2019 Palomino RV's

Based out of Colon, Michigan, Palomino has been building towable RV products since 1968. Palomino currently produces a vast lineup of truck campers, expandable trailers, travel trailers and fifth wheels.

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View all 2019 Palomino Destination hide 2019 Palomino Destination
Puma Destination 37PFLPuma Destination 38DEN
Puma Destination 39PQBPuma Destination 39PFK
Puma Destination 38RLQPuma Destination 38DBS
Puma Destination 38RLBPuma Destination 39FKL
View all 2019 Palomino Fifth Wheel hide 2019 Palomino Fifth Wheel
Columbus 329DVColumbus 374BH
Columbus 366RLColumbus 297RK
Columbus 377MBColumbus 383FB
Columbus 298RLColumbus 386FK
Columbus 378MBColumbus 389FL
Columbus Compass 298RLCColumbus Compass 386FKC
Columbus Compass 378MBCColumbus Compass 389FLC
Columbus Compass 329DVCColumbus Compass 374BHC
Columbus Compass 366RLCColumbus Compass 297RKC
Columbus Compass 377MBCColumbus Compass 383FBC
Puma 253FBSPuma 257RESS
Puma 295BHSSPuma 255RKS
Puma 286RBSS
View all 2019 Palomino Toy Hauler hide 2019 Palomino Toy Hauler
PaloMini 177 ORV BHPuma Unleashed 381FTB
Puma Unleashed 351THSSPuma Unleashed 373QSI
Puma XLE Lite 29FQCPuma XLE Lite 24FBC
Puma XLE Lite 25TFCPuma XLE Lite 27QBC
Real-Lite Mini 177 ORV
View all 2019 Palomino Travel Trailer hide 2019 Palomino Travel Trailer
PaloMini 178 RKPaloMini 177 BH
PaloMini 180 FBPaloMini 181 FBS
PaloMini 182 SKPaloMini 183 RDB
Puma 31FKRKPuma 29RLIS
Puma 28RBQSPuma 28DBFQ
Puma 27RLSSPuma 31QBBH
Puma 31DBTSPuma 28RKSS
Puma 29QBSSPuma 32BHKS
Puma 31RLQSPuma 31BHQB
Puma 32FBISPuma 32RKTS
Puma 32RBFQPuma 32BHDB
Puma 25RKSSPuma 31RKSS
Puma 32FBQSPuma XLE Lite 17QBC
Puma XLE Lite 18FBCPuma XLE Lite 20RDC
Puma XLE Lite 21FBCPuma XLE Lite 22RBC
Puma XLE Lite 26RLSCPuma XLE Lite 25RBSC
Puma XLE Lite 27RBQCPuma XLE Lite 31BHSC
Puma XLE Lite 30DBSCPuma XLE Lite 20MBC
Puma XLE Lite 20RLCPuma XLE Lite 23FBC
Puma XLE Lite 25RSCPuma XLE Lite 25RLC
Puma XLE Lite 24BHCPuma XLE Lite 24FBSC
Real-Lite Mini 177Real-Lite Mini 178
Real-Lite Mini 180Real-Lite Mini 181
Real-Lite Mini 182Real-Lite Mini 183
SolAire Expandable 163 XSolAire Expandable 147 X
SolAire Expandable 185 XSolAire Ultra Lite 258 RBSS
SolAire Ultra Lite 304 RKDSSolAire Ultra Lite 268 BHSK
SolAire Ultra Lite 317 BHSKSolAire Ultra Lite 240 BHS
SolAire Ultra Lite 292 QBSKSolAire Ultra Lite 316 RLTS
SolAire Ultra Lite 314 TSBHSolAire Ultra Lite 202 RB
SolAire Ultra Lite 211 BHSolAire Ultra Lite 205 SS
View all 2019 Palomino Truck Camper hide 2019 Palomino Truck Camper
Backpack Edition SS-1500Backpack Edition SS-1240
Backpack Edition SS-1251Backpack Edition HS-2902
Backpack Edition HS-8801Backpack Edition HS-650
Backpack Edition HS-6601Backpack Edition HS-2910
Backpack Edition SS-1200Backpack Edition SS-550
Backpack Edition SS-500Backpack Edition HS-2901
Backpack Edition HS-750Real-Lite Truck Camper HS-1804
Real-Lite Truck Camper HS-1801Real-Lite Truck Camper HS-1806
Real-Lite Truck Camper HS-1912Real-Lite Truck Camper HS-1914
Real-Lite Truck Camper SS-1600Real-Lite Truck Camper HS-1910
Real-Lite Truck Camper HS-1803Real-Lite Truck Camper SS-1605
Real-Lite Truck Camper SS-1604Real-Lite Truck Camper SS-1609
Real-Lite Truck Camper SS-1610Real-Lite Truck Camper SS-1608

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