RVGuide.com Holiday Gift Guide

Derrek Sigler
by Derrek Sigler
If you have an RV owner on your gift list this year, The RVGuide.com Holiday Gift Guide is a great place to get started.

When thinking of the perfect holiday gift for someone, you want to get him or her something that will be used and appreciated. That’s what makes the best gift, right? With only a short time left before Christmas, if you’re stuck thinking of the perfect gift for the camping enthusiast in your life, the RVGuide.com Holiday Gift Guide has some suggestions that will work both in the RV and at home.

Pellet Grill

What makes the Camp Chef SmokePro Deluxe Pellet Grill so perfect is the versatility of it. You can Grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and barbecue all from one grill and control it through the digital controls that are extremely precise. Even with the most deluxe RV out there, there is nothing like having the ability to cook over a wood fire, and enjoy smoked meats, tasty barbecue and tender roasts. I don’t know about you, but both my wife and I would be delighted to find this under the tree

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

With a lot of the camping experience centered around food, the Dutch oven is a special way to prepare a meal or tasty treat. This 8-quart, 12-inch, cast-iron Dutch oven from Camp Chef is perfect for preparing a meal for the whole family and has been tested to be as durable as they come. What’s more, Camp Chef is commemorating National Parks with this series right now. This Dutch Oven commemorates Yellowstone National Park. Each comes with a lid lifter and the lid itself doubles as a skillet. All you need to do is season it and start enjoying.

Lounge Chair

If there is one piece of camp furniture my family fights over the most, the Bass Pro Shops Lounger is it. This is an oversized zero-gravity lounger that you don’t have to be big to appreciate. It is sturdy and well built, and most important – comfortable. It’ll hold up to 400 lbs and is durable enough for years of use, making it a great gift idea.


I gave one of these to my father-in-law, an avid camper, for a gift and he has since said that he never realized just how handy it is. Imagine getting into camp late at night and trying to set up in the dark? Happens to all of us, right? I have been using the Trident Headlamp from Streamlight for a while now and love it. It is ultra-bright, lightweight and has long battery life. It doesn’t cost a fortune either, so I know a few other folks on my list that will probably get one this year too.

Jump Starter

If you’re at all like me, sometimes the RV gets pointed in the direction of the road far less traveled. In fact, sometimes the campsite we pick is so far removed from where most people would go that getting back to it takes some serious effort. And of course, that is when the battery goes dead, right? It actually happened just the past summer. That’s why one of these small jump starter packs is such a thoughtful gift. The NOCO Genius Boost is a 2,000-amp, 12-volt jump starter, powered by an ultra-safe Lithium Ion battery. It’s small and compact, but extremely powerful and perfect for those times when you need a little boost.