Why the Sailun S637T Should Be Your Next RV Tire

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When your fifth wheel needs to tires, the Sailun S637T is a smart choice. Here's why.

When the time comes to replace the old, worn-out tires on your RV trailer or camper, you’ll come to find that good, sound advice on replacement tires just isn’t as abundant as it is for regular passenger vehicles. RVs, after all, are significantly more niche, and the criteria by which RV tires are judged are drastically different than those applied to passenger car tires.

We, however, like to think that we know what it takes to make a good RV trailer tire, and we’re here to tell you all about one of our new favorite options on the market: the Sailun S637T. What follows is an in-depth look at why this well-designed, reasonably priced newcomer should be your next RV tire.

All-Steel Belt and Cord Construction

There’s a reason why industry is still by-and-large built around steel: it’s a strong, durable, relatively inexpensive material with exactly the sort of properties that make it suitable to a vast array of applications. Steel has a compact volume, plenty of stretch and flexibility, and superb resistance to shearing.

All of that makes steel the ideal material for use in Sailun’s new S637T trailer tire, which is 14-ply rated. While some tires might use polyester, nylon or Kevlar in place of steel where they feel they can get away with it, Sailun knows that a good RV tire, built with all-steel construction, will have to stand up to years of heavy use. ST tires carry big loads over great distances at high inflation pressures, and all the heat and stress that implies. That’s why the S637T uses all-steel construction underneath the rubber: to deliver a tough, durable tire that can go the distance. That same heavy-duty steel construction also ensures that your RV will track straight and saddle your towing vehicle with minimal rolling resistance.

Five-Rib Tread with Solid Shoulders

Just like with road car tires, RV tires are often only as good as their tread design. With its decades of experience in just about every tire category under the sun, Sailun is well-versed in what it takes to make a great tire tread, and they’ve drawn on all that expertise with the S637T. Unlike a typical passenger vehicle tire, this RV trailer tire features a completely solid shoulder, which helps resist irregular wear patterns and improve fuel efficiency by contributing to the S637T’s characteristically low rolling resistance. For wet-weather traction, the Sailun S637T features multi-sipes for sure-footedness in the rain and superior heat-dissipation – crucial for the longevity of the tire on those long journeys.

But the most notable design characteristic of the Sailun S637T is its five-rib design, which features four deep channels between the ribs. This is the key to the tire’s outstanding stability at highway speeds – a must-have if you want to keep you and yours safe on your next big family road trip.

Two Sizes and Two Impressive Load Capacity Ratings

The Sailun S637T is sized to fit the most common RV trailer wheels out there, with two 16-inch tire models, each featuring a 235mm section width and either an 80% or 85% aspect ratio. Both are ST-type tires, where “ST” stands for “specialty trailer”. This is a unique category of tire where the emphasis is on good tracking and an ultra-high load capacity with low rolling resistance, and the characteristics that make up a good passenger vehicle tire – a quiet, comfortable ride, good cornering performance, etc. – are regarded as less important.

The result of Sailun focusing its efforts on the strength and load-carrying capacity that you need is a tire rated for up to 4,080 pounds in the case of the ST235/80R16 model, or up to 4,400 pounds for the ST235/85R16. Load capacities are 440 to 540 pounds less in dual-wheel applications, but that’s still an awesome accomplishment. Bear in mind: these remarkably tough, 14-ply-rated specialty trailer tires do require the use of special high-load-capacity wheels to make full use of their superb strength, so be sure to talk to your wheel or RV manufacturer if you have any questions. Even though there is increased load capacity for the S637T, it is still important to inflate your tires based on the load being carried. Most trailer applications for the S637T do not require the maximum load/inflation. It is important to weigh your vehicle and inflate your tires based on the load. This will minimize irregular tire wear and provide the best ride going down the road.

An Industry-Leading 8-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Hands-down one of the biggest selling points behind Sailun’s S637T specialty trailer tire is the industry-leading 8-year limited warranty. Under this warranty, the new S637T is guaranteed against defects in design, materials, or workmanship for up to eight years after the date of manufacture. Encounter a defect within that time, and Sailun will pay to replace your tire, covering 100% of the cost if your tire has more than half its tread left, or covering a prorated amount if the tire is worn past that.

Not only that, but should you decide to retread the S637T, the limited warranty extends to the casing as well.

All things considered, the Sailun S637T specialty trailer tire is an excellent choice for your next RV tire – affordable, durable, high-performance, and covered by one of the absolute best warranties in the industry. To get an in-depth look at the Sailun S637T tire for yourself, head on over to goSailun.com.

Lead photo by Paul Brennan/Shutterstock.com