2020 Toy Hauler RV's

A toy hauler is a towable RV combining living space with a mobile garage. The garage space can be used to carry motorcycles, ATVs and other "toys", often with the rear panel opening like a drawbridge to create a loading ramp. Toy haulers are excellent options for weekend snowmobiling trips or taking personal watercraft to the lake. Toy haulers are available in trailer and fifth wheel configurations.

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2020 Keystone Impact 317

User Rating RVGuide.com 1 of 568
2020 Toy Hauler

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2020 Keystone Impact 317 Reviews
2020 Keystone Impact 317
MSRP $65,486.00
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2020 Forest River XLR Micro Boost 25LRLE

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2020 Toy Hauler

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2020 Forest River XLR Micro Boost 25LRLE Reviews
2020 Forest River XLR Micro Boost 25LRLE
MSRP $29,978.00
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2020 Heartland Fuel 250

User Rating RVGuide.com 3 of 568
2020 Toy Hauler

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2020 Heartland Fuel 250 Reviews
2020 Heartland Fuel 250
MSRP $44,347.00
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2020 Heartland Fuel 352

User Rating RVGuide.com 4 of 568
2020 Toy Hauler

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2020 Heartland Fuel 352 Reviews
2020 Heartland Fuel 352
MSRP $74,257.00
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2020 Heartland Fuel 305

User Rating RVGuide.com 5 of 568
2020 Toy Hauler

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2020 Heartland Fuel 305 Reviews
2020 Heartland Fuel 305
MSRP $50,122.00
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2020 Heartland Fuel 265

User Rating RVGuide.com 6 of 568
2020 Toy Hauler

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2020 Heartland Fuel 265 Reviews
2020 Heartland Fuel 265
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2020 Forest River Work and Play 21LT

User Rating RVGuide.com 7 of 568
2020 Toy Hauler

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2020 Forest River Work and Play 21LT Reviews
2020 Forest River Work and Play 21LT
MSRP $38,207.00
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2020 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 22RR

User Rating RVGuide.com 8 of 568
2020 Toy Hauler

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2020 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 22RR Reviews
2020 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 22RR
MSRP $28,363.00
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2020 Winnebago Spyder 23FS

User Rating RVGuide.com 9 of 568
2020 Toy Hauler

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2020 Winnebago Spyder 23FS Reviews
2020 Winnebago Spyder 23FS
MSRP $50,678.00
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2020 Heartland Fuel 287

User Rating RVGuide.com 10 of 568
2020 Toy Hauler

Performance Interior
Quality & Reliability Overall Value
2020 Heartland Fuel 287 Reviews
2020 Heartland Fuel 287
MSRP $50,287.00
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View all 2020 Coachmen Toy Hauler hide 2020 Coachmen Toy Hauler
Adrenaline 19CBAdrenaline 26CB
Adrenaline 25QBAdrenaline 30QBS
Adrenaline 19LEAdrenaline 25LE
Adrenaline 29KSAdrenaline 29KW
Adrenaline 33A17Adrenaline 36A13
Adrenaline 21LTAdrenaline 23LT
Adrenaline 27KBAdrenaline 27LT
Adrenaline 29SSApex Ultra Lite 220EXT
Catalina Trail Blazer 19THCatalina Trail Blazer 26TH
Catalina Trail Blazer 29THSCatalina Trail Blazer 28THS
Clipper V-Trec V3Clipper V-Trec V1
Clipper V-Trec V2Freedom Express Blast 17BLSE
Freedom Express Blast 301BLDSFreedom Express Blast 283BL
Viking V-Trec V3Viking V-Trec V1
Viking V-Trec V2
View all 2020 Cruiser RV Toy Hauler hide 2020 Cruiser RV Toy Hauler
MPG Ultra-Lite MPG 2700THStryker ST-2916
Stryker ST-2313Stryker STG-3212
Stryker STG-3112Stryker ST-2613
Stryker STF-2816Stryker ST-3116
Stryker ST-3214Stryker ST-3414
View all 2020 DRV Toy Hauler hide 2020 DRV Toy Hauler
Fullhouse JX450Fullhouse LX455
Fullhouse LX450Fullhouse JX390
Mobile Suites Aire MSA 413
View all 2020 Dutchmen Toy Hauler hide 2020 Dutchmen Toy Hauler
Aspen Trail 3280BHSAspen Trail 3250THS
Coleman Lantern 250TQColeman Lantern 300TQ
Coleman Lantern 290TQEndurance 3556
Endurance 3006Endurance 3506
Endurance 3586Endurance 3956
Rubicon 203XLTRubicon 311XLT
Rubicon 251XLTRubicon 301XLT
Voltage 4185Voltage 3915
Voltage 3615Voltage 4205
Voltage 3635Voltage 4075
Voltage 4135Voltage 4145
Voltage 4195Voltage Triton 3351
Voltage Triton 3001Voltage Triton 3951
Voltage Triton 3551Voltage Triton 3531
Voltage Triton 3311Voltage Triton 3571
View all 2020 Eclipse Toy Hauler hide 2020 Eclipse Toy Hauler
Attitude Limited 21SA-LEAttitude Limited 19FB-LE
Attitude Limited 19FBG-LEAttitude Limited 21SAG-LE
Attitude Limited 20FB-LEAttitude Limited 20FBG-LE
Attitude Pro Lite 2615BS LimitedAttitude Pro Lite 25FS
Attitude Pro Lite 23SAAttitude Pro Lite 27SA
Attitude Wide Body 5th Wheel 35 GSGAttitude Wide Body 5th Wheel 3218 MM
Attitude Wide Body 5th Wheel 4028 DGFAttitude Wide Body 5th Wheel 35 GSG+3
Attitude Wide Lite 32GSGAttitude Wide Lite 32iBG
Attitude Wide Lite 28iBGAttitude Wide Lite 2814GS
Attitude Wide Lite 3016SGAttitude Wide Lite 5th Wheel 2814SS
Attitude Wide Lite 5th Wheel 3016SSAttitude Wide Lite 5th Wheel 2919SAG
Attitude Wide Lite 5th Wheel 3322SAGIconic 5th Wheel Wide Body 3515IKG
Iconic 5th Wheel Wide Body 3518iKGIconic 5th Wheel Wide Body 4028CL
Iconic 5th Wheel Wide Body 3218BWIconic 5th Wheel Wide Lite 2814SG
Iconic 5th Wheel Wide Lite 3016SGIconic 5th Wheel Wide Lite 2919CK
Iconic 5th Wheel Wide Lite 3322CKIconic Limited 2114 SF-LE
Iconic Limited 1913 CB-LEIconic Limited 2020FE-LE
Iconic Limited 1913 CBG-LEIconic Limited 2020FEG-LE
Iconic Limited 2114 SFG-LEIconic Pro Lite 2314SF
Iconic Pro Lite 2515AKIconic Pro Lite 2715SF
Iconic Pro Lite 2615RSIconic Wide Lite 3214IKG
Iconic Wide Lite 3016IKIconic Wide Lite 2814IK
Iconic Wide Lite 2818SWGIconic Wide Lite 3222SWG
View all 2020 Forest River Toy Hauler hide 2020 Forest River Toy Hauler
Cedar Creek Hathaway Edition 38RTHCherokee 255RR
Cherokee 294RRCherokee Grey Wolf 19RR
Cherokee Grey Wolf 27RRCherokee Grey Wolf 22RR
Cherokee Grey Wolf 26RRCherokee Grey Wolf 26MBRR
Cherokee Grey Wolf 25RRTCherokee Grey Wolf Fish House 17TH
Cherokee Wolf Pack 24PACK14+Cherokee Wolf Pack 315PACK12
Cherokee Wolf Pack 25PACK12+Cherokee Wolf Pack 325PACK13
Cherokee Wolf Pack 23PACK15Cherokee Wolf Pack 365PACK16
Cherokee Wolf Pack 27PACK10Cherokee Wolf Pack 305PACK22
Cherokee Wolf Pack 335PACK13Cherokee Wolf Pack Gold 24GOLD14
Cherokee Wolf Pack Gold 25GOLD12Cherokee Wolf Pack Gold 23GOLD15
Cherokee Wolf Pack Gold 27GOLD10Cherokee Wolf Pup 18RJB
EVO Northwest Lite 2110RTEVO Northwest Lite 2510RT
EVO Northwest Select 178RTFlagstaff E-Pro E19TH
Flagstaff Hard Side T12RBTHFlagstaff SE 23SCSE
Flagstaff SE 28TSCSEFlagstaff Shamrock 21SSL
Flagstaff Shamrock 23FKNo Boundaries NB10.6
No Boundaries NB19.1Ozark 2500TH
Ozark 1700THOzark 2700TH
Riverstone 39FKTHRiverstone 37FLTH
Rockwood Extreme Sports Package 232ESPRockwood Extreme Sports Package 282TESP
Rockwood Geo Pro G19THRockwood Hard Side A122TH
Rockwood Roo 21SSLRockwood Roo 23FK
Salem Cruise Lite Northwest 211SSXLSalem Cruise Lite Northwest 251SSXL
Salem Cruise Lite Northwest 260RTSalem Cruise Lite West 251SSXL
Salem Cruise Lite West 211SSXLSalem Cruise Lite West 191SSXL
Salem FSX 210RTSalem FSX 280RT
Salem FSX 260RTSalem FSX 181RT
Salem FSX 190RTSalem FSX Northwest 181RT
Sandstorm T220Sandstorm T241
Sandstorm 181 SLCSandstorm 211 SLC
Sandstorm 242 SLCSandstorm 251 SLC
Sandstorm 271 SLRSandstorm 282 SLR
Sandstorm 283 SLRSandstorm 286G SLR
Sandstorm 336G SLRSandstorm 293G SLR
Sandstorm 245G SLCSandstorm 292G SLR
Sandstorm 303G SLRShockwave 18CB MX
Shockwave 21RQ MXShockwave 28KSG DX
Shockwave 24RQ MXShockwave 25RQ MX
Shockwave 28RQ DXShockwave 33FWG DX
Shockwave 22FSShockwave 24FS
Shockwave 28FWG DXShockwave 29KSG DX
Shockwave 30KSG DXShockwave 31KSG DX
Shockwave 24QSG MXShockwave 27RQ DX
Stealth CB1913Stealth CB2116
Stealth FQ2514Stealth FK3016G
Stealth FK2917GStealth FQ2413
Stealth QS2414GStealth FQ2715
Stealth FQ2817Stealth FQ2916
Stealth FK3114GStealth FS2413
Stealth SA2816GStealth SA3320G
Stealth SS1814Stealth FS2213
Vengeance Rogue 21VVengeance Rogue 29KS-16
Vengeance Rogue 322Vengeance Rogue 25V
Vengeance Rogue 31VVengeance Rogue 311A13WS
Vengeance Rogue 324A13WSVengeance Rogue 32V
Vengeance Rogue Armored 351Vengeance Rogue Armored 371
Vengeance Rogue Armored 383Vengeance Rogue Armored 4007
Wildwood FSX 210RTWildwood FSX 280RT
Wildwood FSX 260RTWildwood FSX 181RT
Wildwood FSX 190RTWildwood FSX Northwest 181RT
Wildwood X-Lite Northwest 211SSXLWildwood X-Lite Northwest 251SSXL
Wildwood X-Lite Northwest 260RTWildwood X-Lite West 191SSXL
Wildwood X-Lite West 211SSXLWildwood X-Lite West 251SSXL
Work and Play 21LTWork and Play 27LT
Work and Play 27KBWork and Play 23LT
Work and Play 29SSXLR Boost 27QB
XLR Boost 29QBSXLR Boost 31QB
XLR Boost 37TSX13XLR Boost 27QBX
XLR Boost 21QBSXLR Boost 28RZR16
XLR Boost 32RZR14XLR Boost 36TSX16
XLR Hyper Lite 2815XLR Hyper Lite 2715
XLR Hyper Lite 2217XLR Hyper Lite 2414
XLR Hyper Lite 3310XLR Hyper Lite 3016
XLR Hyper Lite 3212XLR Micro Boost 25LRLE
XLR Micro Boost 27LRLEXLR Micro Boost 18LRLE
XLR Nitro 28DK5XLR Nitro 33DK5
XLR Nitro 35DK5XLR Nitro 321
XLR Nitro 351XLR Nitro 405
XLR Thunderbolt 382AMPXLR Thunderbolt 369AMP
XLR Thunderbolt 381AMPXLR Thunderbolt 413AMP
XLR Thunderbolt 422AMP
View all 2020 Genesis Supreme Toy Hauler hide 2020 Genesis Supreme Toy Hauler
Genesis CK 29CKGenesis CK 33CKXL
Genesis CK 36CKGenesis CK 37CKXL
Genesis CK 40CKQSGenesis CR 28CR
Genesis CR 28CRTGenesis CR 32CRXL
Genesis CR 37CRXLGenesis CR 40CRXL
Genesis GS 30GSGenesis GS 34GSXL
Genesis GS 37GSXLGenesis GS 40GSXL
Genesis IKS 28IKSGenesis IKS 30IKS
Genesis Special Edition A3416GSTSGenesis Special Edition B3416GSTS
Genesis Special Edition A4022GSTSGenesis Special Edition B4022GSTS
Genesis Travel Trailers 23SSGenesis Travel Trailers 23FS
Genesis Travel Trailers 25FSGenesis Travel Trailers 27FS
Genesis Travel Trailers 30CKGenesis Travel Trailers 19SS
Genesis Travel Trailers 19SSLGenesis Travel Trailers 21SB
Overnighter Travel Trailers 8-18FBOvernighter Travel Trailers 12-14.6FK
Overnighter Travel Trailers 12-14.6RBOvernighter Travel Trailers 12-14.6RK
Overnighter Travel Trailers 12-14.6RLVortex IKS Fifth Wheel 2814IKS
Vortex IKS Fifth Wheel 3016IKSVortex Travel Trailer 1914V
Vortex Travel Trailer 1914VLVortex Travel Trailer 2113V
Vortex Travel Trailer 2313VVortex Travel Trailer 2317V
Vortex Travel Trailer 2513VVortex Travel Trailer 2715V
Vortex Travel Trailer 3016VVortex V Fifth Wheel 2815V
Vortex V Fifth Wheel 2916VVortex V Fifth Wheel 3414V
Vortex V Fifth Wheel 3619VVortex V Fifth Wheel 3817V
Vortex V Fifth Wheel 4029V6Vortex VF Fifth Wheel 3016VF
Vortex VT Fifth Wheel 2815VTVortex VXL Fifth Wheel 3219VXL
Vortex VXL Fifth Wheel 3719VXLVortex VXL Fifth Wheel 3718VXL
Vortex VXL Fifth Wheel 4025VXLVortex VXL Fifth Wheel 3317VXL
Wanderer Fifth Wheel 29CKWLWanderer Fifth Wheel 28SAWL
Wanderer Fifth Wheel 40CKWGWanderer Fifth Wheel 28CRWL
Wanderer Travel Trailer 26FSWLWanderer Travel Trailer 19SSLWL
Wanderer Travel Trailer 24FSWL
View all 2020 Grand Design Toy Hauler hide 2020 Grand Design Toy Hauler
Imagine XLS 24MPRMomentum 376TH
Momentum 397THMomentum 399TH
Momentum G-Class (Fifth Wheel) 350GMomentum G-Class (Fifth Wheel) 328G
Momentum G-Class (Fifth Wheel) 353GMomentum G-Class (Fifth Wheel) 320G
Momentum G-Class (Travel Trailer) 29GMomentum G-Class (Travel Trailer) 21G
Momentum G-Class (Travel Trailer) 25GMomentum G-Class (Travel Trailer) 28G
Momentum G-Class (Travel Trailer) 29GOMomentum M-Class 398M
Momentum M-Class 349MMomentum M-Class 395M
Momentum M-Class 351MMomentum M-Class 381M
View all 2020 Gulf Stream Toy Hauler hide 2020 Gulf Stream Toy Hauler
Conquest GSX G28Conquest GSX G17
Conquest GSX G26
View all 2020 Heartland Toy Hauler hide 2020 Heartland Toy Hauler
Cyclone CY 4006Cyclone CY 4005
Cyclone CY 4115Cyclone CY 3600
Cyclone CY 4007Cyclone CY 4270
Cyclone CY 3713Cyclone CY 4220 Giant
Cyclone CY 4101 KingCyclone CY 4214 THG
Fuel 250Fuel 287
Fuel 322Fuel 352
Fuel 305Fuel 335
Fuel 362Fuel 265
Gateway 3905FLGGravity GR 3610
Gravity GR 3340Gravity GR 3510
Lithium LI 2414Lithium LI 2714
Lithium LI 3116Lithium LI 3113
Pioneer PI RG 28Pioneer PI RG 26
Pioneer PI RG 22Prowler 261TH
Prowler 281THRoad Warrior RW 413
Road Warrior RW 392Road Warrior RW 4275
Road Warrior RW 430Road Warrior RW 414
Road Warrior RW 3965Road Warrior RW 387
Torque TQ 371Torque TQ 327
Torque TQ 345 JMTorque TQ T26
Torque TQ T285Torque TQ T29
Torque TQ T31Torque TQ T32
Torque TQ T322Torque TQ T314
Torque TQ 416Torque TQ T333
Torque TQ 373Torque TQ 378
Torque TQ T281Trail Runner TR 28 TH
Trail Runner TR 26 TH
View all 2020 Highland Ridge Toy Hauler hide 2020 Highland Ridge Toy Hauler
Highlander HF350HHighlander HF327G
Highlander HF383HHighlander HF387H
View all 2020 Jayco Toy Hauler hide 2020 Jayco Toy Hauler
North Point 385THWSOctane Super Lite 222
Octane Super Lite 161Octane Super Lite 273
Octane Super Lite 209Octane Super Lite 293
Octane Super Lite 272Seismic 4212
Seismic 4113Seismic 4013
Seismic 4125Seismic 3512
Seismic 3815Talon 405T
Talon 403TTalon 392T
Talon 335TTalon 385T
View all 2020 Keystone Toy Hauler hide 2020 Keystone Toy Hauler
Avalanche 385BGAvalanche 386BG
Carbon 34Carbon 36
Carbon 358Carbon 348
Carbon 387Carbon 357
Carbon 347Carbon 364
Carbon 417Carbon 337
Carbon 349Carbon 403
Cougar (East) 353SRXFuzion 424
Fuzion 427Fuzion 429
Fuzion 430Fuzion 419
Fuzion 373Fuzion 369
Fuzion 410Fuzion 357
Hideout LHS (All Regions) 172LHSImpact 311
Impact 351Impact 332
Impact 3118Impact 3219
Impact 330Impact 367
Impact 415Impact 343
Impact 317Impact 359
Impact Vapor Lite 28VImpact Vapor Lite 29V
Impact Vapor Lite 26VOutback 324CG
Outback 335CGOutback Ultra-Lite 240URS
Raptor 426Raptor 428
Raptor 424Raptor 413
Raptor 425TSRaptor 355TS
Raptor 351Raptor 398TS
Raptor 362TSRaptor 353TS
Raptor 421CKRaptor 354
Raptor 356Raptor 415
Raptor 423Raptor 427
Raptor 429Springdale (East) 32TH
Springdale (East) 27THSpringdale Mini 1720TH
View all 2020 KZ Toy Hauler hide 2020 KZ Toy Hauler
Escape E180THSportsmen Classic 180TH
Sportsmen Classic 190THSportsmen LE Toy Hauler 200THLE
Sportsmen LE Toy Hauler 250THLESportsmen LE Toy Hauler 270THLE
Sportsmen LE Toy Hauler 281THLESportsmen LE Toy Hauler 291THLE
Sportster 353TH13Sportster 342THR13
Sportster 321THR13Sportster 280TH
Sportster 311TH10Sportster 331TH13
Sportster 343TH11Sportster 363TH12
Sportster 301THRVenom V3911TK
Venom V4013TKVenom V4012TK
Venom V4114TKVenom V-Series V3916TK
Venom V-Series V3815TKVenom V-Series V3411TK
Venom V-Series V3413TKVenom V-Series V3214DK
Venom V-Series V2913DK
View all 2020 Northwood Toy Hauler hide 2020 Northwood Toy Hauler
Desert Fox 27FSDesert Fox 24AS
Desert Fox 21SW
View all 2020 Palomino Toy Hauler hide 2020 Palomino Toy Hauler
Puma 31THSSPuma Ultra Lite 187TH
Puma Unleashed 381FTBPuma Unleashed 382THS
Puma Unleashed 383DSSPuma XLE Lite 24FBC
Puma XLE Lite 25TFCPuma XLE Lite 27QBC
Puma XLE Lite 27TSBPuma XLE Lite 29TSS
View all 2020 Shasta Toy Hauler hide 2020 Shasta Toy Hauler
Shasta 240THShasta 260TH
View all 2020 Thor Motor Coach Toy Hauler hide 2020 Thor Motor Coach Toy Hauler
Outlaw 38KBOutlaw 37RB
Outlaw 29JOutlaw 38MB
Outlaw 29S
View all 2020 Winnebago Toy Hauler hide 2020 Winnebago Toy Hauler
Spyder 26FSSpyder 26FSS
Spyder 23FBSpyder 29STT
Spyder S30MAXSpyder S35GT
Spyder 23FSSpyder 25FS
Spyder 28KSSpyder 27FS
Spyder 28FKSSpyder 30FKS
Spyder Fifth Wheel S37BGSSpyder Fifth Wheel S36GWS
Spyder Fifth Wheel S29SFW

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