Winnebago Compares I-4 Turbo Diesel and V6 + Video

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney

Winnebago has released a new video highlighting a test drive comparison between the V6 Mercedes chassis and the new in-line four-cylinder I-4 turbo-diesel Mercedes chassis.

WinnebagoLife editor Don Cohen conducted and recorded the real-world test drive through the Colorado Rockies.

[vs-jwplayer movieid=”CZbsrarewaI” width=”580″ height=”326″ autoplay=”0″]

“Don has done a great job of highlighting the benefits of both chassis through challenging mountain terrain, while showcasing the additional fuel economy the I-4 affords,” says Winnebago Product Manager Russ Garfin. “Winnebago is the first and currently the only North American manufacturer to build Class C motorhomes on the new in-line I-4 chassis. Our internal testing corroborates Don’s results and Mercedes’ own estimates of up to 18% gains in fuel economy. We are very pleased to provide our View, Navion and Era customers with another great chassis offering.”