Five of the Best Toy Haulers for 2018

Derrek Sigler
by Derrek Sigler
Whether you like to travel with your motorcycle or go off-roading with your ATV, a model from our list of five of the best toy haulers will fit your needs.

At a recent local RV show, I was walking through a toy hauler and there was a guy inside who was analyzing every aspect of the RV. He was taking measurements, inspecting tie-down points, checking storage and more. While the sales people worked at getting him a quote, I asked him what he was looking for in a toy hauler. It turns out he is a collector of vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles and he likes to travel around the country to ride them and show them off at bike shows. The bikes are too valuable to ride across the country, and he was looking for a very specific toy hauler RV. With the popularity of toy haulers up, there are now plenty of options to choose from, making 2018 a great year to select a new RV for the motorcycle guy and for you, too. Here are five of the best toy haulers for 2018 worthy of a look and what makes them so special.

2018 Heartland Pioneer PI RG 22

At 26.5 feet long, the Heartland Pioneer hauler weighs in at 4,746 pounds dry. Add in the weight of a UTV or motorcycle and you’ve got a toy hauler that offers up a good amount of living and cargo space, yet can be hauled easily behind most trucks and SUVs. It’ll sleep five, with a bunk bed a double bed and two sleeper sofas. It also has a full bath, making it a great RV for a family off-road getaway with a multi-passenger UTV.

2018 Keystone Raptor 355TS

The whole point with owning one of the best toy haulers is to have every luxury of home along for the adventure. The Raptor from Keystone does just that with a king bed in the master suite, two bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen and a relaxing entertainment area. Oh, and it also has an eleven-foot long garage area, perfect for bringing along the toys too. This toy hauler will accommodate many UTVs, ATVs, motorcycles or snowmobiles and is perfect for the adventurer looking for luxury and fun at the same time.

2018 Grand Design Momentum M-Class 395M

And then there’s the Grand Design Momentum… I’m pretty sure one of these costs more than my house, but then again, it’s nicer than my house, too. At over 42 feet long, it’s a big fifth wheel with every luxury you’d want riding on three axles. There are three slide-outs for additional space and two awnings for outdoor protection from the elements. The garage area of this monster toy hauler is a whopping 12.6 feet, meaning you can haul some really fun stuff. That open space converts to a very nice entertainment and sleeping area.

2018 Forest River Salem Cruise Lite T211SSXL

With the word “Lite” in the name, you’d expect this toy hauler to be just that. With a gross-vehicle-weight of just 8,890 lbs, this RV fits that name well. What’s more, the Salem is just barely under 27.5 feet long, meaning you’ve got plenty of room for you and the toys. The rear deck measure 96 inches across, so fit is not an issue and the available space for the garage area is around 13 feet, so depending on what you’re hauling, you’ve got room. It’ll sleep six, so you and the family can have a great time in the great outdoors in one of the best toy haulers out there.

2018 Coachmen Catalina Trail Blazer 19TH

I’m sure if you’ve read any of the other stories I’ve posted about RVs, I’m a big fan of the smaller-sized units. It’s not just because of cost, either. There are definite advantages to rolling with a smaller RV, such as being able to get back into places that the bigger trailers and motorhomes simply cannot fit into. That is just one of the many things that I like about the Coachman Catalina Trail Blazer. This baby is just over 22 feet long and it has a nine-foot garage area. It sleeps four and has just enough appointments to make it a very comfortable camper. With a gross vehicle weight of just 7,000 pounds, it’ll tow like a dream too.