2013 EverGreen Sun Valley S311SQB Review

by RVGuide.com

Attention all tree-hugging hippies and penny-pinching adventurers: we’d like you to meet EverGreen’s newest addition – the Sun Valley travel trailer. This affordable unit has inherited EverGreen’s excellent reputation for eco-friendly durability, at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Thirteen versatile floorplans are available to choose from and we’ll be exploring the S311SQB – the newest model. It has an overall length of 38’8”, height of 10’8” and width of 8’1”. The Sun Valley boasts an unloaded vehicle weight rating is 6,632 lbs, dry hitch weight is 900 lbs, gross vehicle weight rating of 9,995 lbs and cargo carrying capacity of 2,198 lbs. Its fresh water capacity is 56 gallons, gray water capacity is 58 gallons, and black water tank capacity is 29 gallons.

EverGreen’s construction gurus have conceived a trailer that is just as easy to admire, as it is to tow. Like all EverGreen RVs, the Sun Valley is lightweight and built on a steal I-beam frame. Its sidewalls, roof and floors are vacuum laminated. This process ensures better adhesion and prevents moisture from creeping into unwanted nooks. The Sun Valley is finished off with a tough fiberglass, reinforced exterior. Its walk-on crowned roof is laminated with white, reflective TPO material. This means the roof is heat reflective and environmentally friendly. For protection against bumps and bruises, the S311SQB comes with a diamond plate front stone guard.

Large kitchen windows are guaranteed to motivate lazy chefs in your family. Prepare breakfast on the three-burner range while gazing at a pretty sunrise, wildlife or an eccentric neighbor. Store food in the double-door refrigerator/freezer and heat leftovers in the microwave. Standard padded vinyl flooring is crack-proof, forgiving of clumsy hands that might drop a pot here or there. The screwed and glued wood cabinetry adds to the interior’s cottage-like ambience, while the full-size sink, equipped with a cover and gooseneck faucet, makes washing dishes a clutter-free task. Enjoy meals at the dinette, located beside a wide window – undoubtedly the best view in the house.

If Mother Nature betrays you, then stay in. The living room is the perfect getaway from a rainy day. For a truly relaxing afternoon, turn on the radio and read a newspaper by the fireplace. You can also watch your favorite TV shows and kick back on the sofa. The entertainment center features a 20” LCD television (upgradable to a 32” model) and ceiling speakers. For an added bonus, the entertainment center swivels around directly into the bedroom.

A comfortable Queen bed occupies most of the bedroom. Storage area may seem sparse in this room, but if you lift the bed you’ll be happy to discover plenty of room for all your essentials. As well, a double wardrobe is located above the bed, where you can store pants and blouses. Additional storage is found in the two nightstands and overhead closet. One drawback to the S311SQB is the lack of door or wall to separate the bedroom from the rest of the trailer. This might be a problem if you’re trying to get sleep while garlic’s cooking in the kitchen or chatterbox children are blabbering relentlessly.

Luckily for you, the bathroom makes up for the bedroom’s lack of serenity. If you need to get away, then take a hot bubble bath. Yes, the Sun Valley S311SQB comes with a full tub! If you bathe during the day, then there’s no need to waste electricity because a skylight is installed above the tub. A large medicine cabinet, equipped with a vanity mirror, is generous with space and allows you to store toiletries comfortably. The porcelain foot flush toilet is easy to clean and even easier to flush. To ward off nasty odors, turn on the power exhaust fan.

If you have children or guests, then you can accommodate them in the hidden area behind the pantry. One guest can crash on the sofa and one can sleep on the flip-up bunk above the sofa. Clothes and belongings can be stored in the wardrobe.

EverGreen gives you options. You can work with a Sun Valley dealer to decide what kind of features you want to include or exclude in your travel trailer. Camping lovers and barbeque enthusiasts can request an outdoor shower and kitchen, equipped with a stove. Air conditioning is also available upon request.

The 2013 Evergreen Sun Valley S311SQB sells for around $46, 000. For more information, visit http://www.goevergreenrv.com/.

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