2013 Roadtrek RS Adventurous Review

by RVGuide.com

Whether you’re road-tripping across the country to escape cold weather or across the street to pick up groceries, the RS Adventurous will get you there in style. It’s the lovechild of Mercedes-Benz engineering and Roadtrek’s proven creativity, which means it’s fuel efficient and generous with space. No wonder it’s the best selling camper van in North America.

The RS Adventurous has an exterior length of 22’9”, exterior width of 6’8”, exterior height of 9’7” and interior height of 6’3”. It has a hitch weight of 6,900 lbs, dry weight of 8,150lbs and gross weight capacity of 11,030 lbs. For water, the RS Adventurous has a fresh water capacity of 30 gallons, grey water capacity of 24 gallons and black water capacity of 10 gallons. Its furnace BTU is 16, 000.

Built on a Sprinter 3500 chassis and powered by a Mercedes 3.0L V6 engine, the 2013 Roadtrek RS Adventurous was built for long road trips. The ultra clean, fuel-efficient engine saves you money at the pump – you’ll have less pit stops and pack on more miles. It also comes with ESP – the Electronic Stability Program. Its sensors determine when the vehicle is starting to lose control and combines traction control with an anti-lock braking system to regain control. As a bonus, traction control also improves traction on slippery surfaces like ice. The space efficient engine bay combined with the RS Adventurous’s cab architecture creates ample useable interior length. Entry into the van is easy, as the door is as wide as it is tall. Electronic climate control ensures that you and your family are traveling at a comfortable temperature whether you’re in the tropics or the Alps.

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Roadtrek has taken space utilization to a whole new level. You won’t find any cabinets at either end of the galley. The space is open from front to back, which means that the driver has a perfect view of everything that is happening in his wheeled abode. Panoramic windows soak in a lot of sunlight, brightening the space and the mood. Interior is open, making dwellers feel like they’re at home. Despite the lack of cabinets, space is not limited. The galley contains plenty of storage for cutlery, pots and pans. Opposite from the galley is more storage space.

Without a kitchen, an RV is not a home. At first glance, you might panic by the presumed lack of kitchen. But look closely and you’ll find the domestic refrigerator and microwave oven. There’s even a two-burner stove so that your family doesn’t have to rely on cold cereal and TV dinners. You can wash your hands and veggies in the sink.

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So efficient in space is the dining room that at first glance, you won’t even see it. The captain’s seat and all passenger seats swivel around to create an old fashioned dining experience. Set up the small dining table in the middle of the four seats and enjoy a wonderful family dinner. You can eat spaghetti while chatting and watching the sunset. If your children don’t care about watching sunsets, they can swivel their seats to the back of the vehicle, where they can watch a flat-screen television, instead.

You don’t have to worry about taking bathroom breaks in gas stations or squatting in the bushes – the RS Adventurous has a fully equipped bathroom. Its unique door maximizes aisle space when the bathroom is unoccupied. When occupied, the aisle is still kept clear, while the inside gives you plenty of room to wash and groom. It contains the basics – a toilet, vanity sink and sit-down or stand-up shower. It’s by no means a palace, but it gets the job done.

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When you’re ready to pass out for the night, convert the rear electric power sofa into a king size bed. Press a button and it can recline to various positions. Choose your favorite and go to sleep. The RS Adventurous sleeps four people comfortably. For long rides, the belted seating that can be transformed into a lounging area where family members can eat, play cards or enjoy a good conversation. These factory comfort seats have 10-way adjustability, lumbar supports and headrests for comfy snoozing. There’s also an optional folding mattress in the front.

The 2013 Roadtrek RS Adventurous has a strong resume that includes impressive fuel economy, durability, safety and practicality. It sells for around $120,000. For more information visit http://www.roadtrek.com/.