Roadtrek Introduces EcoTrek Power Technology

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney

Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc. has introduced its new EcoTrek power module, which utilizes lithium ion technology to lift the electrical system limits for Roadtrek owners.

Roadtrek’s newest technology enables the user to become completely energy independent and gives you the ability to use 90% of available power before any voltage loss will occur. This cell protection system is optimized for all weather and electrical demand situations. Roadtrek says the module “will charge and discharge at very high rates and be optimized thanks to Roadtrek’s proprietary climate system.” It charges from any available source due to Roadtrek’s existing proprietary E-Trek charge control, which harmonizes the vehicle alternator, Onan, engine generator, solar and shore power as required.

Other advantages of the lithium cells included in the EcoTrek power module include weight savings, faster charging capabilities, increased life up to 3000 cycles, increased safety, and no production gases for a more environmentally friendly option.

According to RoadTrek, Lithium cell construction using iron phosphate is the safest battery chemistry on the market today.

“Roadtrek has a very complex and detailed R&D team that developed our new EcoTrek, and VoltTrek ground-breaking technologies using our in-house labs and working with external academic sources to do detailed validation testing.” says Jim Hammill, president and CEO of Roadtrek. “Our focus is to make the use of the unit easier and let people go anywhere they want, without a cord.”

The EcoTrek power module is available in 200, 400, 800 and 1600 Amp hours and can also be combined with their mass solar systems ranging from 200 to 600 watts, depending on the size of the unit, and the proprietary VoltTrek system that gives an owner piece of mind. Roadtrek backs these items by a six year warranty on parts, labor and manufacturing defects.

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