if you break something, it can cost you. Keep it clean, because there may very well be a cleaning deposit. And realize that often RVs are rented by families looking for an enjoyable time. The next family renting an RV has the right to enjoy it just as much as you did.