2019 KZ RV's

KZ started operating in 1972 out of a small gas station north of Middlebury, Ind., building truck campers and slide in tops. Today, KZ specializes in making towable RVs including fifth wheels, travel trailers and toy haulers.

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View all 2019 KZ Fifth Wheel hide 2019 KZ Fifth Wheel
Durango D343MBQDurango D325RLT
Durango D315RKDDurango D342FLQ
Durango D333RLTDurango D347BHF
Durango Gold G356RLTDurango Gold G366FBT
Durango Gold G385FLFDurango Gold G380FLF
Durango Gold G381REFDurango Gold G382MBQ
Durango Gold G353RKTDurango Gold G384RLT
Durango Half-Ton D259RLSDurango Half-Ton D283RLT
Durango Half-Ton D286BHDDurango Half-Ton D291BHT
Durango Half-Ton D250RESDurango Half-Ton D256RKT
Durango Half-Ton D271RLDSportsmen Fifth Wheel 303RL
Sportsmen Fifth Wheel 231RKSportsmen Fifth Wheel 251RL
Sportsmen Fifth Wheel 344BHSportsmen Fifth Wheel 262RLK
Sportsmen Fifth Wheel 281BHKSportsmen Fifth Wheel 302BHK
View all 2019 KZ Toy Hauler hide 2019 KZ Toy Hauler
Sportsmen Classic 180THSportsmen Classic 180THT
Sportsmen LE 270THLESportsmen LE 190THLE
Sportsmen LE 250THLESportsmen LE 291THLE
Sportster 342THR13Sportster 321THR13
Sportster 280THSportster 311TH10
Sportster 331TH13Sportster 343TH11
Sportster 363TH12Sportster 373TH12
Sportster 290THRSportster 301THR
Venom V3911TKVenom V4013TK
Venom V4012TKVenom V4114TK
Venom V-Series V3214DKVenom V-Series V3413TK
Venom V-Series V3411TKVenom V-Series V3517DK
Venom V-Series V3815TKVenom V-Series V3916TK
View all 2019 KZ Travel Trailer hide 2019 KZ Travel Trailer
Connect C241BHKConnect C281BHK
Connect C291RLConnect C332BHK
Connect C322BHKConnect C281BH
Connect C241RLKConnect C303RL
Connect C261RBConnect C261RL
Connect C271BHKConnect C261RKK
Connect C313RKSportsmen Classic 160QB
Sportsmen Classic 160RBTSportsmen Classic 180RBT
Sportsmen Classic 181BHSportsmen Classic 170RD
Sportsmen Classic 190BHSportsmen LE 231BHKLE
Sportsmen LE 261RLLESportsmen LE 281BHKLE
Sportsmen LE 291BHLESportsmen LE 241RLLE
Sportsmen LE 261BHKLESportsmen LE 291RKLE
Sportsmen LE 332BHKLESportsmen LE 292RLLE
Sportsmen LE 241RKLESportsmen LE 322BHKLE
Sportsmen LE 333BHKLESportsmen SE 301BHSE
Sportsmen SE 271BHSESportsmen SE 260BHSE
Sportsmen SE 230BHSESportsmen SE 240FBSE
Sportsmen SE 220RDSE

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