Tips for Safe Cross Country RV Trips

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney

Pedata RV Center has released tips for safe cross country RV trips. During the summer months more people find themselves on the road in areas that are unfamiliar to them. And many find themselves in areas not only unfamiliar, but unlike any other region they’ve ever experienced.

Tips for Safe Cross Country RV Trips:

1. Buckle up. This should be implied, but many feel that they are exempt from the rule when traveling by RV. And while one of the comforts of the RV is to be able to feel at home on the road, buckling up is still a safety issue.

2. Carry a portable weather radio. When traveling through unfamiliar areas, travelers are often amazed by unique landscapes, cultural highlights, and local fare, but they are also often surprised to discover that the weather varies greatly depending upon what region they are visiting. Be aware of what is possible through pre-trip research. Be prepared for potential weather issues (snow, hurricane, flood, etc.) And carry emergency weather notification devices such as weather applications for smart phones or the previously mentioned portable weather radio.

3. Check the air pressure in the RV tires. This is one of the simplest safety measures and one of the most often overlooked. A blow out on the highway at high speeds in an RV is a difficult and very dangerous experience. Don’t ignore the chance to prevent it by simply checking to ensure the tire air pressure is appropriate prior to departure and regularly throughout the trip.

Gerard Pedata of Pedata RV Center said,

“We always recommend that new RVers listen to veteran RVers who have been to the area they have chosen to visit,” says Gerard Pedata. “We also recommend that RVers in general listen to the locals; they can be a big help if given the chance.”