Winnebago Earns Top Selling Class B Honors

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney

According to Statistical Surveys, Inc., Winnebago was the top selling Class B manufacturer in 2015 with 33.9% market share. That is up from 22.5% of the market in 2014.

“We recognize that today’s active users will embrace products and features that support an active and healthy travel lifestyle,” Winnebago Product Manager and Travato owner Russ Garfin said. “With the tremendous response we have received from consumers, we are empowered to continue introducing these types of innovations.”

The Winnebago Class B Touring Coach lineup includes the Era and Travato. Garfin points to pioneering features in both models as reasons for the rise in consumer demand. Examples include built-in bike racks, Truma Combi heating system and the addition of multiple USB charging points at every occupant position.

“These coaches also offer an easily expandable solar charging system that gives owners the ability to effortlessly and economically ramp up solar power for increased usage off the grid,” said Garfin.

An additional new feature in both the Era and Travato is a ventilation system that is designed to work automatically in all kinds of weather to keep the interior comfortable when the air conditioner is not being used.

As a result of the growing number of Winnebago Touring Coach owners, a new WIT Club special interest group called the “Winnie Bs” has been created. Linda Calabrese is a Travato 59K owner and one of the founding members of the club. She and her husband Tom noticed a red Travato on the cover of an RV magazine and soon visited a dealership to take a look.

“When I stood at the sink and took it all in, I knew I loved this camper,” Linda Calabrese said. “You can move around, you can see from front to back, you can get to the bathroom in the back without disturbing another sleeper.”