Thor Unveils New Gemini and Compass at Open House

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
Thor Gemini

Thor Motor Coach showed off its new Gemini and Compass RUVs (Recreational Utility Vehicles) at the 6th Annual Dealer Open House.

According to Thor, RUVs, which also include the Axis and Vegas brands, are a new line of motorhome, which take the size of today’s larger SUVs and adds the benefits of an RV. Thor boasts both the Gemini and Compass are easy to drive, compact, maneuverable and feature great fuel efficiency.

Thor Gemini Skylight

“We were so excited to finally show the world what has been in the works for the past year at Thor Motor Coach. The opportunity to build on the Ford Transit has allowed us to increase the overall offerings in the RUV segment,” says Jon Krider, director of marketing. “We think these cool, trendy and hip new models are exactly what many younger RV buyers have been wanting and we’re sure more people will be excited to get into the RV lifestyle. At Thor Motor Coach we build motorhomes that are made to fit, and Gemini and Compass are aimed to fit a whole new set of adventurers!”

Thor Compass

TMC is the first American motorhome manufactuer to utilize the Ford Transit cutaway chassis, which both the Gemini and Compass are built around. The Ford Power Stroke inline-5 cylinder diesel engine has 185 horsepower and 350 pounds-foot of torque.

According to TMC, the large skylight above the cab is aerodynamically designed just like that of an automobile’s windshield and bonded in the front ca, eliminating the need for excessive exposed fasteners. The standard exterior is TMC’s HD-MAX.

Thor Compass Interior

“The chassis layout and overall engineering on the new RUV models have allowed for multiple exterior basement storage areas, including a partially pass-through bay in the very rear of the coach,” says Thor Motor Coach.