Five Good but Cheap Class B Motorhomes

Over the past couple of years, more and more adventurers have been turning to Class B motorhomes as the perfect getaway. As a largely self-contained environment in which one can explore the country, they make perfect sense in these socially distant times.

Class B motorhomes are popular for their convenient size and ability to be kitted out for a dose of off-road overlanding. The five models we discuss below are far from the most expensive models available, yet maintain many indispensable features for comfortable RV living.

Things You Should Know About Insuring an RV

Before you purchase a Class B motorhome, you should know that it can be difficult to insure. Many traditional insurance companies require you to insure a Class B RV as a traditional automobile, which means you have to add supplemental coverage for the internal contents. This adds a layer of confusion and increases the cost. We’re not sure who wants either of those things, but it sure isn’t us. If you plan to up fit your rig, it can be even more difficult.

Luckily, Roamly provides RV insurance for DIY and up fitted Class Bs that allow you to insure yours as a traditional RV, providing better coverage with better rates. With Roamly, you’re even protected if you decide to rent our your new Class B when you’re not using it, on a platform like Outdoorsy. Speaking of which…

Renting Your Class B for Income

Van life has taken off, and there are so many people out there itching to experience their own 24/7 Kerouac-style road trip. But not everyone is ready to take the plunge into RV ownership, so instead they opt to rent out a rig on a platform like Outdoorsy.

Class B owners who rent their rig on peer-to-peer rental platform see two times the number of rentals compared to other RVs, and often times make over $300/night renting out their Class B. By listing one of the rigs below on a platform like Outdoorsy, you can reduce the total cost of owning one of these vehicles significantly by making it work for you when you’re not on the road yourself.

Now let’s get to our list of the best cheap Class B motorhomes.

1. Pleasure Way Tofino

Here’s where some sticker shock may set in. The machine kicking off our list of good but cheap Class B motorhomes wears a price tag well north of $70,000. This may seem steep, but know that most Class B motorhomes trade for six figures, with the snazziest overlanders bumping rudely against a cool quarter-million. As for this Pleasure-Way Tofino, it is available with a pop-top for extra standing room and has typical comforts such as cooking facilities and a grey water tank. The biggest omission in this vehicle is the lack of a washroom; while this may not be a big deal for some since there are plenty of public khazis available, it may be a deal-breaker for some shoppers.


2. Thor Motor Coach Sequence 20A

This one barely sneaks in under our self-imposed $100,000 limit, but has a great floorplan and is well-reviewed by those in the know. Like several others on this list, it is based off the Ram Promaster and powered by that brand’s V6 engine, a reliable unit which has found its way into millions of vehicles. This floorplan is blessed with a rear bedroom, meaning campers can enjoy a morning coffee at the small dinette table without rudely disturbing their slumbering partner. A toilet/shower nook with a 20-gallon black water tank provides the necessities of life without having to seek out dingy rest stops.


3. Winnebago Revel 44E

If we’re going to blow the budget, we might as well have fun doing it and do so in style. The Revel line of Class-B units from well-known Winnebago is marketed towards the overlanding crowd, featuring and adventure-ready floorplan equipped with a flexible galley, versatile wet bath, and a Power Lift bed with gear garage below. Its go-anywhere attitude is backed up with four-wheel drive and optional BFGoodrich KO2 tires which pair well with burly black trim and a stout roof ladder out back.


4. Coachmen Beyond 22C AWD

Next on our list of the good but cheap Class B motorhomes his the Coachmen Beyond 22C AWD. This is a neat alternative which fuses all-wheel drive with a body style which, unlike the ProMaster, doesn’t look like one of those faceless Dr. Who monsters that exists solely to terrify small children. Based on Ford architecture, its turbocharged V6 makes ample power and torque. The floorplan is very unique, placing the living area well into the rear of the unit while pushing the wet bath forward to just behind the driver. This does an interesting job of separating church and state – or at least your lounging area from the space in which you just spent ten hours driving.


5. Coach House Arriva V24 TB

Rounding out our list is a machine that offers a great amount of bang-for-buck in terms of features and vehicle length. If those are your criteria for a reasonable price, then this Coach House has a lot to offer. The ‘TB’ stands for twin beds, if you’re wondering, units which can be converted into a king-size space if desired. The large washroom – including a self-contained shower – stands out back, while the driver and passenger seats can swivel towards the interior for extra seating. The presence of an available outward-facing television tucked behind the sliding side door adds definite cool points. Bottom line – the Coach House Arriva V24 TB is one of our favorite good but cheap Class B motorhomes.