Lance Camper Expands Facilities

Press Release
by Press Release

In response to increased product demands from their dealers Lance Camper has acquired additional real estate. Setting the stage for continued growth.

“Expansion is very exciting,” says President Jack Cole “Throughout our 51 years in business we have had the opportunity to grow to keep up with continued demand for our product. With the addition of this latest facility, we now have over 225K square feet of facilities supporting our manufacturing and service capabilities.”

The new property, an existing 61,121 sq. ft. facility, is to be designed with Lance’s continued focus on precision CNC (Computer Numerical Control) manufacturing lightweight high quality composite components.

“Thanks to our dealers orders, our current lead time is stretching into April of next year, putting us in a great position to grow,” stated Jeff Souleles, VP of Operations. “This new facility will allow our lamination department much need elbow room while freeing up space in our existing building for other purposes. This allows us the unique opportunity to increase both our focus on new and precise machinery while stimulating new job opportunities to ensure we utilize those machines to maximize efficiency and cut down lead time.”

Located adjacent to Lance Headquarters and featuring an extensive solar panel system- the building matches both Lances need for extra production room and their commitment to responsible green manufacturing. Full climate control also makes it ideal for their automated lamination process.