Five Best RV Security System Options

Derrek Sigler
by Derrek Sigler
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Many of us have some kind of home security system beyond simply locking your doors. It may be as simple as motion lights all the way up to alarms, cameras and more. Having some kind of system keeps you and your family safe while you’re inside, and your stuff safe while you’re away. There are several ways to add a security system to your RV to add that peace of mind while you’re enjoying the camping life. Here are five of the best RV security system options for various types of use.

Pyle Car Rear View Camera and Video Monitor

Extra eyes are the best form of security you can get when you’re in your RV. This RV security system uses a color monitor and four cameras with regular and night vision. It has a remote control and all the cables and connectors needed to hook it up. Where you position the cameras is up to you, if you have a smaller RV, you can position a rearview RV security camera and then position more of the cameras around the unit, so when you’re sleeping, you can quickly push a button and see what’s outside, day or night. The 7-inch display shows you full or split-screen images from any or all of the cameras you select. Each camera has LED and night vision lighting for multiple types of viewing. It is a great way to know exactly what is going on outside your RV while you’re safely inside.

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DeWalt MOBILELOCK DS600 Portable Alarm System and GPS Locator

DeWalt makes some of the best power tools and jobsite equipment going and they have a product that can give you a lot of peace of mind when you are camping, especially if you leave your RV to go sightseeing for the day. The MOBILELOCK is a portable device that serves two functions. It operates on a cellular network and connects to you via text message. It sends GPS coordinates in the event your RV is stolen, so you know exactly where it is. However, unlike other GPS locators, this unit has an alarm feature that can be activated by movement, vibration or tampering. You can select how sensitive you want the alarm to be and it can be activated and deactivated by text. If you’re away, the alarm sends you a text message that it has been activated. The compact size and mounting methods give you lots of options for where you put the device.

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RVLock V4 Keyless Entry Handle

An easy way to protect your trailer or motorhome with is with RV security locks. The RVLock is a serious upgrade to the lock and latching mechanism of your RV’s door. It is made from heavy-duty, powder-coated steel and comes ready to install, program and use. You can have everything done in under 15 minutes. It lets you create a passcode to unlock the door, or you can use a key, and/or key fob to electronically unlock the door. The locking mechanism is strong steel and this adds a serious level of security and convenience to your RV.

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TMS Wheel Lock Clamp

One of the concerns many of us who camp using a travel trailer have is how do we secure the trailer when we want to go do something away from camp? You can use a hitch lock to keep someone from hauling the trailer away, or you can go with a wheel clamp. This simple device is the same basic thing they use to prevent cars from moving. It clamps onto a wheel and locks tight. The only way to remove it is with a key, making sure your trailer isn’t going anywhere until you want it to. The night thing about this device is, it also works as a wheel chock, so it helps to stabilize your RV as well. And at less than $30 each, it is cheap security for your RV and you.

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Doberman Security Ultra-Slim Window Alarm

These slim window alarms are about as simple as an RV security system gets. They stick onto the surface of a window and when turned on, emit a 100dB alarm when vibration is sensed. A four pack of the alarms costs less than $30, making them cheap insurance. Each alarm unit is only 2-¾ inch in diameter and only ¼-inch deep, making them small and compact enough to fit just about any window. The alarm trigger is very sensitive too, meaning they’ll go off if anyone tries to open a window when you don’t want them to. Three button-cell LR44 batteries are included with each unit.

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What is the best security system for my RV?

For many of us, our RV is our home away from home. But an RV security system is not going to be the same as the type you use in your home, or even your car for that matter. You need to decide just how much security you want to add. Back-up camera systems with multiple RV security cameras work well while you’re inside the RV, and there are several options for securing the RV when you’re away. Most of the security measures in this list are simple and effective, with just enough protection to let you relax and enjoy your trip, which is the whole point to owning an RV in the first place.

Do you really need an RV security system?

Much like a security system for your home, an RV security system offers peace of mind. If someone really wants in, they are going to get in, especially if you’re not there. However, it does help prevent thefts. The most important part of any security system is you. If having an added layer of protection will help you relax and enjoy your camping adventures more, then it is most definitely worth adding to your camper.

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