Winnebago Offers New WinnVision Product Tours

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney

Winnebago is taking the on-line experience for RV consumers to the next level with WinnVision. WinnVision is a virtual reality imaging and display technology that, according to Winnebago, gives RV buyers access to navigable on-line tours of its products.

“For the past decade you’ve seen the automotive industry use VR in displaying car interiors, but WinnVision goes beyond a 360-degree image from one position,” says Chad Reece, director of marketing at Winnebago. “This new technology seamlessly walks you through our products from front to back so you see a coach from all perspectives.”

A growing library of WinnVision images is now available for viewing at We took a WinnVision tour of the Winnebago Via ( click here to see that tour) to see how the technology works. It’s pretty remarkable. Even when using WinnVision in full screen, the images look bright and clear and moving around the inside of the Via is simple.

To make it as simple as possible for consumers to use WinnVision, you don’t need any special software or browser plug-ins.

Winnebago says the WinnVision images are created with a specialized scanning camera that captures multiple scene locations in three dimensions and then is uploaded for processing into a single viewable tour.

“It’s truly a game changer,” said Scott Degnan, vice president of sales and product management. “Ultimately we’ll have every one of our floorplans available for viewing. During development our team was amazed at the quality. This is a tool we know our dealers and our customers are really going to love and use. Not only is this a first for our industry, but Winnebago is one of the first major consumer brands in the world to put this extraordinary technology to use.”

The first phase rollout of WinnVision debuted at the 2015 National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky. It was here that Winnebago previewed an even more intriguing future application: fully immersive virtual reality tours with the latest VR headset technology.

“Words can’t even come close,” said Reece. “When you put the VR headsets on you can move through a coach from front to back, look up, down, and all around just like you’re inside. We see a great opportunity at our dealers who can’t stock every floorplan, but will have a way of letting customers realistically walk through every model we offer. It’ll be like having a full model lineup in the size of a shoebox.”